Evalena awoke from a peaceful slumber. Still feeling tired, but better, she got up and made her way to the living room, using the wall as her support.

When she reached the doorway, she saw Beelzebumon still asleep on the couch. She looked from him to the door, then back again. She had already decided that she would return to the orphanage without him in hopes of freeing the other orphans.

As quietly as she could, Evalena walked across the room to the door. With one last look at the sleeping figure, she slipped out the door, closing it behing her with a soft click.

The night air was cold. Evalena shivered as the wind whipped through her, chilling her to the bone. Despite the cold, she started off in the direction of the orphanage.

It was slow going for the still sickly teen. She had to stop many times to try and control her coughing fits and warm up enough to keep walking by hiding in an alley against the bitter wind.

As she was walking, Evalena's knees suddenly gave out and she crumpled to the ground with a weak gasp. With what little strenght she had left, she mangaged to get back on her knees. Out of the corner of her grey eye she saw the black and grey outlines of a hand. Surprised, she looked all the way up to see Beelzebumon reaching down to her.

"C'mon, toots, What are ya doin' out here by yerself?"

Evalena looked back down at the ground. "...I..."

Beelzebumon scooped her up carefully in his arms and cradled her against him. "Yer freezing! C'mon, we need ta get ya back ta my place."

"...No, please...The orphans..." Evalena pleaded in a meek whisper, looking up at him.

Beelzebumon looked down at her in surprise. "Is that why yer out here?!" He heaved a sigh and shook his head. "You should just ferget about 'em. Yer better off."

Tears began to form in Evalena's eyes at the thought of abandoning the orphans.

Beelzebumon was so shocked that a slight pink hue showed on his pale face. "No! Don't cry...I...erhm...I..." He paused for a moment to take a calming breath. "Alright, we'll go get the orphans."

Relief showed in Evalena's tear-laden eyes. "Thank you..." she said softly.

Beelzebumon nodded slightly. "Sure toots. But there's something I better do first." He set Evalena down carefully, making sure she had her balance when he let go.

Evalena watched him curiously.

Beelzebumon removed the gun from his jacket holster and set it on the ground. Then he quickly removed his jacket.

Evalena's eyes widened as he gently laid the heavy jacket about her shoulders. She looked up at him as he stepped back, a smile on his face.

"There we go," He reached down and picked up his gun, then gently picked Evalena up in his arms again. "Ready to get those orphans?"

Evalena nodded, a small smile lighting up her pale, sickly features.

Beelzebumon's smile widened. "Alright then. Point me in the right direction."

Evalena pointed to the way she was walking before. "That way."

"Alright." Beelzebumon said, then started off, making sure to keep his arms around Evalena like a shield against the wind.

A short while later, the pair were just outside the property of the orphanage, hiding behind a large bush.

There were only two guards stationed at the door, but it was hard to tell if there were anymore around the perimeter.

Deciding it was better to be stealthy, Beelzebumon snuck around to the side to see if there was any way in, Evalena following close behind.

They came up to Evalena's window and Beelzebumon carefully opened the window.

Just as he was about to climb in, Evalena stopped him.

"...Wait!" she said in an urgent whisper.

Beelzebumon stopped and looked down at her. "What is it?" he whispered back.

"My flower, it's on the window sill. Please don't hurt it."

Beelzebumon looked to see a tiny flower below him. It was slightly wilted, but seemed to be striving to survive. He sighed. "I will."

Evalena watched him, biting her bottom lip.

To avoid crushing the flower, Beelzebumon moved onto his side to get through. He dropped to the floor with a thunk, landing on his shoulder. He winced from the pain, the got up quickly to help Evalena through.

Once she was inside, they made their way quickly and as quietly as they could to the door, which was closed.

Beelzebumon reached out and put his hand on the doorknob, then looked down at Evalena. "You ready?"

Evalena nodded.

"OK." Beelzebumon turned the doorknob, only to find it locked. His eyes narrowed and he hissed a curse under his breath.

Evalena looked up at him. "What now?"

With a quick wrench of his wrist, Beelezbumon pulled the doorknob clean off. "That."

With eyes wide, Evalena watched as he tossed it on the bed.

Beelzebumon started to walk out of the room. "C'mon."

Evalena trailed behind him as he walked in the shadow of the corridor.

Beelzebumon's boots made a dull thunking sound with each footfall. He grit his teeth slightly, cursing the eerie silence.

Afraid, Evalena hurried to catch up.

Beelzebumon turned around. Seeing how scared she was he extended his hand to her.

Evalena stopped. She stared at his hand, stunned, then looked back up at him. Seeing his reassuring smile, she hesitantly took his hand. She was surprised at how gently he held hers in his own as he led her along the corridor.

Farther down the corridor, Beelzebumon's keen hearing picked up on the sounds of low noises. "Hey, I think I found the kids." He whispered to Evalena. Releasing his hold of her hand, he walked ahead.

Evalena instinctively followed.

Beelzebumon turned around. "No, find somewhere's ta hide, I don't need ya gettin' hurt."

Evalena nodded and quickly went into a room off to her left.

Satisfied with her gone, Beelzebumon resumed walking to the room. He peered through the crack in the door to see a large group of children and teenagers huddled about. "Well, these must be it." He eased the door open and stepped inside.

The children and teenagers looked at him fearfully.

He raised his hands in a reassuring manner. "It's OK, kiddoes. I'm here ta help ya."

"How?" one of the older ones asked.

Beelzebumon's arms dropped to his sides. "Eh..."

"You don't even know?!" another said, outraged. "Some sorta savior you turned out to be."

Beelzebumon frowned. "Shut yer little trap! I only came 'cuz Evalena wanted me ta."

All of the children gasped, then they whispered amongst themselves.

Beelzebumon rolled all three eyes. "Ya little brats wanna leave er not?!"

They all looked at him and nodded.

Beelzebumon sighed. "Good! Now let's..." His voice trailed off as he felt the muzzle of a gun push into his back. "Oh great." He turned his head to see a tall brawny man.

"What do you think you're doin' here, sir?" the man asked in a gruff tone.

Beelzebumon smirked, a vicious looking coming to his eyes. "Makin' a breakout," He turned swiftly and punched the man in the face, knocking him clean out. Then he turned to the children. "Alright you guys, let's go."

The Demon Lord was mauled by the crowd. He sat up, rubbing his head. "Damn kids..." He looked up to see a gun in his face.

Duke smirked. "So you're the one causing all the ruckus, hm?"

Beelzebumon bared his fangs. "You bastard! How the hell could ya take a buncha defenseless kids hostage?!"

"It's really none of your business. Now where's the girl?"

"None of your business!" Beelzebumon spat.

"Tell me!" Duke snarled.

"No!" Beelzemon snarled back.

Duke's face twisted into rage and he kicked Beelzebumon hard in the face.

Beelzebumon fell back, on the brink of conciousness.

"Take him away, boys. He can go into my office for some...interrogation," Duke said with a devilish grin as Beelzebumon was dragged away. He followed. "And someone find those brats!"

Meanwhile, Evalena had managed to gather up all the orphans in her room and start letting them out through the window. Suddenly there was the sounds of voices and footsteps.

"Hurry, we must go faster!" she urged, looking at the doorway in terror.

The last of the orphans were through the window just as three men burst into the room, guns at the ready.

Before Evalena could even move, they grabbed her and started pulling her from the room. She didn't struggle as she was carried down the hallway. Her eyes grew wide as she saw that she was being taken to what used to be the headmistress's room.

Duke smiled when he saw Evalena as the men entered the room. "Ah, my dear. We were just talking about you." He sent the men away.

Evalena looked around and gasped when she saw the state Beelzebumon was in. Blood dripped form his nose and mouth as well as from the large gash on the side of his face that was quickly turning purple. He was breathing heavily but the light of battle still danced in his eyes as his gaze bore into Duke from the chair he was chained to.

Duke walked up to Evalena, running his hand across her cheek. "My, you're in such a sorry state, aren't you? I bet it's all because of this...creature, isn't it?" He smiled. "You won't have to worry about him much longer, my dear."

"Why do ya want 'er anyways, ya stupid scumbag?!" Beelzebumon snarled.

Duke didn't look at Beelzebumon, instead he ran his fingers through Evalen's hair, causing her to cringe. "You look just like your mother, except the eyes of course," This comment made the teenager look away sadly. "But it's enough."

Beelzebumon stared at Duke, stupified. "Wha the hell ya talkin' 'bout?"

Duke heaved a wistful sigh, still looking at Evalena, as if lost in a daze. "So beautiful...so kind...this time, I get to have you." He leaned forwards.

Just as he was about to kiss her, Evalena jerked her face away.

Angered, Duke, struck her across the face. "You stupid girl!"

Evalena fell to the floor, hand over her face, tears streaming from her eyes.

This greatly angered Beelzebumon and he flailed about madly against the restraints. "You keep yer filthy hands off 'er!" he screamed.

Duke whirled around, pointing the gun at Beelzebumon. "You shut your mouth!"

Beelzebumon ducked as Duke fired. The bullet hit where his head was just moments before.

Fuming, Duke turned back to Evalena.

Evalena shut her eyes and turned her face away from him.

It seemed all the anger drained from Duke's face. He knelt down and put his arms around Evalena. "I'm so sorry. I didn't mean to hurt you, my darling."

Too scared to speak, Evalena could only shake in his arms, to which he responded by stroking her head.

Beelzebumon ground his teeth together. He struggled against his bonds again, but to no avail. "Hey, ya never said why ya wanted 'er."

Duke turned his head enough to see Beelzebumon out of the corner of his eye. "So you want to know, hm? Alright I'll tell you. When I was seventeen, I met this beautiful woman. I fell madly in love with her, couldn't get her out of my head. It took awhile, but I finally managed to tell her how I felt, only to be told it was too late, that she was married and had a kid. I was mad, enraged. I knew that if I couldn't have her, then no one could."

"So whaddya do?"

Duke smiled. "Simple. I laid down spike strips in the road just before the car came."

Evalena's eyes went wide with shock and a fresh wave of tears spilled uncheck down her cheeks.

Beelzebumon's jaw had dropped and he stared at Duke as one would look at mold.

Duke kissed Evalena's head. "Since I knew that you lived, I knew I'd have you."

Beelzebumon struggled hard against the chains, determined to get his hands on Duke. With a loud grunt, he cracked the chains.

Duke turned in surprise to see Beelzebumon getting up, a look of pure hatred etched on his hard features. Knowing that he was in trouble, the man grabbed Evalena and made a mad dash out of the room.

"Oh no ya don't!" Beelzebumon screamed, taking off after them.

The Demon Lord chased Duke to the front door, where he halted when Duke turned around, showing that he had the gun pointed at Evalena's head.

Duke smirked. "I'll kill her. If I can't have her, no one can. Especially not you."

Beelzebumon gasped, then clenched his jaws tight. "Don't you dare!"

"Then leave us be. I'll take her as mine and you can just crawl into a hole and die."

Beelzebumon looked down at Evalena. She still had the same dead expression as when she was in the room. "...Evalena..."

Slowly, Evalena's eyes rose to meet Beelzebumon's. He could see a pleading look in them underlying the sorrow.

"Alright, Duke." Beelzebumon said in defeat.

Duke's smile grew wider. "I knew you'd make the right choice. Come now love," he said as he started to turn away from the Demon Lord. "We're leaving."

Evalena's eyes grew wide. "...no..." She looked up at Beelezbumon pleadingly, only to see that he had his gun pointed at Duke. She had to restrain her gasp of relief.

"Hey Duke!"

"Hm?" Duke turned around.

Beelzebumon smirked. "Stupid bastard." He pulled the trigger.

The pair fell as the bullet shattered Duke's kneecap. He screamed in bitter agony.

Evalena wiggled away from him and ran to Beelzebumon, who took her in a soothing embrace.

"You'll pay for this! You'll pay!" Duke screamed, tears of rage and pain trickling down his face as he glared at Beelzebumon.

Beelzebumon returned the gaze coolly. He looked down at Evalena and whispered something to her, then released her.

Evalena nodded and walked out the front door.

Beelzebumon walked up to Duke, who was crumpled over now with pain.

Duke glared up at the Demon Lord.

"Ya know what, Duke?"

"What, you pathetic excuse of a creature?!"

Beelzebumon raised his hand. "Ya don't deserve ta live."

Duke's eyes went wide. He watched helpless as Beelzebumon plunged his hand through his chest.

Beelzebumon pulled his hand from the man's lifeless body and it fell to the floor. After wiping off the blood, he walked outside to where Evalena was waiting with the other orphans.

Evalena looked up at him and smiled thinly.

Beelzebumon smiled back in return.

They both looked up when they heard sirens.

"Well, looks like the police're are comin'." Beelzebumon looked down at Evalena.

Evalena nodded and pulled his jacket about her tighter, shivering from the cold of outside. "What's gonna happen...?"

Beelzebumon shrugged. "I dunna."

The police cars pulled in and several policemen got out, walking up to the group.

"Someone called about a disturbance here. Is there something going on?" one of the policemen asked.

"Yeah, there's some men that took over the orphanage, some of 'em are still inside." Beelzebumon replied.

The policeman nodded, then returned to his car to call for more backup while the others escorted the orphans and Beelzebumon to the other cars.

At the police station, they were told that the orphans would be put in a different home on the other side of town.

Beelzebumon and Evalena looked at each other sadly. This meant they had to part.

Beelzebumon stood up. "Hey, can she live somewhere else?" he asked one of the policemen.

"Like where?"

Beelzebumon looked down at Evalena with a smile. "My place."

"Hm..." The policeman turned and walked out.

After the policeman left, Beelzebumon picked Evalena up and started for the door.

"Where are we going?" she asked, looking up at him.

"Home." Beelzebumon replied, walking out the door.