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What's in a Name



Mamori reached the middle of the field as quickly as she could, the first aid kit swinging at her hip with her long strides. Not letting another second pass, she quickly took out the roll of tape and grabbed Hiruma's arm, skillfully wrapping the white binding over his thin wrist that had been bent from an unexpected tackle from Musashi in their last run-through play, the star kicker to blame was currently a few yards away was picking his ear as if nothing of the slightest importance had just happened.

"Hey…has anyone else noticed how Hiruma doesn't call Mamori effing manager anymore?" Sena asked out loud as he took his helmet off, releasing his spiky hair from it's prison.

"Hn? What're you talking about?" Monta asked as he took off his helmet too, thick eyebrows high on his head in a clear indication that he didn't know what his best friend was implying.

Sena was quiet as he watched his old childhood friend a few yards away try to reason with Hiruma about something as he simply laughed away her words, fangs visible in his amused smirk that covered at least half of his defined face. The former gopher could have sworn his captain's laugh sounded the slightest bit different and that Mamori's face was only faking annoyance, but he shook his head to get rid of those obviously wrong ideas. Moving his benign brown eyes from the unorthodox pair to his close teammates, he noticed all of them had the same quizzing expression as Monta from his question.

"No…nevermind. It's nothing." Sena shook off, which the others just shrugged at, as the runner put his helmet back on, knowing it would only take Mamori a few more seconds before she was done and they'd resume scrimmage.

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