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Switch Beat!

Chapter 14- Wait...NO!

Kyoko knew this wasn't a good time, but what she knew and what she cared about were two different things. She looked at her sister, who was shivering under Ren's interrogative stare, and smiled.

"Tomoko, it's past a month." Kyoko said, standing up.

"No! You don't mean............" Tomoko said, her face full of sorrow.

"I will visit. Ha-ha. Me and dad had a wonderful time." Kyoko's small chuckle was not happy at all.

"Bo...Who are you exactly....." Ren asked, totally confused.

Kyoko removed Bo's head. There was no sound on set.

"Tomoko, I love you. And this has been fun, but I felt like I was lying to everyone. No. I was lying to everyone. Sempai, I'm sorry. I can't face you anymore. With this costume, I felt like I was getting closer to you, and I realized that really was what I wanted to do. But also with this costume, I found out that spot I wanted in your heart is occupied. And I can't... I.." When Kyoko felt that warm tear streak her face, she snapped. Kyoko ran out of the studio as fast as she could.

For some reason, Ren could not follow. He stood there, watching the girl he loves run for her life. In a chicken suit. Kanae and Sho walked in, and Ren smiled at Kanae.

"I failed you Kotonami-san." He said. Kanae could have won the best confused face award.

"How exactly...did you 'fail' me?" she finally replied.

"She said it first. She gets to tell the story at the wedding."


7 weeks later

"Kyoko. you have completed your training in record time! I expected that from you." Ms. Fuwa said grabbing both of Kyoko's hands.

"I am happy to have partake of this wonderful training session." Kyoko said, smiling.

"Remember, your ceremony to be next successor will be on Saturday. Take care of yourself. You have 4 days to prepare. good luck."

"Thank you very much Fuwa-sama." Kyoko said, bowing then walking away.

Kyoko got used to wearing heavy kimonos, using polite Japanese and reading old Japanese traditional poems for enjoyment in those 7 weeks. She ditched her old life and decided to settle now before she gets hurt again. She knew no one would be able to find her here. Kyoko considered her almost new role as successor as being a princess. Queen of her own inn.

She wasn't completely alone. She made friends with one of the employees, Hayato Umito. Kyoko shared her Tokyo stories with him, and he shared his Kyoto high school stories with her. After that, the two was hardly away from each other. Kyoko was on her way to his station, but she heard him talking the office and decided to wait for him to come out. She sat in front the door, and could faintly hear their conversation.

"It has been decided. Are you sure you want her? This is your last chance to make up your mind." Ms. Fuwa said, in a serious tone.

"She is like you said. Her skills are excellent. I will take my leave." Hayato said, getting up.

"Very well Umito-sama."

Hayato opened the door to see Kyoko smiling at him. He smiled back.

"Why is Ms. Fuwa so formal with you? And who is excellent?" Kyoko asked.

"Kyoko, this is something I can't discuss. I'm sorry." Hayato said, patting her on the head.

"I know! it's the lunch lady!!! you like her and her beef stew, eh? Not a bad choice!"

"Kyoko..She's like...60."

"60 years of being Hayato's type! Rawr!"

Hayato laughed, and Kyoko joined him. If only things could stay like this....

Friday night, Kyoko couldn't sleep. She was too busy thinking about the life she decided to leave forever after the ceremony. Her friends, her job, Her enemy, She had seal everything properly. She got out her cell and wrote:

Dear Tokyo people,

I really miss you, but I can't go back now. I'm going to be a queen tomorrow. Something I always wanted to become. I am living a peaceful life in Shoutarou's real home, where I would become the inn's successor. I hope no one would worry about me, because I found a place for just for me. No one can be replaced, because you all left something from yourselves in me, when I felt I was an empty shell. I wanted to give you all a proper farewell, because its the little I can do to thank you for all the joy you brought me.

love, Kyoko Ginka

Kyoko sent it to everyone in her phone book, laid her head on her pillow and instantly fell asleep. It felt as if her life was settled and she can sleep soundly now. Unfortunately for her, what she felt was al lot different from reality.


President Takarada chuckled at the message he recieved.

"I bet that girl never read her contract. Then she would have known to ditch the cell phone." He said.

It was quiet for a moment, then Ren and President started to crack up.

"if you hadn't bugged that cell phone, i'd probably be extremely broken by now .I feel kind of bad...messing up her getaway plan." Ren said, looking at the GPS system of the limo they were riding in. They cracked up again. Sho sat far away from them, looking out the window.

"Remind me why I'm here again?" Sho said, trying to ruin the happy mood in the automobile. He didn't succeed.

"To drag out of your house. We want her back in our kingdom." President said. Again with the laughter. Sho put his head in his head with tired surrender. These two was laughing the whole trip. Not only that, but they were laughing over things that weren't funny at all.

"Let's make this fun. Let's rescue her right in the middle of the ceremony thingy. I want to see their faces! Like a Disney hero or something!" President said. Red nodded and Sho sighed.

"Whatever you want, but don't EVER bother me again." Sho said, rubbing his forehead.


Kyoko's ceremony was minutes away. She was dressed up and beautiful. She couldn't wait to close up her life. She turned to Hayato, who was avoiding looking at her. She noticed, and came over to him.

"Hayato? What's wrong? Look at me!" Kyoko said, trying to get his attention.

"NO! It's bad luck for a.....successor to be looked at by her male friends." He said, covering his teal eyes. Kyoko chuckled at him. She was about to uncover them, when Ms. Fuwa came in.

"It's time Kyoko! Come on!" Ms. fuwa said, grabbing her arm. When Kyoko left, a man walked into the room and tapped Hayato's shoulder.

"Umito-sama, Please change into these. It is like you ordered." He said, bowing to Hayato.

"Thank you very much. You may take your leave." Hayato said, while pulling a shirt off and unknotting a button that was slightly stuck to his cinnamon brown hair.


Sho never felt so annoyed in his life. This tops Mimori a 100 times more. Sitting in a bush with two of Japan's most known celebrities, watching the girl he used to love become the owner of his family business. THRILLING.

"He's still mad." Ren said, in disbelief. Sho looked at him as if he was crazy.

"You put a fudging' beetle in my shirt!! How can I not be mad at you!" Sho said, turning around again.

"You seemed...tensed. We were trying to cheer you up a bit." President said. "Besides, don't you kids like beetles?"

Sho turned around back to the scene in anger. As soon as he saw what was in front of him, his jaw dropped.

"That dress-----Is not the ceremonial be a successor. It's a.." Sho managed to mumble. President and Ren looked at him in alarm.

"What is it to then?" Ren asked, getting quite serious now.

"Marriage!" Sho breathed out. "We have to stop this NOW if you ever want to see Kyoko again!"

Ren ran towards the 'ceremony' as fast as he could.


Kyoko's eyes bugged out when she saw the man she loved running towards her.

"SEMPAI!?" Kyoko yelled from the stand.


Kyoko rolled her eyes.

"Be serious. Why are you trying to mess up my -----" Kyoko stopped her self when she saw that her love was actually right. She knew recognized the dress. She used to stare at it when she imagined her and Sho getting married together when she was younger. She gave a hurt expression to Ms. Fuwa, who was laughing extremely hard at the moment.

"I guess you found out. Aww, I was waiting for you to be hauled away to your new home to see that face!" Ms. Fuwa said, still chuckling.

".... Why?" Kyoko asked, her eyes brimming with tears.

"You actually expected me to forgive you? After you seduced my son into going to Tokyo with you? Well, your helping the inn out with our finances. The Umito electronics company will be heavily supporting us for now on. But in exchange, I sold you into marriage. Don't you feel so helpful, little whore?"

"U-Umito? No..Wait..NO! Please!" Kyoko cried, hoping with all her might, that the guy stepping onto the stand was not the good friend she's been with for 7 weeks. As soon as she stared into Hayato's face, she busted in tears.

"When I can finally see my fiancé, she busts into tears in the sight of me." Hayato said, his hurt showing on his face.

Kyoko couldn't take much of this anymore. She jumped of the stand and began to run. She felt a force pull her onto a warm safe object. She looked up and saw Ren smiling at her.

"Oh no. You won't be leaving me this time." He said, giving her a hug. Her energy was gone, so she just cried on him. He suddenly picked her up and started to run.

"WAIT!!! THIS IS AGAINST MY CONTRACT!" Hayato yelled, throwing a rock that actually hit Kyoko instead. She was now unconscious.


When Kyoko opened her eyes she saw President's friendly smile and Sho's out of character worried look. Then she saw Ren with a bit of blood on his clothes, and that made her fully awake.

"Sempai!!!! What happened!" Kyoko said, trying to get up, but slunk back down in pain. Ren chuckled.

"Its not my blood. Don't worry, and rest a bit longer." He said.

"You should have saw it! Ren turned red in anger, punched the HECK out of that dude and....." President said, enjoying the news.

"Stop, I'm not proud of it. I just snapped and made life difficult for someone." Ren said, looking


"I admit It was really cool though. He did some kind of martial arts move on that guy and snapped his neck like a pocky stick." Sho said. Kyoko chuckled and shimmied her way over to her sempai. She laid her head on his shoulder.

"Thank you." Kyoko said, with a red face.

"Kyoko, you are different from the other high school girls I know."

"And how is that?"

"You are the only one I'm in love with."


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