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He stared impatiently at the saddened girl, whose puppy dog eyes glistened dangerously, possibly trying to find a method for him to agree with her. But he was used to this, and he was strong, and he would not give in, because he knows that he is right and logical.

"Sakura, I'm not waiting until after we get married to start living with you. Think of it as camping," he added, as if the last bit of information would help him.

The girl rolled her eyes unreasonably."I don't care. We were kids before, and that camping trip was with the team. This? This is adult. It'll just be us two, and I don't think I'm ready for that sort of commitment." Sakura crossed her arms and pouted – it usually worked against the Uchiha.

"Hn, you agreed to marry me, which technically means, agreeing to move in." He sighed tiredly, glancing towards the clock to see how long they had been arguing about the topic.

The young woman shrugged, hearing herself let out an exhale. "No it doesn't!" She whined. "Just because most people move in within the time period of the wedding, doesn't mean I have to. I mean, can't we just be married for like, a year or so, before I move in?"

Sasuke stared at her in disbelief.

"Come on, I just want some time to get used to things. I mean, we've only been dating for like, four months... Let's not rush things."

"Sakura, the wedding is in three weeks."

She stared at him, blinking several times before she exclaimed, "What?" She paused for a moment, letting the newfound information soak in. Of course she had been planning, but she had been so busy planning, she completely forgot about the actual event.



My Oh-So Real Husband

(My Pretend Boyfriend - Epilogue)

Sasuke stared at the photograph that was between his fingers for the longest time. There was something about it that just didn't seem right – wasn't this Itachi's baby picture? Where in the world did Sakura get it, and why?

"Sakura... your phone is ringing," he called out, not bothering to lift his sight from the picture. In the background, he could hear his fiancée talking on the phone with someone he could only assume to be her father – the man had been calling a lot more frequently now that he and his wife were living with her other relatives and that Sasuke was at the Haruno house more often.

It was then that Sasuke got up from his crouched position, heading towards Sakura's desk to pick up the pile of textbooks she had to put them away in the boxes. However, when he lifted them from the table, another photo slipped out.

He furrowed his brows in confusion and looked up the moment he saw Sakura.

"Do you have some sick, secret crush for my brother or something?" He stuck his arm out so that the photo was directly in front of her face.

Just as confused as he was, Sakura took another look at the photo. Shaking her head, she responded, "What are you talking about? That's you, isn't it?"

The Uchiha pulled his arm back immediately to take another look at the picture, observing it. He looked at the detailing of the toddler's facial expressions, the hair, and the condition the photo was in to determine the age of the picture. "Hn, this is Itachi, idiot."

Sakura frowned, grabbing it from Sasuke's hands. "Are you serious? I paid big bucks for this picture!"


"Hey, you couldn't tell who it was either!" She angrily marched over to the box that was labeled 'Photos' and pulled out a flowery, beaded album. "Don't tell me all of these are Itachi's baby pictures..." She muttered, sighing to herself.

Feeling a shiver down his spine, Sasuke slowly sat down by Sakura to look at her collection from when she was a fangirl – or so he hoped it was from back then and not recently. He watched as she flipped through the pages, and felt his palms growing sweaty as he found pictures of himself that he never knew were taken.

"That top left one, the middle and the top right are Itachi's... The rest are mine..." His voice trailed off. "Who did you get these from again?"

The fairytale haired girl shrugged, muttering something about a person in a dark alleyway. Heaving an exhausting sigh, she dropped the book back down into the box. "We should be done packing by tomorrow morning. After, we can just call Naruto and his clones to bring all of this to your place."


Suddenly, the phone rang again.

"Hn, it's your father," Sasuke guessed, rolling his eyes. He rested his back against the headboard as Sakura went to pick the phone up.

"Hello?" She pulled the phone away from her ear for a moment. "It's my grandmother," she muttered to the man, whose eyes showed that he was half asleep.

"If she's asking when we're visiting again," he murmured, "Tell her we visited last week, and we'll visit again when we're free."

Sakura shushed him, continuing her conversation with the older woman. Her fingers played with the cord as she leaned against the pale walls; her stance suggested that she was thinking of something else rather than focusing attention on her call.

"What's that grandma?" She asked. "Yeah, of course we'll visit before the wedding!" She said casually, ignoring Sasuke's stern face. "Yup, after our honeymoon too."

"Are you listening to what you're promising?" Sasuke whispered over, only to be waved off by her.

"Okay, grandma, bye!" Sakura promptly hung up the phone, only to go back into her room to finish packing.

"I think I liked it better when she wasn't talking to me," Sasuke admitted. "Now she's inviting us over weekly."

The woman shrugged. "She's family, and she understands that we both have jobs, so it'll be okay if we don't make it all the time." She burrowed through a pile of clothes and boxes within her closet. "Now," she began, as she pulled out a largely decorated frame that was approximately half her size, "this picture is of you, right?"


"What do you have written for your vow, Sasuke-kun?" Sakura asked, sitting at the kitchen table. Her fingers played with a pen and the piece of paper she had planned to write her vows in was now folded into an origami crane.

"Hn. Stuff."

Curious, Sakura got up to stand outside the bathroom. "What kind of stuff?" She said loudly so he could hear her through the running water.

"Aren't you supposed to wait until the wedding to hear this?"

The woman thought for a moment, before saying, "Does this mean you don't have it written either?"

There was a pause.



He rose a brow.

Sasuke couldn't help but feel that their wedding was very floral. As he stared down the aisle, he noted the dark pink lily strapped to each bridesmaid's hair, the variations of flowers strapped to the end of each bench, the wallpaper's designing and the flower petals laid out neatly on the floor they were standing on.

It was pretty obvious who the maid of honor was, seeing as the Uchiha didn't have to pay much for the plants.

"Well you're marrying someone who's named after a flower anyway, so don't you think you should've seen this coming?" Sasuke remembered Naruto telling him just minutes before the ceremony started.

However, as he waited for the final bridesmaid to head down the aisle, followed by Sakura and her father, he couldn't help but twitch his nose – maybe he should've told Sakura to get fake flowers.

He felt one of his groomsmen breathe on his neck as they whispered, "Uchiha, stop touching your nose. It looks like you're picking it from our view."

"Shut up, Hyuuga," the groom muttered, holding his stiff posture and staring back down the aisle at the large cathedral doors.

Sasuke felt like everyone, especially Sakura's family who sat at the very front, staring at him, even though most people's eyes were attentively waiting for the woman to enter the room.

Suddenly, the orchestra began the moment the bride stepped into the room, elegant as always. Her hair, free from any lose strands, was held back into a bun, which was secured by a simple ribbon that had the Uchiwa Fan symbol clipped in the center. She was donned in a strapless, lacy, A-line dress, and her one arm was wrapped with her father's, while the other held a bouquet that was beautifully arranged.

Sasuke had never seen anyone more beautiful. In the back of his head, he had secretly hoped that no one could tell how nervous he was, could see him gulping or fidget with his hands. It wasn't that he was scared of marrying Sakura, it was just the fact that he was getting married – receiving the happy life he never realized he would get.

"Hi!" Sakura said excitedly the moment she stood across from him at the front of the aisle. She grinned widely and immediately grabbed hold of his hands.

Sasuke rolled his eyes, and both turned to the minister, who began.

When it was time to begin the vows, the minister looked at the couple, who were equally confused – who starts first?



The two stammered, staring at each other awkwardly, before Sasuke spoke up again. "You go first," he said, and received a smile.

"Ah-hem," Sakura cleared her throat nervously. Her smile was still plastered on her flushing face as she parted her lips to begin, "Sasuke-kun," she paused as if trying to remember what she rehearsed the past few nights, "My first crush was with you – I was probably four. My first love was obviously you, and my first kiss as well."

She stopped, blushing from embarrassment, and she pressed her lips together when she heard the others chuckling in the background. Turning to the side to a grumbling older man, she said, "Don't worry, Dad, that was the last part on the list, we haven't had any other firsts yet," she laughed before continuing on with her vow.

"So I just want to say that I promise that I'll learn to decode your hidden messages, with your Aa's and your Hn's, and to only use my super-human strength when we're training or when we're having an argument. Sasuke-kun, I promise to love you every single day, even when you're being an ass, or even when a better looking guy comes along. I promise to love you until the end of time."

There was a deep silence that took place after, and Sasuke wasn't sure when he was allowed to begin his vow.

Finally, he allowed his voice to slip through. "Sakura." He stopped talking and found himself searching in Sakura's curious eyes for the vows. "I..." He paused again, but this time, his nose began twitching again.

"Sasuke-kun?" Sakura asked worriedly.

"I...I...Ah-choo!" The man sneezed loudly. He nervously looked up to see the bride's furious expression, wiping her own face. "Damn it," he muttered, standing back up straight and then using the sleeve of his tuxedo to clean her face. He gave her an apologetic look, hoping to reverse the look on her face that read: If there weren't people here right now, I'd punch you.

After a few chuckles, the entire building went silent again for the Uchiha to begin his vow.

"Sakura, my entire life has been serious. My family was strict with me, my teachers had high expectations of me, and I've made some choices that would've ruined my life. But you were always there to make things better.

"Going into this marriage, I'm confident, because I know that you're going to always be there, and no matter how serious life gets, you are the one person I can be completely stupid with.

"I agree to be your husband, in sickness or in health, on battlefields, in the hospital, or at the ramen stand, as long as we both shall live."

The two exchanged rings following that, and the crowd went into applause the moment Sakura received her first kiss with Sasuke as a married couple. Of course, Sasuke hurriedly left the alter before he sneezed on his new wife again, and the bridesmaids and groomsmen quickly took down the floral decorations as a request from Sakura who didn't want to be sneezed on again.

That night, Sakura shared her first dance with him, who was a surprisingly better dancer than she was.

Of course, Naruto and a bunch of others had a dance routine ready in which someone dressed in a ramen-cup costume came in to dance in the center of the dance floor and Kakashi took Sasuke aside to share bedroom secrets, which the Uchiha promptly decided he didn't need to hear.

The other Uchiha, however, stepped to the corner of the room where her grandmother stood. She smiled sweetly at the older woman. "You're not into loud music?" She asked.

Sakura's grandmother's rouge lips curved upwards slightly. "It's fine."

The pink haired woman laughed. "I just want to say: thanks." She turned to face the older Haruno, grabbing hold of both of the woman's fragile hands. "If it weren't for you, I probably wouldn't have ever imagined a life like this."

Embarrassed, Sakura's grandmother let go of her granddaughter's hands and said, "Your husband's waiting to dance with you again. You better go." Nevertheless, a smile appeared on her proud face, tearing up as she watched the bride step away.


"It's your mother," Sasuke held the phone out for his wife. About half a year had passed since their wedding, and it seemed that he was visiting his in-laws more often than he was training, despite them living in a whole separate village.

At first, he thought it was just him: unaccustomed to family outings and such, but studying the look plastered on Sakura's face lately, he knew that she was just as annoyed at her constant interruptions of her new life.

"Hi, mom," Sakura said, pinching the device between the side of her head and shoulders; she was washing the mountain of dishes because of Sasuke's failed attempts to cook. "No, nothing has changed since the last time you called...this morning. Um," the woman turned the tap off and raised her voice so that Sasuke would hear, "Auntie and uncle are asking when we're visiting again? Grandma too?"

She momentarily pulled the phone away from her ear and mouthed words to Sasuke: What do I say?

Sasuke's eyes widened and he dropped the papers in his hands. He quickly head over to Sakura and whispered, "Tell her we have missions."

The kunoichi placed the phone back onto her ear again. "Can't mom, Sasuke and I have missions. Uh huh...yeah...Oh, so you've talked to Tsunade already? She gave us the day off?" Her voice was filled with false excitement as she looked back at Sasuke again.

What do I say? She mouthed, only to hear him say: "Lie".

Through the pause, the couple tried to come up with excuses, by means of whispering them to one another. After they heard her mom's questioning voice, Sakura finally took in a deep breath and said the first thing that she could think of.

"I can't travel mom. I'm pregnant."

"What?" Sasuke exclaimed (in a whispering manner). "You can't lie about that!" He could hear the screams on the other side of the phone, followed by a series of congratulations from the rest of the in-laws.

"Don't pack, Sakura. Your grandmother, aunt, uncle, cousin, your father and I will come right away to visit! We can't wait to see the new edition to the family!" The voice sang before a click was heard.

The nervous girl slowly placed the phone down before she turned to face her frustrated husband. "Um...So, Sasuke-kun, you don't think we could fake a pregnancy, do you?"

The man stood in silence for a while, lost in his thoughts. His dark hair hovered over his eyes and his stance was still. Finally, his head shot up, leaned in towards his wife with his signature smirk. "You know, it doesn't have to be fake."



It may've been fake at first, but this is real now.

I'm excited to see how our story turns out.

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