James' Girl

Arthur notes-I got this idea while listening to Jessie's Girl, and thought what if one of the Marauders had a crush on Lily. So I decided to write a fic about it. This is my first time writing in second person. Also I do not own Harry Potter.

You sit there in the hard pews, watching your as best friend stands by the alter marrying the love of his life. You see the smile radiationing from his face, as he exchanges his vows. You think to yourself how lucky he is to have found his true love. But still,as you sit there, a pit starts to form in your stomach as you look unto the bride. You think to yourself about how beautiful she looks is in her dress. Memories of times with the kind redhead run through your mind. Even though you never told anyone, you always had a crush on her.

Your mind then wonders back to those nights in the dormitory where James spent telling you how much he loved her. You remembered the happiness in his face when they finally got together in your seventh year. You felt happy for him. And why not, you reason, he is your best friend. The leader of your little gang. The brilliant popular Quiddich player, who of all people, befriended you .The one who proven to be entirely loyal to you by sticking with you through all of your toughest times. The one you consider to be like a brother. And as these thoughts go through your head,you start to feel guilty, you know what you are feeling is wrong. You know of the love that they share and how they are meant to be. But still as you watch the couple share their first kiss as a married couple, you can't help but wish that it was you instead.