Chapter 33

The fans all stood up. Jake had promised to explode in the War Games now they had to wonder if the explosion would send Kurt crashing to the ground below. "No, don't," Kurt pleads. Jake answers with one punch right in the jaw. Kurt goes down and feel the chain link bend under his weight. It was than Kurt remembered the images of Mick Foley falling off the Hell in the Cell. Jake pounced on Kurt and started punching him.

Kurt tries to cover up but is only having minor success. The two men fight to there feet as Jake is announced as the next member of his team now the two min period Kurt was suppose to be had expired. Kurt double Kurt over and looks like he is going for the Death Valley Driver but Kurt uses the momentum and winds up behind Jake instead and hit's the Olympic Slam. Jake hits and the top of the cage gives way. "Oh no," Don West yells.

Kurt waits to hear the thud but it never comes he turns around and sees Jake has somehow managed to grab onto edge of the hole and is now hanging by left hand. Jake is about to grab on with the other hand but Kurt pus his foot on Jake's left hand and starts to grind Jake's fingers. Jake lets go and drops to the ground. Kurt climbs down. "Leave him he is mine," Kurt yells to his teammates. Kurt use the door to enter the cage. The main event mafia had once again taken control in the ring. Kurt turns back to Bret. "Hey Bret you are wrong. It's me Kurt Angle that is the best there is there best there was and the best there ever will be," Kurt say unknowing earning strike three. Kurt slowly makes way over to Jake.

But than to his utter and complete shock Jake stood up. The entire main event mafia stooped what they were doing. Jake looked right at Kurt and mouthed, "now you pay." Jake charged at Kurt. Kurt turned to run but Hart swung the door right into his face stunning him. Kurt walks right into Jake who gives him the over head belly to belly. Joe is up and locks Abyss in the clutch. Jake gives Angle the pile driver. "Five four three two one… The Icon Sting."

Sting wasted no time and entered the ring and went right after Jake. Jake side stepped him and Sting walked right into a double drop kick by AJ and Jeff. Jake slumps to the ground what ever force he was running on giving way. AJ seemed catch a second breath. Nash had broken up Joe's hold on Abyss but AJ had taken him down with a cross body. Booker and Jeff were fighting it out as Sting got up and went after Joe while Abyss had been choked out but the match could be won until Morgan had entered the ring.

Kurt started to get up and seeing that drove Jake to stand. The two men exchanged blows. Each having the same idea they went for haymaker punches and connected at that same time. They came back again but Jake managed to lock Kurt in a cravot and turned that in to cravot buster.

"Five four three two one… The Blue Print Matt Morgan let the match beyond begin. Survive or Surrender!" Morgan rushed the ring and went right after his former partner Abyss and hits the Carbon footprint. Nash gets one of his own. But no one sees Booker reaching into his tights. Matt set Abyss up for hellavator. But booker has a pair has powder and blinds Morgan.

Morgan goes after Booker but catches Jeff instead. "Matt here," Jake yells as he pulls off his t-shirt and some how hands it to Morgan hoping the big man can some how clear his eyes but he won't get the chance Morgan as Sting hit's the scorpion death drop. "This can't go on to much longer. The ref may have to call it I don't know if the TNA originals can keep going," Mike says.

"I don't care if this cheating I am not losing," Jeff thought as he untied his boot unseen by anyone and pulled out three chains. He managed to through one to AJ and one to Jake. Moving like one the three men stood and started punching. One by one the main event mafia fell except for Kurt who had already been down. Now he stood behind the ropes right in front of the door. "Kill shot" Jake thinks as he charges and spears Kurt the door gives way and both men crash to the floor below.

"TNA! TNA!" The fans chant. Morgan is finally able to see and he grabs Nash and hit's the hellavotor while AJ is some how able to give Booker the Styles Clash. Sting is up but not for long as Jarrett hit's the stroke and than pulls him to the middle of the ring. "This ends now," Jeff yells as he locks in the figure four. Sting can't fight out and gives up.

"They did it! The TNA Originals Have WON!" Mike yells. "What a match! What a Moment!" Don yells. "The winners of the War Games, Jeff Jarrett, AJ Styles, Samoa Joe, Jake Reed, and Matt Morgan!" JB announces. Some how Jake is able stand up. Traci has come out to check on him. "Jake talk to me," she says with a great deal of concern. "I need a doctor," Jake says in pain.


"AHHHHHH!" Snap! Those two sounds were heard as the trainer shoved Jake's shoulder back into it's socket. "This is the best I can do. You really should get to the hospital," the trainer says. "Traci did you bring the punch card? One more and I get a free cup of coffee," Jake jokes. Traci doesn't say anything.

Jake turns to the trainer. "Could you give us a few minutes alone?" The trainer leaves. Even though it caused him pain Jake gets up and walks over to her and sees a few tears falling from her eyes. "Traci what's wrong," Jake asks. "It just hit me that at long last we can just be happy for a little while," Traci says. "A little while. Traci I intend to make you happy for the rest of my life," Jake says as they kiss.