Epilogue- A glimpse of sunrise

It would still plague him some nights, when the rain pounded constantly and the sky broke apart with bright flashes. There were moment, in the most familiar and well lit places that Roy would still feel the apprehension and prickling fear that the spectrum would always create on entrance. He would wake occasionally to be haunted by a shadow in the corner, and would occasionally wonder if everything that had come before was a strange dream.

But of course, none of it was. Life continued in the same way that it always had before that night. His mind played tricks on him, making him feel that he was being followed or haunted. The rain was just the rain, nothing more than an omen of bad weather and usually a hefty day of work. Shadows were just shadows, nothing more.

But there was something distinctively different about the daylight that shone through his windows in the morning. He had tried to describe it, tried to identify what it was, but his words were not sufficient enough to explain. The small sliver of sunlight that emerged in the break of dawn dispelled the darkness far easier than any light form man could create. It sliced open the shadows, reflected off her golden hair and warmed his cold skin. It was beautiful.

And the sun would always rise. That small beam would always appear, even if he was not awake to see it.

No matter how thick the darkness had been during the night, the light would always illuminate it come morning. And, in the eyes of Roy Mustang, that was a piece of knowledge that was irreplaceable.

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