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Clack, clack, clack.

The old man walked down the large hallway, his ebony cane clacking against the stone floor. Clack, clack, clack. He could feel it in his bones. Darkness was coming to the worlds again, but this time, it was far beyond his reach. Clack, clack, clack. He stopped and looked out the window he had walked up to. It was bright outside, the sun was shining, the hedges were nicely trimmed, and he saw his grandson playing with one of his life-long friends.

Another old man approached, he had silver-white hair and was wearing one of the royal robes of the castle. As soon as he was close enough, he bowed.

"How many times do I have to tell you, you don't have to do that?" The man with the cane said.

"How many times do I have to tell you that I want to?"

"I don't know. What's the count?"

"At least a hundred."

"Well, then make it a hundred more." They both laughed for a second or two before they got serious again. "So, how is the portal coming?"

"It is nearly complete, it will take maybe only an hour or two to complete."

"Excellent. The King made a good choice, making you general."

"It's only because you came to get me."

"Oh, that was nothing."

"You're way too modest."

A young boy ducked into his apartment. He was breathing heavily. "Why do they want to hurt me?" He quickly locked his door and began to get into his bed when suddenly he found himself staring at a man in a black cloak. The man stood silent, and he leaned on an ebony cane. The hood on the cloak was up so he couldn't see his face. They stared at each other for what seemed like an eternity. The whole time, the boy had thoughts running through his mind, "Who is this man? What is he doing here? Is he here to hurt me or help me?" Finally, the man spoke, it was a soft voice, and sounded very gentle, and very wise. "What is your name?"

The boy looked at him, confusion written all over his face. "My name is Naruto Uzumaki, who are you?"

The man took off his hood, to reveal grey, spiky, hair and a kind face. "My name is Sora."

Naruto stared at him. "I have never heard of you."

"Not surprising." Sora said, "You see, I am from a different world." Naruto looked at him like he was crazy. Sora recognized that look, or rather Roxas knew that look, but all the same. "Here, let my memories explain." Again, Naruto looked at him like he was crazy, then suddenly a life flashed before his eyes, not his life, but the life of the man who stood in front of him. Heartless, Nobodies, Riku, Kairi, Donald, Goofy, King Mickey, Naminé, Roxas, Ansem, and a hundred more faces ran through his mind. Naruto blinked, and it was over. Naruto had lived someone else's life in the space of a second. Then the last part of Sora's memories suddenly settled in, He was looking for a successor.

"Lord Sora," Naruto said, using the man's title, "You have the wrong person, I can't possibly wield the Keyblade, it…I…I'm…I'm nobody, I'm the village's outcast, I'm not worthy of this kind of honor."

"I did not chose you for your status, Naruto, I chose you for your heart. Now go to sleep." Naruto looked confused for a second, then Sora touched his head, and Naruto was out cold.

He awoke on a stain-glass floor of a girl with marvelous dress on. Behind him stood Sora, but he was different, he was younger, and in black clothes, Naruto then recognized them from Sora's memories. This is what he wore after he woke up after his adventure in Castle Oblivion. But it was the item the decorated his back that caught his attention. It was the Ultima Weapon Keyblade.

"Make your choices here wisely, Naruto, they will stay with you for your entire life." He said

Suddenly three pedestals appeared in front of him one in front of him, one to his left, and one to his right. Naruto walked up to the one that had been in front of him. It had a sword on it. Then Naruto looked to his right, it had a shield. On the left-handed pedestal was a rod. Naruto walked to the sword. Sora had picked the sword, so why not? As soon as he picked it up he heard a voice, "This is the gift of the Warrior. Choosing it will make offense your top priority. Your strength will be unsurpassed." Naruto put the sword back down, Sora had said to chose wisely, so he was doing to listen to the other ones.

Naruto picked up the shield, "This is the gift of the Guardian. Choosing this will make you able to stand an amazing amount of pain, you would be able to defend your friends with ease." Naruto put the shield down.

Naruto picked up the rod, "Power of the Mystic. If you choose this your abilities with Magic would be unmatched, no one would be able to stand against your spells."

Naruto then went back to the sword, if what he was going to face anything like Sora had, he would need the strength. He picked it up off the pedestal and took it with him.

"Now make your second choice, this will be your weakness." Naruto chose the rod. The pedestals disappeared and the glass floor suddenly broke underneath him. He landed on a second platform, this one had a different girl, and she too was in a beautiful dress. Suddenly a heartless appeared. It was only a Shadow heartless, but still. "This will test your abilities at fighting." Naruto charged the Shadow and dispatched him quickly.

The floor cracked again, and Naruto landed on one more platform, this one had a lilac on it. There was something else on the floor, it was a large cage, on the cage was the Kaji for 'seal' and behind the cage were two red eyes. "That's new." Sora remarked.

"Who are you? And What are you doing here?"

"I'm Naruto Uzu-"

"Shut up. I know who you are, I was talking to him." The eyes said as they glared at Sora.

"I'm Sora the Keyblade Master, and I'm here to teach my student."

The eyes seem to freeze, "Did you say…Keyblade Master?"

"So you've heard of it?"

The two red eyes moved up and down showing he nodded.

"Hey!" Naruto said, "You said you know who I am, well who are you?"

The two eyes closed in…pity? Or was it in guilt? Slowly the eyes came forward, revealing a huge fox with red fur. "I am the reason why everyone hates you. I am the Kyuubi no Kitsune, and I was sealed into your body."

"What!? No, Yondaime killed you."

"My friend could not kill me. I was too strong, I am after all, a Keyblade Master."

Silence. Total Silence. Sora spoke first, "If you are a Keyblade Master, then why not unlock the seal?"

"And leave this boy to die!? I'm the only reason he stands here now! I give him a faster healing rate, without it, he would have died."

"Well, now that I'm making him my successor, why not leave now?"

"If you are training him, then he is still not ready, besides, two heads are better than one. The Kit may get caught in a tough situation, and may need some help."

"Wait, I'm your kit now?"

"You were the moment I was sealed into you."

"Naruto, take those platforms to the final floor, this will be your final test. I want to talk with Kyuubi."

Naruto reluctantly obeyed his teacher, and jumped on the pathway that led to the platform of his final test. Naruto got up there and meet his challenge. His confidence slowly died in inside. There were about ten Shadows, but it was the big one that scared him. It stood half as tall as the Hokage tower, and had a huge heart-shaped hole in its chest. Suddenly one of the Shadows jumped at him, throwing him out of his stupor. Naruto dispatched the shadows, and stood before the huge one, "Darkside, if I remember correctly." Naruto tried to reach for more information, but found it blocked, as if Sora wanted him to figure it out for himself.

Then the Darkside thrust his hand to the ground, a black pool formed, and Shadows began to leap from the pool. Naruto charged the arm, and began hitting it with everything he had. The arm suddenly rose, hitting Naruto in the head and sending him flying backwards. Naruto landed on his rear massaging his aching head. "Man that hurt. Why didn't I-" then something hit him, something so ingenious, it just might work. Naruto got back up, his sword in hand, waiting for Darkside to make his move. Darkside raised his arm, and brought it down on the platform. Immediately, Naruto jumped onto his arm, and ran up its length, all the way to the shoulder. Darkside may have been big, but he was very slow, Naruto raised his sword up, and began unleashing his fury on the Heartless's head. Then, after the barrage on his head, Darkside disappeared into dust. Naruto then fell asleep.

It was morning when Naruto woke up. He was back in his apartment. Sora stood, looking out of the one window, in his Organization XIII cloak, his ebony cane supporting him. It was silent, then Naruto finally asked, "How did I do?"

Sora looked at the boy and said, "Reach into your heart, and find the power." Naruto looked confused, but he tried to do what he was told. "Now pull it out." Naruto again tried and was surprised when he his hand was encased in light, and the Kingdom Key Keyblade appeared in his hand. "Does that answer your question?" Sora smiled at the boy. "Now, before I go, I have a gift for you." Soar reached into his cloak and pulled out another cloak. "This cloak will grow as you grow, and it is very stealthy. I realize that stealth is very important to your culture, so this should help. I also have a mission for you. A darkness is oming but it is still far off, so prepare yourself. Find your Kairi, find your Riku, because it will be your friends that save you first. Good-bye my student, Kyuubi will teach you everything else you need to know." Then Sora faded away.

Naruto replaced his Keyblade in the realm of his heart, and put on his new cloak. It looked just like the one Master Sora wore. Naruto came out of his room, it was rather funny, he went in as a five year old boy with five years of experience, but came out a five year old with seventy-nine years of experience.

A cloaked figure walked into the Academy room, and everyone looked at him with curiosity in their eyes. Who was this guy? Where did he get that cloak? Why did he carry himself like that? It was true, the boy in the cloak carried himself with the experience of a man who had lived his life, but this boy could be no older than five. Iruka stood up and did roll-call. "Sakura?"

"Here." The pink haired girl cried out.

"Shikamaru?" Silence, "Shikamaru?"

"How troublesome…"

That was good enough, "Hinata?"


Iruka went through the list and finally he came upon the last name.

"Naruto Uzumaki?"

"The dobe didn't show up." Sauske, the aloof Uchiha said.

"Then perhaps you need glasses, teme." The cloaked figure said.

Everyone looked at him. "N-n-Nartuo?" Hinata whispered to herself.

"Because I am here." The figure removed his hood, showing the spiky blond hair, the whisker marks on his cheeks, and the deep blue eyes.

Iruka slapped his head. "Then you should know not to wear your hood up during class."

"But Iruka-sensei! It makes me look cool!"

"No buts."




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