Ok, you probably wont understand this if you don't own -Supernatural: The Official Companion Season 1. In that book Sam wrote 22 Reasons not to go on a road trip with your brother.. Now i thought it would be fun to write Dean's response to those 22 things. I would post what Sam wrote for those who don't own the book, but I don't want to get in trouble for posting something that i didn't write.. So if you have a friend that does have it ask them to let you see it lol. Ok thats it.. Here it is Dean's response which i did write myself!

by Dean Winchester:

Hey, y'all this is Dean. Now you know I really wouldn't be doing his type of 'thing' but apparently Sammy thought it would be funny to post that stupid blog, so i decided to retaliate. Anyways just read the damn thing. This is my answer to: '22 Reasons Not To Go On a Road Trip With My Brother'

This is what I think about that ridiculous thing...

1. There is nothing wrong with my cassette player or my tapes.

2. When I'm tired after a hunt I don't have time to be picky I just want to stop and rest my aching body.

3. I concur!

4. I ain't got the money to shop at American Eagle..

5. So does Sammy, he's just modest about it.

6. Hey it's not my fault he picked the better looking brother..

7. I drink whatever is at hand at the moment, for a change I like to drink real coffee, not a half-caff double vanilla latte..

8. If it keeps us close to the hunt, and saves us money.. why not?? Oh and I can't pass up a nice steam shower..

9. No comment.

10. Damn straight!

11. Hey he was the one that got off the car and took his crap out of the trunk to leave...

12. That's my baby that's all I'm gonna say.

13. I should kill him for saying that.. I could have died and the thought didn't even cross his mind.

14. You can say that again.

15. I was caught off guard by a skillet... I know it wasn't my proudest moment..

16. Sam your just jealous I get more ass than you on a good day.

17. Hahaha I got you good!

18. Sam you know I will regret that for the rest of my life.

19. That's what you think..

20. C'mon I ain't that stupid... I still can't believe they exist.

21. Like I've said before I ain't going to hurt my baby on purpose.

22. Don't remind me..

K, later!!