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Badabing Badaboom


I never really understood why my parents freaked out. Why they followed me everywhere, or sent my three older brothers along with me. Was it because I'm the baby of the family? The only daughter? Maybe that was my father's reason. He claimed it was because he knew what it was like to be followed around by the papparazzi twenty-four-seven. He had been an IGPX pilot racing in the IG-1, after all.

But this was different. I knew it was. Ever since my father took me to work one day when I was four and I had crawled into a simulator and turned it on while I was pressing every button at the same time. He never took me back again, never told me what I had scored on the simulator, always told me that I would have to wait a while until things were sorted out with my brothers. Which meant I'd have to wait to become a pilot until my brothers decided what they were going to do with their lives and until they got their jobs.

It was obvious that he was secretly hoping that one of my brothers wanted to be a pilot, and that I would wind up being something else.

Fat chance.

My mother was always quiet about it. I would ask her about it when Dad wasn't around; he would get upset. She would never tell me. She was an IG-1 pilot, too, and she said that I was different and special and unique and that I was going to have to wait until I was older.


At least, everything they told me was bullshit until Khristoph, Aberie, and Volker 'kidnapped' me in the middle of the night and took me to Khristoph's room, where they explained everything, having been tired of hearing Dad complain and Mom mope about Dad's complaining.

"You can't tell them we told you. Act like you figured it out on your own." Aberie had said, dead serious.

I nodded my head and agreed.

I was seven when they told me. Khristoph was fourteen, the oldest and most observant. So he had most of the story down. Aberie was twelve and the most obnoxious. He probably bugged Mom and Dad for news. And Volker was eleven, but he got news of things fastest, so he would usually relay whatever he heard to Khristoph. I knew that they weren't coming up with some crap. Especially since they mentioned Grandpa.

Grandpa was Dad's father. He was a widower; had been since he was twenty-four. Dad's mother died in a racing accident. Grandpa owned the biggest sponsor company in the history of IGPX. This led him to be quite rich. And he was young, too. My father had been born when Grandpa was seventeen, due to his love for my grandmother in highschool. Danniel Drescher was honest and wouldn't come up with things about his son or his grandchildren.

"Khira, you were born a great pilot." Khristoph began slowly.

"But I'm not a pilot."

"Not yet at least." Aberie commented.

Khristoph hushed him. "When you accidentally got into that simulator that one day, your score was like, the highest ever seen by anybody. How was Dad not going to worry that his only daughter would become a racing legend and might get hurt? The media can do some nasty stuff, you know."

He had been talking to me as if I understood it all at age seven. I had just obediently nodded, not fully comprehending it all until three years later, when I was the forward for a rising all-star team in the German IG-1 league at age ten.

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