"- The best love is the kind that awakens the soul, and makes us reach for more. That plants fire in our hearts and brings peace to our minds. And that's what you've given me, that's what I'd hope to give to you forever"

Noah, The Notebook.

Ginny Weasley would consider herself brave. If there was a moment in life were she was demanded to present her virtues and abilities, she could do courage in a heartbeat. She was a Weasley and she was a Gryffindor. Both prized bravery, but she no longer felt brave anymore, that's what he did to her.

Sure, she'd still face Voldemort without much hesitation, she would jump in front of a curse for someone she loved with absolute no hesitation, but whilst he made her feel strong, and daring and alive, everything Harry invoked in her made her feel vulnerable too. As if he was both her greatest strength and her greatest weakness.

Did he feel that way too?

Even though she'd was sixteen and quite mature for her age, sometimes Ginny felt like she was still the same eleven year old girl whom Tom Riddle scared beyond repair. You can't fix dark magic with a flick of a wand and a kiss from mom. But that wasn't nearly as scary as falling in love with her best friend. Truth was, she was scared, she couldn't find her Weasley courage, and the one person who normally use to make her feel brave, who shot hope in her chest and burned passion into her heart could no longer bear to look at her and made her feel the opposite. It was a paradox situation.

Ginny signed tiredly, her hands coming to cup her exhausted face, her shoulders sagging as the all too familiar Scottish rain began to lightly wet her in the cold mid afternoon light. She harshly brushed away the tears that camouflaged with the rain and stared up at the ancient castle. It was blurry through her tears and the rain, but she could still make it out. She felt gut-wrenchingly lonely, and regretful. She'd been feeling lonely for the last three months now, and it was all her fault.

Ginny hadn't been accustomed to the pain and guilt that comes with regret. She had a quick temper, and sometimes did the Weasley thing and made rash decisions, much like Ron sometimes did when he too was angry. Regret was a disgusting feeling, she thought, it clawed its way into your system, and sometimes made you feel so full of longing to change an action you could no longer control, it could render her to tears in a heartbeat. And she hated crying.

Abhorred it completely

She was in love with Harry, filled with so much love for him that it was like wild fire running through her veins. In love enough with him that when she wasn't doing the Harry thing and drowning in self loathing, she was actually happy, being in love made her happy. She wanted to be happy with him.

'I'm going to be honest with him' she thought, sitting up straighter, 'I love him. I do. It's Harry...' She quickly swiped a hand over her eyes when she heard someone call her name. Her head turned in the direction of the voice and she squinted her eyes against the dark, managing to spot Hermione.

"Hermione? What's going on?" she shouted, standing up and walking towards the girl

Hermione frowned in disapproval upon seeing Ginny's wet appearance and carefully walked towards her, eyeing the wet quidditch grass with weariness. She came to a halt in front of Ginny and her expression melted in to that of concern. "I've been looking for you for almost a half hour! Honestly Ginny, the places you go to-"

Ginny casually ignored this.

"-I told Ron you might be outside, but he said there was no way you'd be outside in this weather, and I told him you might be because you've done it before, so of course he said-"Hermione went on, without a moment of breath it seemed before Ginny coughed, hiding a smile and Hermione reverted back to her main point.

"What I mean is that, Alexis has gone into labour an hour ago. Harry is already there at the hospital, as is your mother and father. What his doing there I don't know, I went looking for him as well and he didn't tell me he'd-"

Ginny gasped and her eyes widened, a delighted smile spreading across her face "Hermione! Lexy's having the baby?" she asked, already beginning to walk towards the main door to floo towards St. Mungo's hospital.

Hermione quickened her pace to match Ginny's "No, she's already had the baby, it was a quick delivery, apparently Harry was with her and took care of her"

They reached Professor McGonagall's office before Ginny's already large smile seemed to grow "I'm going to be a Godmother!"

Hermione smiled to, and reached for her wand, performing a drying spell for both girls. Yes, you are. You and Harry will make lovely Godparents"

Ginny's hands hesitated upon knocking at her words. Her eyes defensive and an intense dark chocolate brown, sighing as Hermione placed a comforting hand on her shoulder. Upon seeing Hermione's face, she quickly interrupted Hermione's impending round of questions. "I'm fixing it. Today." Ginny told her with conviction and turned to knock swiftly at McGonagall's door but stopped as a sprinting redheaded Ron almost ran into Hermione trying to catch up with them.

"Hey! Wait for me!" he cried, before bumping into Hermione, who shrieked and was in the process of falling before Ron grabbed her shoulders gently and lifted her closely to him. "Ron! Do you mind?" she snapped at him, slapping him on the shoulder

His reply came with a large cheeky grin that made Hermione uncharacteristically seem to turn into a puddle of mush, much to Ginny's obvious amusement. "Sorry" he winked. He inched towards her face as her hands came around his shoulders, his smile matching hers as she closed her fluttering eyes, before Ginny had enough.

"Umm...Hello! There's a baby waiting to meet her Godmother here!" Ginny exclaimed, effectively breaking up the loved up couple. She might have been jealous had this been any other time, but her conviction to apologise to Harry and meet her Godchild far, far outweighed any silly instinctive emotions

. They continued to look into each other's eyes as Ginny finally knocked on the door "finish this later?" Ron asked, straightening up Hermione shot him a saucy smile and whispered in his ear.

His eyes widened and he grinned "mmm, can't wait"

Ginny rolled her eyes just as the door opened.

The next twenty or so minutes passed by Ginny too quick and unimportant for her to really take in. McGonagall was hesitant at first to let them go, but to be honest Ginny knew she didn't actually mind much, even going as far as allowing them the next two days off after Sunday, after which Easter break would immediately come and they'd all be lesson and Hogwarts free for two weeks. Ginny thought McGonagall was working hard to still hold the image of a fierce, somewhat cold professor, that especially the wars had needed her to be, truth was she was softening, and instead of exploiting that the students embraced it with a kind of dignity that previous war-free generations might not have, hence the pretty quick departure to Saint Mungo's.

As Ron happily linked Hermione's hands with his own, Ginny desperately and nervously glanced at the elevator screen. She was almost there. She'd been named Godmother due to her close connection with both Sirius and Alexis. With Sirius it was her striking reminder of Lily Potter, also the fact that her friendship with Harry made Sirius very happy. He'd made lots of comments about them over the years, hints at getting them together, apparently finding them to much of a good couple to not help himself, but she had been too young to ever really get that, and when she grew up she had been too naive, or maybe just blocked it in general, but what Sirius meant was that he'd always thought Ginny would have ended up with Harry, something he personally saw with his own eyes with the way the two always had that extra something added to her and Harry's already strong friendship. He'd enjoy muttering 'Potter and redheads' at moments of particular heat between the two friends.

If it wasn't any of that, the simple fact that Sirius adored Ginny was enough. With Alexis it was Ginny's calming and positive influence on Harry when he had at first been weary, quiet and generally distant of Lexy. She knew, even then, what he needed to be told to calm his racing insecurities. 'No, Sirius is not leaving you or ignoring you for his new girlfriend and yes, he will always love you very much', she remembered telling him. It wasn't long before Harry opened up, and she knew he loved the woman like another mum now. Ginny cherished the fact she was given the honour of being their first child's godmother, it warmed her heart

Once they reached the correct floor, her feet seemed to slow down of their own accord, enough so that Hermione and Ron had already greeted everyone by the time she got to the right ward. She smiled and briefly greeted everyone there before glancing towards the door, where inside was Sirius, a proud beaming father, his loved contented wife, and her own soul mate, who'd no doubt she'd share a rather awkward first conversation with.

She ignored her mother's gushing happiness and the smile on her father's face as they talked with Remus and Tonks, back from their honeymoon, tanned and happy looking. Ron and Hermione sat in the corner, not talking but smiling, Hermione leaning her head against his shoulder as he kissed her gently.

She hesitated just outside the door, before taking deep calming breath, ignored her mother's questioning gaze and slowly walked in, opening the door. As soon as she had shut the door behind her, quietly too, not wanting to disturb the people in the room just yet, her eyes immediately zoned in on the scene in front of her and she could almost feel her heart melt at the sight. Lexy was asleep, she looked tired, but peaceful sleeping with Sirius' arms wrapped around her shoulders as they both lay in the small hospital bed. Her pitch-black hair was pulled back into a messy ponytail; she shinned with the afterglow of birth.

Ginny smiled, they usually romanticised that part in her trashy romance novels she had hidden under her bed; or that box-thing that Harry called a television. They made childbirth look pretty and beautiful. Mostly it wasn't, but the way Sirius would alternate his hungry looks of tender protective love towards his baby and passionate adoration for his wife, you saw as he did the beautiful woman resting peacefully in her hospital bed, and then he closed his eyes and fell asleep next to his wife. She made it look easy, Ginny only hopped she looked half as good as Lexy when she become pregnant.

Way, way too early to think about that.

That thought process must have lasted half a second, or so it felt, because soon she felt piercing green eyes seek her out and for the first time in a long time she met his eyes with her own. It took another half a second before she felt it all. It was clich├ęd and corny, it was overused and ridiculously unoriginal, but she honestly felt time stand still, just for a moment, just for them. She read about it, she'd heard about it, but you never fully understand until you've experienced it yourself.

She took no notice of the couple on the bed, no notice of the noise outside the room. She was only aware of her own racing heart, the familiar passionate warmth in her veins and Harry.

Harry who looked at her as if she was the most beautiful women in the world


She felt a small shiver of pleasure run down her spin. Even though her mind screamed at her to take it easy, told her to remember to take things slow, that she needed to focus to work things out, her heart screamed louder and she felt happy, safe and loved.

Just like that.

He was wearing socks oddly enough, his crisp white trainers in the corner of the room. He wore black jeans that fit him well and a light blue v-neck sweater that showed a small amount of his chest. He wore the watch Molly Weasley had given him that had belonged to her brother, and whilst Harry was extremely careful with his things and took prestigious care of them, he adored the watch and wore it all the time. Molly still smiled every time she would spot it.

His hair was its usual messy black, sticking up all over the place, but her eyes were drawn to the enormous smile framed by his ridiculously chiselled jaw. Ginny's own smile matched his upon laying eyes on the little baby girl that was protectively held in his arms, wrapped in a soft pink blanket.

Her feet moved of their own occurred again, this time forwards, till they met halfway, the baby between them, breathing in the sight of each other. Neither noticed Sirius' large smirk and as he opened his mouth to comment, he was suddenly subtly elbowed by his wife who then proceeded to pretend to sleep once more. He grunted, before smiling and hugging Lexy to him, closing his eyes as he rested his head against his wife's.

"Hi" Harry whispered, breaking the silence

Ginny smiled back "Hi yourself" she said, before she could no longer hold it in anymore and moved to hold the baby in her arms.

Harry laughed softly and placed the baby expertly into her arms. Ginny held her head as natural female instinct seemed to wash into Ginny and after a bit she was holding the new addition of the Black family with ease. Ginny gasped upon taking a closer look at the child. She was beautiful, with a tuft of soft black hair, dark thick eyelashes and rosy cheeks.

"She's a beauty isn't she?" Harry breathed out, a reverence in his eyes as he looked at the small bundle. "Sirius will have his hands full when she's older, that's for sure"

Ginny laughed quietly, leaning down to kiss her Goddaughters tiny head "No doubt about that" she replied.

Harry smiled softly "They named her Maya Nymphadora Black"

Ginny laughed gently "what's with the Black's and star constellation?"

He laughed too "I really don't know. It's pretty though"

"I think so too"

She wasn't really sure what happened next, didn't know if both their emotions caught up with them and they both could no longer hide them, but before she knew it she was leaning up as Harry leaned down and their lips met. It was so soft, so gentle, as Harry gently cupped her face that she felt embarrassed to feel moister in her eyes.

Maybe everything would be ok after all.

He kissed her once, twice before pulling away. "We need to talk, you know that don't you?" Harry told her, smiling softly

"I know" she replied, gazing into his eyes, a hungry expression suddenly painted on her face "I know"

They stood like that for a little bit, it could have been a minute or five, she wouldn't have been able to say. She just knew as she looked at him that he was as eager to sort it out as she was, but the gentle kind of eager, were for now they were both perfectly content to be together in silence, marvelling at their Godchild together, simply enjoying each other's presence.

- Harry-

It was many quite moments later that I finally found some alone time with Ginny. After several long hours, and plenty of hugs, everyone went their separate ways; Remus and Tonks to their new home. Mr and to the burrow, and after gentle persuasion, it was agreed that Ron and Ginny could spend a couple of days with the Black and Potter family at Grimmauld place. Hermione had already sent word to her parents and she was more than happy to stay too. Personally, it provided me with much too good of an opportunity to talk and surround myself with Ginny.

When the clock struck two in the morning, I finally found myself alone with her. The others had all slowly trudged tiredly up the stairs and to bed quite a while ago. No one had commented when it was just Ginny and I alone. The fire roaring in the fireplace softly lit up the room, making her hair look the colour of wild fire. She was laying on her back, stretched out on the sofa, whilst I sat on the opposite end, her feet on my lap as I absentmindedly drew patterns around her exposed leg, where I had raised her jeans a bit, exposing her creamy smooth skin.

We were both lost in the moment, enjoying the warmth of the fire and the silence of good company. I glanced at her, making note of the peaceful expression on her face as her eyes closed, but I knew she wasn't asleep. I kept lazily massaging her leg.

"I love it when you do that" she murmured, her tongue poking out to moisten her lips and for the briefest moments I become distracted.

I smiled, confused "Do what?"

"What you're doing to my leg. It feels nice" she told me, opening her eyes to meet mine. I smiled at her. She breathed in deeply, then sat up, her legs coming to curl themselves underneath her as she shuffled towards me. "I'm sorry"

I opened my mouth to interrupt when she suddenly covered mouth with her hand. I smiled into her hand, remembering a time when I had done the same to her, what felt like a lifetime ago whilst I was 'teaching' her.

She slowly dropped her hand, stared straight into my eyes as I stared back, the light chocolate colour of her eyes holding me to where I was. "I ran" she began to tell me "I got scared and I ran. And I'm not a runner, that's what's so bloody infuriating" she tiled her head softly to the side, like a curious child gazing at a shiny new toy, far beyond their reach "I loved you" she admitted with a shaky breath, as I felt my own breathing stop for a small moment. "-Before you started dating more girls than Lockhart. I loved you before Riddle and the chamber, and Voldemort and his nightmare. Loved you before I realised that being with you was as easy as breathing" she looked away from my face, gazing beyond me at the fire "that day you climbed in to my tree house in that annoyingly arrogant way of yours, I think I've loved you since then."

I felt my eyes shut as I breathed in deeply. She loves me. I immediately tried not to get to happy, tried desperately not to show the hope and happiness at hearing her say it. I glanced at her and saw her smile soften whilst she looked at me.

She moved closer to me and I wrapped my arms around her waist till she was sitting in my lap. I breathed her in, the strawberry smell of her perfume and that unique flowery smell that was all Ginny. I hugged her tightly to me and felt her sigh in relief against me, as if all of a sudden some great weight had been taken of her shoulders.

I turned her head and I found my lips moving off their own accord as her own met mine in the middle. My hands came to rest on her soft cheeks as I kissed her with a gentleness I didn't know I possessed, finding my heart return from the cold depth it had hidden away to for so long.

Ginny Weasley wondered if there were a million definitions of love. She found her heart melting into a soft puddle of goo, much like Hermione's expression earlier in the day, as Harry continued to hold on to her. He didn't have to tell her he loved her, she knew it already. She felt it in the way he held her, much like he was doing currently. She felt it when he looked at her, half way across the room surrounded by his friends, the look in his eyes telling her that he missed her, even if she was just half a room away from him. Ginny knew she had meant it when she said that it wasn't right to find your soul mate at sixteen, yet she figured many people did. Some found a soul mate in their best friends, and she figured that was pretty special on its own. Others, like herself, found it in the one person they wanted to spend the rest of their lives with.

She curled up into him, smiling as he kissed her head softly. She had missed him. Like crazy, she had, with a sort of passionate longing she had never felt in her entire life. That was the reason she ran. She missed him when he wasn't with her, even if he had just spent the entire day with him. She had confessed this to Hermione, wondering if it was at all natural to miss someone you saw all the time. Hermione had responded with a gentle 'yes' and the soft confession that she felt that way about Ron too.

"Why were you so scared?" Harry whispered suddenly to her, his green eyes striking against the firelight. He rubbed soft comforting circles on her arm.

Ginny breathed deeply, biting her lips "I guess...well I guess I finally admitted it. Too myself that is. I've been pretending not to be in love with you a long time, and I was angry at myself because i came to you for help" she shook her head angrily "I mean, I knew it was dangerous for me to ask for your help, but I was too angry at Dean and then too proud to back out."

"Why was it dangerous?" he asked, catching her eyes

"Because you make me nervous" She replied, her eyes twinkling as she fought the blush that was raising on her face "you've always had that affect on me"

She slapped him playfully when his grin started to become pompous "Oi, keep your ego in check Potter, please"

He laughed happily, his shoulders shaking against her back "I'm sorry it's just, that how you've been making me feel for the last two years. A combination of nervousness and happiness" his smile softened "I've missed you like mad. I thought I couldn't possibly miss you as much as the last time we were fighting, but I missed you more"

Ginny's eyes began to water, the hurt look on his face chipping away at her heart. He shook his head absentmindedly "I didn't think I could miss you more, then I'd actually see you in the corridor and it was horrible. I really didn't think I could miss you more, but then again I didn't think I could love you more either"

She sniffed, gazing at him "love me more? How could you possible love me at all? I've been horrible to you. How can you even forgive me? We...we made love and I ...I just ran." She looked down, ashamed. "I can't forgive myself Harry, how on earth can you?" she asked him, a traitorous tear running slowly down her face.

Harry reached out and swiped it away with his thump, holding her face gently in his hands as he forced her eyes to meet his. "I love you and it's because I love you that I can forgive you" he shook his head "I don't even have to forgive you. God knows how many times I messed up and you always forgave me"

His face turned sad "I think you must be the only girl in the world who'd ever be able to love me. All of me. Sure, it took you a while to come clean" he grinned "but you do, I saw it in your eyes a long while ago. You love me, like I love you."

Ginny felt her heart flutter in her chest, her veins turn to fire at the way he was looking at her. "I love you" he repeated, whispering it gently against her ear. She shivered. "Now...i...i know I always seem to have a way with words, but we both know I'm not as poetic as other guys, I just know I'll love you for the rest of my life. You're the one for me Ginny"

Harry smiled, chuckling as she pressed her mouth fiercely against his own. She moaned into the kiss, running her hands against his hair and gripping it tightly in her fingers as she opened her mouth to play the tango with his tongue. They broke off when the needs to breath become apparent.

She licked her lips "hmm, definitely missed you"

Harry laughed outright "that's all you've missed? And they say I'm the horny one"

She elbowed him and smirked when he grunted "no" she told him, running her hands over his face, before glancing in to his eyes "I missed...the way you kiss me before we go to sleep. I miss running around in our animagus. I miss the way you sulk when I beat you at poker"

"Hey!" he cried in indignation "you cheat!"

She laughed "I do not cheat! Your such a sore loser Harry"

He huffed and pretended to sulk. "Aww, poor Harry, always bested by a Wesley" she laughed, and kissed him till his smile grew wider. She ran her hand through his hair "I love you Potter" she told him, her face serious as she gazed into his eyes unabashedly.

His rewarding smile threatened to split his face "I love you too Weasley


We stayed up the entire night talking. I'd forgotten what I was like to talk to someone for hours and hours and not run out of things to say. I'd also forgotten that we were both passionate people and argued about the silliest things, hence the resulting silencing charm placed in the living room at around five o'clock in the morning.

I woke with the sun beaming against my closed eyelids. I smiled tiredly before I awoke slowly, trying to move my arms before I realised something, or someone was sleeping against my chest. I peeked one eye open and my smile widen when I saw bright red head spread across my chest, Ginny sleeping happily against me. "Ah crap", I muttered as hundreds of invisible pins and needles shot their way across the arm Ginny's head was sleeping on "bugger"

"Well...lookie here" said an annoyingly smug voice


I tried to cover up my yawn "go away Sirius, I'm still sleeping"

He laughed " No can do little one, sorry, the Weasley's will be here any moment and I'd doubt Molly would be all too happy to see you sleeping with her little girl" he grinned.

I jumped out of the sofa so fast you'd of thought my ass had caught on fire.

"Aah" shouted Ginny in anger, as she toppled on top of me

"Aah" I groaned, feeling her knee hit my family jewels "sweet Merlin..."


Ginny laughed, alternating between straightening her hair and rubbing her eyes "why on earth are you screaming Sirius?"

He shrugged; looking in my direction "I have no clue" he smiled "Right! I'll make breakfast shall I?" and he turned around and whistled as he walked towards the kitchen.

Ginny laughed again "Being a dad suits him, don't you think Harry?" she frowned, finally glancing down at me. "What the matter with you Harry?" she asks, coming place her hands on my shoulders.

I moan in pain "you kneed my misters" I roll over, my hands covering my area.

She laughs before she can help it then immediately starts covering her mouth with her hand, trying to cover her giggles. "Sorry darling, but don't expect me to kiss it better" she jokes

I stop withering on the floor, my eyebrows rising. "No?"

She smiles cheekily and shakes her head "nope"

She laughs at my pretend heart broke expression as I stop moving and try to catch my breath. "Well...you kind of elbowed my cheek..." I hint, smiling.

She smiles widely, moving slowly towards me before she comes to a stop next to me, leaning her back against the sofa, copying my position. "Does it hurt?" she asks, grinning

"Yes, terribly" I reply, trying to keep a straight face "kiss it better?"

"Mmm" she hums, caressing the make believe pain on my cheek before placing a soft kiss. I close my eyes against the intoxicating smell that is Ginny.

"Better?" she asks, leaning back

I lick my lips, no longer fighting the smile "my lips hurt"

She laughs "I can fix that"

"Please do" I smile as she leans down and places her soft lips against mine, tenderly, as if we have all the time in the world.

I cup her face "thank you" I whisper against her lips

She breathes in deeply "it was my pleasure"

There's a sudden crash in the kitchen, the sound of pots banging against each other and we share a quiet laugh.

She kisses me once more "I'll go help Sirius out"

I smile, looking up at her "okay, I'll be there soon, let me just go awake up Ron"

She turns to walk away "-and Hermione"

I slowly stand up, a puzzled smile on my face "Hermione? Isn't she in your room?"

I can hear Ginny's laugh floating back towards me "nope!"

I laugh too, my cheek muscles hurting from the smile gracing my face. I run a hand through my hair, watching as she walks away from me, her hips swinging in her jeans, her curvy figure making me drool.

I place a hand over my beating heart "the things you do to me" I whisper into the empty room before walking towards the stairs and to the guest room, where I would find my two best friends sleeping peacefully in each other's arms.

It was a beautiful Monday afternoon when we returned to Hogwarts. The warm breeze made the grass dance together in harmony as the sun shone against my face. The sky was one of those cartoon baby blue, without a cloud in sight, an exceptionally gorgeous day in Scotland.

I lazed happily by my spot in the lake, waiting for Ginny to arrive. My hands were crossed behind my head as I stretched out on the grass, watching the giant squid scare a couple first years. I smirked. I was in my particular favourite spot, just underneath the sun's rays, warming me against the damp grass. It was secluded, no one could see you but you could see everyone.

My smirk faded when I saw Ginny's approaching figure, her face a mixture of anger and hurt. But mostly anger.

I sat up quickly and coughed.

Here we go again

"Ginny?" I called out

She stopped a metre away from me. Her eyes were blazing, her stance defensive, her wand hand twitching.

I gulped.

"How many did you sleep with? Seriously Potter, can't you keep it in your pants?"

Oooh, crap, I thought. "see...i can explain that" I told her, my hands raised in a surrender-like pose

"Can you?" she asks angrily

I thought about it for a moment. "no, not really"

She huffed in frustration, suddenly beginning to pace back and forth "twenty, Harry? Seriously? You...you horny toad!"

"hey!" I exclaimed "it wasn't twenty! It was more like...i don't know..."

She glared at me, her hands resting on her hips as she stopped pacing. She looked so much like Mrs. Weasley for a moment I had to blink. "How many then?"

"...eleven" I let out. She raised her eyebrows at me "fine! Fifteen okay? Fifteen"

She lets out a frustrated sort of noise and presumes her pacing, muttering angrily.

"Ginny? What's the problem? I told you all of this"

She turned to glare at me, and I found my trousers tightening uncomfortably at the look on her face. She was just so unbelievably sexy when she was mad.

"The problem..."she huffed "the problem is..."

In later years I wouldn't be able to find any other word to describe what she did next. Ginny Weasley attacked me.

Her mouth latched itself on to mine as she kissed me fiercely. I felt the familiar feeling of passionate fire race its way across my entire body as I gripped her waist and brought her body closer to my own. Her hands cupped my face as she ran her tongue against my mouth before I opened up for her. I moaned as her hands began to lower themselves before she brought them back up and ran her hand through my hair, her tongue making me dizzy with pleasure.

We continued this way for several moments and before I knew it we where both on the ground, our tops on scattered on the grass around us. I placed my hands spread out on her back as she kissed me, my back to the grass as I pulled back to forever remember the image of Ginny Weasley gloriously grinding on top of me. My jeans by now were confining my favourite part of my body tightly.

"Ginny?" I groaned when she jerked against me "sweet Merlin... Ginny what are- Gods this is so hot"


"Yes?" I managed to respond, barley hearing her above the beating of my heart

"Shut up"

I smirked, kissing her fiercely as I rolled her over, took all my energy to focus casting the correct spell, then proceed to let her thoroughly ravish me.

Several long moments later, my head stopped spinning long enough to be able to say something "Did you..." I laughed incredulously "did you just 'angry sex' me?" I panted, turning my head to smile at her, inches away from my face as we both laid down side by side.

The self satisfied smirk on her face said it all. "Yep"

I breathed in deeply "so you're not angry?" I

She smiled, glancing up, the stars shining brightly down at us and winking against the dark canvas backdrop of the night sky. I conjured a thick blanket lazily with a wave of my hand, smiling contently as she snuggled against me as I drew her closer, our legs intertwining.

"Nope" she told me, making a popping sound with the 'p'. She smiled contently "next time I'll get you good and mad at me too and we can go again"

I laughed happily, finding myself fall a little bit more in love with her again. "The things you do to me woman"

She grinned, her eyes closed as her face turned towards me "you drive me crazy Harry. No more screwing up. It's for real this time, promise?"

I kissed her nose "I promise. Just promise to get mad at me more often"

"Oh, don't you worry about that. It'll happen again soon" she told me, her cheeky smile lighting up my world.

I laughed and kissed her softly, running my hands down from her waist down towards her inner thighs. I smiled when she began to squirm happily and moan.


I kissed her neck "one more time"

She laughed gently "I'm tired" she told me, before moaning once more.

I thought about it for a couple of seconds, and then smirked mischievously. "Girls can't play Quidditch."

Her eyes popped open "excuse me?" she questioned, glancing up at me sharply

I smirked teasingly "you heard me"

She made a growling noise deep in the back of her throat before she suddenly tackled me. I laughed with ecstatic enthusiasm as she happily pinned me on the ground, her triumph grin as big as my own.

And then we proceeded to make a couple more memories.

You know, when I started writing this, it was a long time ago. Along the way, my life's changed in many different ways and i think because of that, any other fiction i write will be a million times better. Either way, it wasn't how I wanted to end this story (I actually had a better idea for it) but I'm just going to leave it at that, and hope that you enjoyed the journey =)