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"Sir I have taken the liberty of inquiring the items you have requested."

Raito turned around and watched as Watari handed several large shopping bags to L. From the expression of silent suffering on L's face Raito was able to deduct that the bags must be filled with the items that would change L's normal features.

Well serves him right! If L wanted to go all gun hoe inside enemy territory then who was Raito to stop him?

'Oh nothing much, only his significant other.'

Sometimes Raito would like nothing more than to strangle the pale man. The man's habit of putting himself in danger was completely at odds with the exclusive detective of before. Raito almost missed the days when the detective was just a strange voice behind a white computer screen.

Raito could only hope that it hadn't been his influence on the man to make him this reckless. If so then Raito had no one to blame on the situation but himself.

'Well he might be more reckless but it kind of adds to his charm I guess.'

Raito stayed silent as he watched L root through the bags looking at items before either discarding them or putting them aside to try on later.

After their little argument they had both decided silently that they needed a small time out before either one of them said something that they would later regret.

So for several hours now they had both worked without talking to the other more then necessary. Well not talking to each other would be putting it mildly.

They were flat out ignoring each other.

L knew that Raito disapproved of his plan and Raito knew that L wouldn't change his plan just because he asked too.

It was a no win situation and until they found a counter-promise they didn't want to escalade things. Raito hated stalemates.

Raito turned back to his computer, in order for L's plan to be full proof Raito had started a series of journal entries and letters. Most of them were for Misa.

Because it wasn't Mikami they had to convince. No it was Misa-Misa.

Raito was pretty sure that Misa didn't remember L's real name from before. If she did then L would have already been dead.

The only problem was L's real name.

Because L's first real name was L it created more than a foreseeable problem. Though they might be able to explain it off as the detective L stealing L Lawliet's name instead of them being the same person.

L Lawliet's identity of course had to be created in a way. Their plan so far was to say that L Lawliet was a long time employee of the detective L. With L Lawliet's computer skills they could say that he was L's personal computer programmer and that's why that they haven't heard about him before.

Watari was already creating a history trail for them too. L Lawliet was a graduated of MIT in America and had worked as a troubleshooter and a illegal hacker for several off the grid companies. Most of which were false but Watari was able to create an electronic history for them as well.

It also said that L Lawliet has only worked with the detective L for 8 years. This was the basic timeline for when the name of the detective L became public.

The letters and entries that Raito were creating where to date back months, the entries were to start when Raito first got the death note in the first place, they told of when he first inquired the death note and his thoughts and emotions and actions in the course of him owning it.

While Raito was typing he tried to stay true to his actual feelings that he had truly felt at the time, so that it didn't give off a feeling of falsehood.

Which was to say that he had to once again begin to think and feel like he did when he had actually been Kira.

It left a bad taste in the back of his throat but the more he wrote the easier it became. This for obvious reasons he couldn't decide it was a good thing or a very bad thing that it was becoming easier.

The letters were something else entirely.

They were all lies, false-gross-candy floss lies.

They were all addressed to Misa.

The first one was when Raito had first meet Misa. He told her in the sickening love letter how much he loved her at first sight, how beautiful she was and how self-sacrificing she had been. He wrote down that the kiss he had given her was the most beautiful thing he had ever done. Etc. etc.

It was all so false, and disgusting, don't forget disgusting.

He created five more letters, spanning the time when they were the only two Kira's alive and how that once he'd cleaned the earth and became god of the new world she would be his goddess to rule the world with.

He began to write to her about L, about how L had began to make promises. Promises that he had begun to believe in, about how L was beginning to see that Kira was right all along, that the world was dirty, that it needed to be cleansed.

That Kira had to be the one to do it.

Then he told her about L Lawliet, or what Raito called him because he didn't know his real name of course.

Law, a name given to him by the detective L. He told Misa about how Law and him began to strike up a somewhat shaky friendship behind L's back, about how Law told him that he was secretly a fan of Kira's and how he believed what Kira was doing was right.

He also wrote to Misa telling her that Law had told him that L was lying to him about believing in Kira and had scheduled a death sentence for Raito that would be effective as soon as Misa was caught.

He wrote to Misa telling her that L didn't know that he himself knew about the detectives supposed betrayal.

He continued with complements to her for going to Mikami and creating the school and its followers.

He also her that he was sending Law to her, that he'd be a big help, that L wouldn't miss him because Raito would be distracting him, that they needed to help rescue him.

Bullshit like that.

For the rest of it L would have to bullshit his way inside if the others became suspicious. Raito only had control over Misa, not anyone else.

Also that new man…Lucian Nótt. Raito had searched on the net for information on him but nothing has popped up.

Raito couldn't figure it out, who was this man? And how was it that he'd been able to scare Ryuk that badly when Raito himself had never been able to do that?

So many questions, and very few answers.

"Ah I think I have enough to start with now!"

Raito turned his chair around as L exclaimed.

Most of the bags were laying around the ground with piles of clothing stewed all over the floor, L was standing in the middle of it all, a calm spot in a sea of chaos.

A single medium sized bag was held in his hand.

Raito's eyebrow rose as L held up the bag with over exaggerated achievement.

"Well that's good Ryu…I guess all that's left now is to put all that on."

The beaming face fell.

"…and to brush your hair."

The face fell even more.

"Also you won't be able to eat any treats while you're undercover, you'll have to eat veggies and meat, no sugar because L is notorious for his sweets."

The face couldn't have been any more darker if it tired.

"Raito dear…your about a second away from getting a kick in the face."

Raito smiled sweetly and turned his chair around to go back to working on the letters.

"I love you too sweetie. Now go dress like a normal human being."


As soon as Raito heard the door close behind him the smile that was plastered on his face disappeared as a feeling of doom and forbidding welled around him.


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