Author's Note: I love love love this. I don't even know why. I just really do. It's short, but so not pointless. You guys have been following my stories from the beginning, and most of you have caught on that most of them are connected in a series of events (althought completely out of order) the unfold the story of Yuffie and Vincent's relationship. Now, Convergence is coming to a close, and I am working on the very first installation, and the plot outline for the sequel to Convergence is in the process of being completed. This is what shall be the very final installment, in lovely vague drabble form.

It was the wind, she says, a whisper in the breeze that called her away. She was playing in the woods, wandering in the rain. She was her mother's daughter: she was on an adventure, looking for a good time. Or materia.

It was the demons, he says, their taunting echoing in the recesses of her mind. She was too young to sway their influence, too innocent to know better than to listen to her guides. She was her father's daughter: an innocent, doomed to be cursed, a decision made not of her own choice.

It was a boy, really, a single red rose with a letter attached, begging for her heart. She was swept off her feet, fallen in love. She was her parents' daughter: a soul left completely in the hands of fate, a heart placed in trembling hands, and trust as fragile as glass given to another human who exchanges it with his own. Wanderlust and demons lie defeated at the hand of love.

A/N: I'm terribly sorry this is so short, but I think it's just enough the way it is.