Shin stared down at the white remote he held in his hand, "It's called a Wii?"

"Yes, yes," Sakuraba bobbed his head enthusiastically, "It's a new game consul where you move the remote," he swung his own that he was holding in his hand in demonstration, "and that's how you play the games."

"Through movement," Shin's face remained impassive.

"Yes," the blond nodded once more and Shin looked down at the remote again. "Alright, I guess I'll try it," he finally agreed.

Grinning, Sakuraba bent down and switched on the game, flashing the screen to baseball. After a few more brief instructions by the taller of the two, Shin nodded his his head in affirmation that he was ready.

Narrowing his eyes in concentration, the stellar linebacker swung his arm back in preparation, since he was pitching, and let it fly.


"NOOOOOO!" Sakuraba screamed out in horror as he saw the sight of his destroyed TV, the innocent wii remote embedded in the cracked and fizzling screen.

"I think it's broken," Shin said the obvious, not understanding his actions as he looked down to his wailing teammate.

A/N: Because even normal people do this (I swear, SO many videos on YouTube it's annoying), and since Shin is so technology-retarded...yeah, hope it made you giggle *slapped*