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Switch Beat!

Chapter 1 - My other side

Kyoko was tired. Today was to stressful for her. She just floated past Boss and Okami-san and went into her room. Of course they were worried, so Okami-san decided to cook her something to raise her spirits. She knocked on the door, and then heard a groan. She took it as "Come in!" and walked into room.

"Kyoko, I have something for you. Are you hungry?" Okami-san said putting the food down on Kyoko's table and kneeling across from her.

"If only I had energy to chew..." Kyoko said, putting her head in her arms.

"What happened today Kyoko?"

"I was overworked!! My partner, who obviously wanted to look cute, kept messing up!! The scene had a running scene in it, which was o.k... But not anymore when you have to repeat it 33 times!

How the heck do you get NG'd when you're just running?! Then Tsuruga-san pops out of nowhere and gives me this 'You can do it!' smile! I want to see him run around a baseball field 33 times! And--"

"K-Kyoko! Your tiring yourself!! Calm down...You don't have to work today. Just rest. Oh, I got a letter for you today. I'll see you when you're better." Okami said, leaving the room. Kyoko stared curiously at the letter. All her friends are here in Tokyo, so it's rare she would receive a letter. She opened it and 10000 yen note fell out. Her eyes opened wide and she immediately unfolded the letter. It letter said:

My dearest Kyoko,

Kyoko, we saw your commercial. We were surprised you were still in Japan and we never knew! Because of mom, you probably don't know me, but I'm your sister Tomoko. It took forever to get your address, and I still don't know if this is the right place, but me and dad are hoping. Take the money and come visit us! Oh, I really hope this is the right place… giving strangers' money and our address… If you are not Kyoko Mogami, DON'T COME!! Dad and I are waiting for your reply! Dad's been waiting for 17 years! Please just come!

From your loving little sister,

Tomoko Ginka

Kyoko stared at the note. Hate flowed through her veins and into her heart. She sat still, not making a move. If she even flinched right now, she'd be taking the next train to Kyoto with a pole in her hand. How could her mom do this to her? All she really wanted in life was a happy family, and now she knows her mom took her away from the one she already had. A tear involuntarily slid down her cheek, making Kyoko hurt in a place that she vowed would never hurt again. She stood up, grabbed her handbag, and letter and zoomed past Okami-san and Boss. It was raining outside, but Kyoko didn't care. She was running to meet her new family. The ones who loved her for 17 years. She was running towards "Ginka" and leaving behind "Mogami".

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