A shiver ran down Edward's body at the feel of Jasper's heavy breathing ghosting over his neck as the older vampire's head dipped to lightly brush his lips over the his collarbone. Cold skin was pressed against cold skin, legs entangled, chest flush against chest, one of Jasper's hands skimming down the Edward's body as their lips met in another heated kiss that left both of them almost breathless.

This was goodbye. Jasper knew. Problem was, no matter how hard he tried, he couldn't bring himself to even think about his departure so that Edward might have a hunch that this was going to be their last time together like this.

Jasper's eyes remained fixed on Edward's as he enjoyed the feel of the younger vampire's body beneath his, their hips grinding together slowly, deliberately, as if they had all the time in the world.

He had to close his eyes when a low groan escaped Edward's throat, savouring the sound, memorizing it together with his scent, the feeling of his skin, everything about him.

Their lips met in a soft kiss, unusually soft by their standards, lingering, gentle, everything that made Jasper realise just how fragile this moment was. He knew it would only take one moment of letting his feelings go, of breaking down his carefully-guarded walls and Edward would know.

But Jasper didn't. Instead he revelled in the closeness, the trust Edward offered without a shadow of a doubt, even going as far as exposing his throat to Jasper who couldn't resist to nibble the ice-white skin lightly, tongue darting out to lick over the little crescent-shaped mark he'd left there a few weeks ago as their bodies rocked together perfectly.

Their breath mingled when their lips rested only inches apart from each other, amber eyes boring into slightly darker ones.

"Jazz, are you okay?" Edward's breathy whisper almost broke Jasper's resolve but he simply gave a nod before closing the distance between them again, mouths meeting in a short yet intense kiss. "I'm fine. I'll never forget this."

I'm fine. I'm gonna be fine. Never forget.

Edward stopped to listen in on Jasper's thought again, enjoying their closeness instead. He couldn't tell exactly what it was but something wasn't right. Still, he didn't say anything, letting Jasper's caresses wash over him. The only thing he did know was that this seemed to be Jasper's twisted way of saying goodbye.

And if this should be the last time they would be together he wasn't going to spoil it by asking questions. Not if the older vampire was going to leave. Not if he had to give up on the affectionate relationship they had formed. He couldn't bring himself to ask about Jasper's intentions when they were like this. If this was the last memory they would make together than he couldn't possibly spoil it. Ever. No matter how much it hurt.