My Pretend Boyfriend

By: Xmarksthespot

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"Sakura...there's something we have to tell you," her Mother spoke with a kind and gentle voice and faced the seventeen year old. "Your Aunt, Uncle and cousin are visiting us for a few weeks."

Sakura made a face. She knew they were family, but she was never fond of them, especially her cousin who was one of those girls who constantly showed off anything that could be called a talent. She was never fond of her cousin when she was little, often feeling like a failure around the bragger.

"And they're bringing your father's mother." Her Mother eyed her Father who was back in the kitchen.

Damn, Sakura muttered. Her Grandmother could be summed up with two words: complainer and strict. She would complain about everything, even the color of the walls of their living room or how the desserts were too sweet or how Sakura shouldn't be having long hair. Not only that, but Sakura felt that the older woman was very traditional, which limited Sakura from doing many things every time she saw her. However, it had been years since Sakura had last seen her.

Sakura was secretly wishing for a lot of missions with her team so she would have to leave the house.

"But," her Mother started again. "There's something you should know about Harunos. You see...we're the first family to ever place our child in a ninja school. And in the Haruno family's eyes, being a ninja is kind of..."

"Frowned upon." Her Father finished, coming from the kitchen and into the living room where she and her Mom were.

"What?" Sakura exclaimed. She clearly didn't understand what was so wrong about being a ninja. "If it weren't for us ninjas, their asses would've been kicked by now!"

"Sakura, language," her Mother warned. She quickly took a sip from her cup of tea.

"Anyway," her Father started, "do you think you could pretend to be normal for a few weeks? You can do what you always do at the hospital and those meetings with your team, just make sure they don't see or suspect anything."

Sakura gave a big exhale. "Yeah, sure. I'll try."


"Well, hello dear!" Her Aunt had said as she threw herself at the young girl, squeezing her until Sakura's parents came into the room. The woman had short curly hair, wearing a sweater and floral skirt – an appearance very unsuitable for her.

Sakura kindly told her hello and went out the door to where the car was, helping her Uncle with the luggage.

"You don't have to carry that," her Uncle said. The bald man looked at her nicely and grabbed hold of the suitcase, obviously having difficulty carrying it. "It's very heavy."

Sakura shook her head. "Oh, no. It's okay." She placed her hand onto the handle, pushing her Uncle's hand aside and lifted it easily, carrying it into the house. Sakura had no trouble with carrying it up steps of the porch and into the door.

"My word, Sakura! How can you carry such a heavy thing – and with one arm too!" Her Uncle yelled from behind.

Quickly, Sakura froze. She bit her lip, wondering of an excuse to tell him. "I...workout. At the gym, a lot."

Her Uncle stared at her and nodded, bringing in the rest of the luggage to the guest bedroom upstairs.

Suddenly, there was a loud, exaggerated gasp. "Oh, Sakura honey! What happened to your hair? It's all short and choppy." There was a disgust in her tone of voice when she described the pink locks.

Sakura rolled her eyes and turned around, bringing a fake smile to her face and approached the elderly woman. "Hello Grandmother." She hugged her as a small tight line formed across her Grandma's rouge lips when the two hugged. Of course, the woman let go of the hug quickly, smoothing out the golden sleeves of her kimono after and pushing the grey strands of hair back behind her ear since a few had fallen out of the tight bun she kept it in.

"Sakura!" Her Mother called out from upstairs. "Is it okay if Yuki stays in your room?"

The pink headed girl eyed at her cousin who made herself comfortable on the cream colored sofa instead of helping everybody else unpack.

"Yeah," she yelled, but muttered, "great."

She ran upstairs, helping her parents with the guest bedrooms. It took a few hours, but they'd finally finished. A sigh passed her lips as she folded the blankets.

"Sakura! A ninja is looking for you!" Her cousin yelled from downstairs, loud enough for everybody to hear.

"A ninja?" She heard her grandmother gasp, followed by the whole family stampeding down the stairs.

"Dammit," Sakura muttered, chasing after them.

When she had reached to the bottom of the staircase, her family was crowding around Sasuke Uchiha.

Her Grandmother glanced at his headband with the Leaf symbol on it. "You are a ninja!"

Again, Sakura could hear the word being emphasized in the old woman's tone. Furrowing her brows, she wasn't sure what to do. However, a thought came to mind and quickly, without thinking, Sakura ran towards the puzzled Uchiha and planted her lips on his.

He tried pushing her away, but her hold on his body was too tight. Finally, their kiss ended and Sasuke stood there, silent and confused.

"Sasuke...kun! It's been so long since I've seen you." Sakura's voice reminded him of her old fangirl self. "Oh, I'm sorry," Sakura started again. She turned to face her relatives and slightly clenched her teeth. "This is my...boyfriend, Sasuke."

"Wh–" He was interrupted by Sakura's elbow hitting his ribs.

"Your boyfriend is aninja?" It was Yuki who said it this time. There were a lot of gasps following after – her Grandmother, of course.

Sakura nodded. "Yeah. Mom, I'm going to go out with Sasuke-kun, okay?" She left, dragging Sasuke out the door before anybody could say anything.


By the time the pair had met up with the rest of team 7, the house was out of sight and Sakura, who was still holding on Sasuke's arm, had finally calmed down.

Sasuke quickly jerked his arm away from her. "What the hell was all that about?" He yelled, face still blushing red from the kiss.

"And what are you wearing?" Naruto joined in, stepping towards them along with Kakashi.

The three men stared at her; she was wearing large hoop earrings, a tunic with brown leggings underneath and flats. Definitely unsuitable ninja wear. Her fingernails were also painted a variety of bright colors.

Sakura looked to the side, avoiding their eyes. "I have family visiting. They all think being a ninja is a bad thing and they always thought my parents enrolled me in a regular school.

"So, for the time being, I have to seem normal around them." She glared at Sasuke. "Until you showed up with your freaking headband, pouch full of weapons and your stupid sword strapped at your waist!"

He gave her a face. "So you just kissed me because of that?"

Kakashi's and Naruto's eyes widened, face full of shock.

" kissed him?" Naruto stammered.

Kakashi gave a small chuckle. "Oh, how you kids grow up so fast."

Sakura crossed her arms. "Look, it was the only thing I could come up with at the time without them finding out." She clapped her hands together and turned to the Uchiha. "Will you please, please, please be my fake ninja boyfriend, Sasuke?" She begged. "They already think you're my boyfriend anyway."

"That's because that's what you told them!" He exclaimed.

"Just do it, teme." Naruto told him. "I mean, all you have to do is pick her up whenever we have missions and take that pole out of your ass when you talk to her in front of her family."

"..Fine," Sasuke grumbled. "I'll be your boyfriend for a few weeks."

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