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Badabing Badaboom

Chapter 3;Jealous, much? Problem, yes.

One two three four five six seven eight nine ten. One two three four five six seven eight nine ten.

Counting to ten was the only possible way I was going to calm down. But that wasn't working too well. My mech was already stationed at the start, Tate and Nakoda's behind me. We were still waiting for the countdown to begin.

And the minutes dragged. Maybe because the first race of the season, we would be racing Team VELSHTEIN. Vel-fucking-shtein. How the newbies get paired up with the best team out there, I have no idea. Tate was excited because he claimed that Jan Michel, the midfielder, was cocky and arrogant and was going to be too busy looking at his reflection in the mirror to even race.

If he was the best midfielder in the IGPX industry, I don't think he'd do that.

Nakoda wanted to get a piece of Cunningham. No, he wanted to take Cunningham down from his 'fucking high horse'. Or at least, that's how he put it. I had told him no I don't know how many times. He would get Dew, and I would take Cunningham. I felt I had that privilege, being Captain and forward and all that jazz. But Nakoda kept insisting. It wasn't until right before we suited up that he decided to let me get Cunningham.

I looked up, distracted by my thoughts as I heard the familiar ping-ping noise of the countdown starting. It was already at five! Wow, I must have spaced out a while...

"Here it comes! Get ready, guys!" Nakoda said enthusiastically.

Tate agreed, and then the huge green GO! popped up onto the screen, and we shot off like bullets. Velshtein was in the lead, of course, but I made sure to keep on their heels. Tate and Nakoda circled protectively around my mech. We had practiced different formations, and had code words for them. I didn't see what the point of that was, but whatever. Professor Krafft could do his own thing coaching.

I could see Cunningham trying to keep a close proximity with my team, and I had no idea why. So he could beat us quicker instead of waiting for us to advance? I wasn't sure, but I did have an idea of what we were going to do.

"Guys, once we hit the second lap, switch quickly and get into formation 'Lone Alpha' while you're switching your mech from speed mode." I mentally flinched at the stupid name the formation had.

I heard Nakoda snort. "Why? So you and Cunningham can slow dance together while Tate and I take Jan and Dew down? Or so you two can bond?"

"Nakoda, chill. Good call, Khira. We won't let them help the Ghost out." Tate replied, using a firm tone when he reprimanded Nakoda.

I sighed. So the defender was jealous. This was not going to go down well during the race, and I knew it. See, during formation 'Lone Alpha', the forward (me) would go separate the forward of the opposing team (Cunningham) from his teammates (Jan and Dew), and would take him on one-on-one about four hundred metres up, away from where my teammates (Tate and Nakoda) would be circling the other team and not letting them break from the circle, fighting them at the same time.

"Listen, Nakoda, I do NOT want you to come after me. There is nothing between me and Cunningham except the finish line, and I'm going to be the one coming out ahead, but only if YOU LET ME. So drop the jealous act, and focus!" I practically yelled at him.

I heard Tate chuckle, and Nakoda make a noise that sounded like a frustrated growl.

"I am so not jealous of that stuck-up pretty boy! He can go win as many races as he wants, but I won't care!"

So Nakoda was going to deny his feelings.

"I know you don't care about him! I'm pretty sure you care about me, which is why you get all mad when any random male comes within a mile of me! You even get mad at my brothers!"

And it was true. Lately, Nakoda had been getting mad at my brothers for talking to me, and while their new house is getting remodeled, they come and stay with my parents and myself. But Nakoda throws fits at them, saying they should go stay in a hotel or a cardboard box (THAT was a tantrum for the record books). Dad got really mad at him for that, and argued with him about talking bullshit to his sons or whatever. I was worried about how we would fare racing, and even now I could see that this race wasn't going to be our greatest.

"Alright, I'll chill." Nakoda finally said after a long pause. Tate fake cheered, and Nakoda's mech veered close to the midfielder's.

I sighed, getting angry. "Cut the crap, guys. The second lap is up ahead. Get ready with the formation."

As we crossed into the second lap, our mechs changed from speed mode into fight mode efficiently and hastily. We sped ahead, sparks flying from beneath our mechs like shooting stars during a meteor shower. Before they knew it, we had Team Velshtein surrounded. Tate and Nakoda were circling Jan and Dew, and each time one of the two tried to escape, either of them would pound them back into place. I stood facing Cunningham in a fighting stance, and he was doing the same.

All of a sudden, his mech was on it's back and skidding back. He crashed into Nakoda and Dew's mechs, and mine went spinning off to the side. The sound of metal on the track made a horrible screeching noise, a noise I never knew the track could make, and I knew: the impact had been BAD.

I just remembered Cunningham's mech lunging at mine, mine going for his, and then the rest was clear. Had I just sent the Ghost tumbling off his throne?

A brilliant emerald flash answered me. My mech was still skidding around, but from the corner of my eye I caught a mushroom cloud over my teammates. The Velshtein mechs were all racing towards me.

I was in deep shit now. Piss one off, you get the others pissed too, I guess was how the Velshtein boys worked. I managed to gain control of the two tons of metal I was in and I faced the three of them. We zoomed along on the track, sheets of rain coming down now as if someone had flipped a switch in the clouds. I could see Tate and Nakoda's mechs, ruined in the distance, sizzling like cold, raw meat thrown on a grill.

The Indoraga Mano. It truly was an Ace up the Sleeve. I guessed Cunningham had used it when he was by Nakoda and Tate, and Jan and Dew did the same...

BOOM! Three sets of iron fists pounded my mech. My daydreaming and speculating was going to get me anywhere but the finish line. I regained my wits and fought back, throwing punches blindly and hoping they hit. Our mechs had no special attacks yet, and I was without my teammates to do some co-op work. How was I going to get out of this without coming in last?

"Come on, Khira! They took us by surprise, but not you! If you can knock Cunningham flat on his ass once, you can sure as hell do it again!" Tate encouraged me.

Nakoda laughed, adding,"Yeah! Show those royal jerks who the real king, er, queen of the track is!"

I smiled to myself in spite of being thrashed around. Here were those two who had just been practically murdered, and they were showing support for their captain, who had let them down after not studying her facts.

I didn't want to disappoint my fans, my parents, my brothers, Professor Krafft, Tate, or, Nakoda. So I revved my mech, and spun around like a top as fast as I could go, hitting Cunningham, Jan, and Dew out of the way. I escaped their trap, managing to gain some distance between us. This was the last quarter of the third lap, I realized. I'd had too much fun fighting!

My mech raced into speed mode and I took off at a sprint capable of making the non-existent IGPX Olympics. Cunningham had seen through my plan, though, and he was off, only a breath ahead of me. Jan and Dew were on my heels, gaining a little every second.

But I pulled through and managed to finish second. My team lost, but I earned big cheers from the crowd, a high-five from Taitt, and a gigantic hug from Nakoda.

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