Chapter 1- An Interesting Proposition

Has anyone watched 'Four Brothers' then to see 'The Happening' because Mark Wahlberg was in it or you thought it looked cool? Then compared the acting in both movies? I have. So I had an idea. Elliott Moore, teacher in 'The Happening', meet Bobby Mercer, oldest of the four brothers!!

Watch out- predicted slash and scenes of a sexual nature! If you don't like it, simply don't read it!

"Okay folks, we've discussed the disappearance of the bumblebees. Anything to add or any questions before you go? No?" Elliot asked, looking around at his bored students in dismay. Several yawned, their eyes flicking to the clock. The loud RING of the bell made them jump. They grabbed bags and books, rushing out of the door in a flurry. Elliot sighed, turning to the blackboard to wipe off today's work. He picked up his bag and keys, and walked out to his car, flipping through a pile of homework.

The snow crunched under his smart shoes. He turned to his small banged-up red car. And stopped. Someone was sitting on the bonnet. The man wore a heavy leather jacket and faded jeans, his brown hair slicked back and a gun holster just visible in sight. Elliot gulped. The man turned to him and jumped off the bonnet, walking over quickly.

"You Elliot Moore?" he asked, with an accent Elliott recognised as Detroit.

"Yes, I am. And you would be?"

"Bobby Mercer. You're a science teacher, right? I heard that you've got some interesting theories."

Elliot nodded, glancing at his car anxiously.

"The news is, there's something going on in New York. Something happening. People just die, thousands of them, all suicides. It might spread to Detroit. I've just buried my mother. I won't bury my brothers too. So. I'm askin' you for your opinion. Call it a proposition, if you want."

Elliot frowned. "You came all the way from Detroit? Why me? Ask a professional."

"No. Nobody understands it. I heard about your bumblebee theory. You know what you're talkin' about. Are you gonna help me or should I force you?" Bobby said calmly, patting his gun holster.

Elliot bit his lip. He unlocked his car and carefully placed his bag inside. He straightened his tie.

"My family, my friends-"

"You can call them later. Let's go."

Hesitantly, Elliot got in and started the ignition. "Drive to Detroit?"

"Are you kidding? No, just drive to the train station and catch a train, dumb-ass."

They drove along in silence. Bobby paid for train tickets. Surprisingly, they were the last ones. Every other ticket was sold out. A crowd stood around a large t.v screen. A serious-looking newswoman was on.

"…Apparently, the incident started in New York City, in Central Park. There have been no communications from the sight for several hours. One report says that it began with a large number of suicides, before being cut off. No word of yet on this shocking news. This may be another terrorist attack, but it is not confirmed of yet…"

Bobby looked at Elliot's horrified face.

"What do you make of that?"