"There! It must be there!" André grinned like a young boy as he pointed at the island.

"Finally!" Jack exclaimed. "All right, André, with me."

"Jack?" Jack winced as he turned to look at James. "What about me?"

"It could be dangerous, love. The Kraken…"

"Hasn't attacked yet. I want to help you, Jack."

Jack sighed before nodding, and the three were joined by Pintel and Ragetti as they rowed out to the island. Jack and André kept getting caught staring at James, something they found they did a little too often. They were both intensely curious as to what was going on in James' head—and James refused to tell them. Both had no idea who James was planning on going with after finding the chest and if he would chose to go with either of them at all.

"Guard the boat, mind the tide…don't touch my dirt," Jack told Pintel and Ragetti. André did not bother asking about the jar of dirt Jack carried with him.

André followed where the compass was pointing him, although now it was beginning to falter. He was no longer certain of exactly what he wanted, and it was difficult to concentrate on anything else with James right there…

André stopped when it turned to point at James. He sighed and shook the compass before turning around and realizing that James was standing to the left of where the arrow was pointing. André took a few steps forward, and the compass turned to point behind him again. He turned back around and looked at the ground.

"I think…I think it's here."

Jack pushed a shovel into his hands. "Then dig!"

"Jack," James said warningly, taking his own shovel and starting to dig. André smiled appreciatively.

Jack sat back, allowing the two to dig and watching James lifting that sand out of the way—and the view of James' backside was not bad either—and waited.

A few minutes later, he heard a dull thud. We've got it.

Only moments after they had unearthed the chest, Pintel and Ragetti came running up behind them, flailing their arms and yelling incoherently. But although the two pirates were having difficulty conveying what was causing their panic, Jack got the general gist.

The Flying Dutchman had arrived.

Jack grabbed the chest and they all took off running. Ideally Jack would have brought the chest and it's contents back onto the Black Pearl before the Dutchman caught up with them, but at the moment that was not really an option.

"Oh my God," André said under his breath as they ran.

Jack looked back to see the members of Davy Jones' crew coming out of the water and onto the beach, their bodies covered in seaweed and encrusted with reefs.

"That's just…"

"Worse than the skeletal pirates?" James finished. André said nothing, his eyes full of fear.

Jack glanced back again and saw that the creatures were chasing them. "Bugger!" Jack swore, annoyed that they had been seen. "Run!"

"Where're we goin'?" Pintel asked, gasping for breath as they sped up.

"Away from here," Jack responded as they entered the jungle on the island. "Hopefully we can lose them."

"You never told me about monsters also coming after the chest," André hissed at James.

"They're not exactly after the chest…well, they weren't…" James started to explain, but Jack silenced him with a look.

"It doesn't matter much now. What matters is us getting out of here alive."

An axe suddenly collided with a nearby tree, and the group noticed, with horror, that the creatures were closing in on them. "Come on! Run!" James shouted.

Jack carefully avoided the tree roots and vines that seemed intent on tripping him up, suddenly realizing that André was no longer with them. Jack paused and turned around, his mouth dropping open as he realized that André was on the ground, a knife of some sort lodged in his shoulder. His shirt was covered in blood and he was struggling to stand.

"Come on, you can make it, André!" Jack called back. He was about to start running again, leaving the wounded André behind, when James suddenly started heading back toward André.

"Jamie!" Jack exclaimed. "No! It's too dangerous—get back here! That's an order!" But James ran to André's side, not daring to remove the blade in his friend's back as he helped him to his feet. "Jamie!" Jack shouted, fear overcoming him as the creatures caught up to the two of them.

James drew his sword and fought off the nearest creature before grabbing André by the hand and pulling him along behind him as he ran back toward Jack. André stumbled again, and James again fell back to help the wounded man up.

"Leave me!" André said through clenched teeth. "Please, James, go!"

But James was not listening. Damn it! "Jamie, come on!"

"I'm not leaving you," Jack heard James tell André.

James turned to face the creatures again, their numbers far too great for him to handle. Jack looked down at the chest in his hands and then back up to where James was miraculously holding off nearly a dozen of Davy Jones' crew single-handedly. But Jack knew that could not last for long.

"You two, get this back to the Pearl. Your lives depend on it," Jack said, shoving the chest into Pintel and Ragetti's hands. "Run!" Jack drew his cutlass as he ran to join James in his battle. As he came up beside him, Jack said, "James, are you mad?"

"I think you influenced me," James said with a charming grin.

"No, no," Jack said as he deflected a blade from an oncoming creature. "If I had, you would not be here right now."

"Then I think I influenced you."

"Don't sound too smug," Jack growled. "You're going to get us both killed."

"Help André up and get out of here. I can hold them off."

Jack froze and gaped at James. James grunted in pain as a member of Davy Jones' crew hit his leg with a jagged weapon. Ignoring the fresh wound, James continued fighting. "I can't hold them off forever, Jack—take André and go."

"You two stop being heroic and leave me behind!" André said in response.

"I'm not leaving without you, Jamie. You take André and run—that's an order."

"No, Captain. Help André, and I'll follow. I'll be right behind you."

Without considering that James could be lying, Jack ran to André and offered him support so he could move. The two ran away from the fight behind them, and it was not until they were a good distance away that Jack realized that the sounds of the fight were now distant.

Jack and André turned around to see James right were they had left him, sword flashing furiously as he held the monsters back. The two stood, arms around each other for support, as they watched James fighting an impossible battle to give them time to escape. Jack both wanted to keep running away, not wanting to waste the time James was risking his life to give them. But he could not leave Jamie behind.

"Get out of there, Jamie," Jack breathed.

André could say nothing as his chocolate-brown eyes widened in terror.

Jack took an instinctive step forward as he saw the end of a blade protruding from James' back. "James!" André shouted before Jack could get his hand over his mouth so he did not give away their position.

James killed the creature that had stabbed him, stumbling backwards briefly as he clutched at his wound. But he leapt right back into action as though he had not just received a wound that could kill him. Jack felt something wet on his hand, and he realized he was still covering André's mouth, and that the wetness he felt was from tears that were pouring from André's eyes.

Jack and André gasped when James cried out in pain as an axe cut down into his shoulder and a heavy chain impacted his leg. He fell to his knees, desperately trying to keep his balance.

James suddenly looked back behind him, and his eyes found Jack and André. André let out a strangled sob. The moment felt like an eternity as the three stared at each other unblinkingly. And then James did the unthinkable—he smiled that bloody perfect smile of his. Both still frozen in dread, Jack and André continued watching him as he turned back towards his enemy and got to his feet.

"I can't believe it…" André muttered as he watched James forcing himself to keep fighting.

Jack swallowed hard. "We need to run. We can escape."

"We can't leave him," André said through his tears.

"Then he'll be doing this for nothing," Jack said quietly. "We have to get away while we can."

Jack glanced back as they went deeper into the forest, just in time to see one of those damn creatures running James through the heart. And he felt a stabbing pain in his own heart as he saw James fall slowly to the ground. Jack blinked away tears and bit his lip to keep from crying out as he continued helping André along, trying not to think of James' gorgeous jade eyes without the spark of life.

Back aboard the Black Pearl, Jack did not answer Mr. Gibbs when he asked about James. André was still proclaiming, even as his own wound was cleaned, that James could be alive and was only wounded, and that they needed to go back and save him. But Jack had seen the final blow—James could not survive it. However, leaving James' body in on the island seemed so wrong. Jack bit back his tears; he could do nothing. James was gone.

"Davy Jones won't attack the ship if he realizes that his chest is aboard," Jack considered. "But we can't. We were all nearly killed on that island—."

"We got away because of him! He saved us!" André exclaimed. "We have to go back! We have to rescue him!" André's eyes caught Jack's, and his expression darkened as he realized what Jack already knew. "No…" André breathed, shaking his head. "He can't…we can still help him…"

Still intent on rescuing Jamie…

Blinking away his own tears, Captain Jack wrapped his arms around André, holding him close as André cried into his chest.