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Sesshoumaru Comes to Dinner

Kagome still could not believe who she had run into at the bar nearly three months ago. It had been her first time going to said establishment and she'd thought she'd run into the same kind of guys she ran into everywhere else; drunks just looking for a good lay. Well, it hadn't exactly worked out that way. Ten years after last seeing him and over five hundred for him, she bumped into Sesshoumaru. Literally. Turning from the bar with drink in hand, she'd run straight into him as he walked up behind her.

At first, Kagome had been terrified. Then shocked. Then excited. Then terrified, shocked, and excited all over again and all at once. Sesshoumaru had just stood there, looking down, disbelief clearly visible in his golden eyes. She'd forgotten he had no idea she was from the future. Then she'd smiled and asked how he'd been for the last five hundred years.

Surprisingly, to her at least, he did not try and kill her. He even took her back to a private table, insisting on her spending the rest of the evening with him, telling him how in the hell she was there. Once Kagome started talking, as usual, she couldn't stop and she found herself telling Sesshoumaru everything. Then, not being able to help herself, she asked what had become of everyone else on the other side of the well. She was not surprised when Sesshoumaru had little to tell her about them. He had never been big on keeping tabs with her friends.

They'd met several times after that. Usually it was for lunch or some other little outing. Sesshoumaru, she'd learned, was in business now. He wasn't surprised to learn that Kagome was a published author. Her feudal day stories ended up making great fantasy books in the modern world. Today, though, was special because the daiyoukai was coming to her home for a specially prepared dinner.

Kagome rushed around her home, making last minute checks that everything was in place. Promptly, at six-thirty, a knock sounded at the door and Kagome smiled to herself. He was there. Her one link to the past had come right when he said he would. Of course he would, she chided herself. If Sesshoumaru was ever anything, it was honorable.

She opened the door and smiled broadly at the tall youkai standing there with a bottle of wine in hand. Taking the bottle, she let him in. As much as she wanted to throw her arms around him in a hug, Kagome withheld the desire. She still couldn't stop seeing him dressed in armor with sword in hand and a 'touch me and die' look on his face. After all, it wasn't that long ago, for her, that it had been the case.

As the daiyoukai walked into her home, her dog came barking up to the stranger from her bedroom. "Kouga!" Kagome admonished. "That's enough, boy."

The dog slunk back into the background. She glanced at the daiyoukai who was looking at her with one eyebrow raised. "Kouga?" he said, surprise in his voice.

Kagome gave a weak laugh. "Yeah. That's my dog's name."

"Kouga was the name of the wolf prince, if I am not mistaken."

"Yes," Kagome confirmed as she moved into the kitchen and opened the bottle of wine. "I named them when I first came back. Sort of a way to keep the past alive, I suppose."

Sesshoumaru followed and watched her fill two glasses with the wine he'd brought. The house was filled with the smells of the delicious dinner she'd prepared. "This Sesshoumaru would have thought you would have named the dog after my half-brother. I was unaware that you had relations with the wolf prince"

"He was just a friend and Inuyasha's around here somewhere," Kagome answered, her blush evident.

Sesshoumaru was intrigued. "I would like to meet this Inuyasha."

Kagome gave a little whistle and in toddled a small, white puppy with ears that much resembled the hanyou. She scooped the puppy up and showed him to Sesshoumaru. "I just found him recently. Isn't he adorable?"

Sesshoumaru glared down at the dog and said nothing. Kagome decided to get all the surprises out of the way. She pointed across the room to where a glass case sat. "There's Jaken," she said, indicating the toad inside the case. "And these two lovelies are Sango and Miroku."

"Love birds. How fitting," Sesshoumaru commented dryly. "I don't suppose this Sesshoumaru is around here somewhere. You have my retainer, after all."

At that, Kagome gave a nervous giggle. "Yeah...you're around here somewhere..."

"Miko," Sesshoumaru prodded, wondering what the dog looked like that she'd dared to name after him. "Where is this Sesshoumaru?"

She laughed again and sipped at her wine. "I believe you are standing in my kitchen."

"Miko," he said again, his tone laced with warning.

She threw her hands up in surrender. "Alright, alright! I'll get you, but you have to promise me you won't kill...you."

Sesshoumaru said nothing. He just glared at her.

Giving a sigh, Kagome disappeared into the back of the house. She emerged a few minutes later with a large, fluffy, long haired white cat in her arms. The cat's golden eyes looked to Sesshoumaru with utter boredom on its face. Sesshoumaru stood there, eyeing the feline for a long moment. Then he looked up at a blushing Kagome. "I am a cat," he said, disbelief evident in his tone. "You named a cat after a dog demon."

"Yes," she admitted slowly. Then she smiled brightly. "But you're so cute and fluffy!"


A/N: Just a quick idea I wanted to jot down. Am getting a new ferret soon, a white one, and am contemplating naming him Sesshoumaru. Fluffy for short, of course.