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Bad Girl Bella meets The Elite Edward

Chapter 1: Caught

BPOV Saturday September 27th

"Alice!!" I called for the third time…

"I'm coming. Jeez, are you stressed. Need a smoke?" Alice is wearing simple black mini skirt, short beyond reason, and a tight hot pink tank top. For September, the nights are still warm.

"Yes, but you are taking forever getting ready. I see no point. No one is even close to cute. Except Emmett, but he is like our big brother."

"Not to mention he's the leader of the gang. He's off limits."

"Exactly. All you do is put an invitation on yourself for Nerdy Newton." Mike Newton is the laughing stalk of the gang because he tries to be gangster, but he wears suspenders on his baggie pants, has squared glasses, and doesn't smoke weed. Who doesn't smoke weed in south Forks?

By the time we stopped laughing, we were in the car, on our way to 'the spot'. When we pulled up, Emmett walked over.

"What's up? Want a joint?"

"Finally!!" I snatch it out of his hand and light up. He stares for a second, then shakes his head.

"Hey Bella, new tattoo??"

"Yeah, I thought the rose with the barbwire around it fir me."

"It does. I like it."

"Why, thank you."

Alice and I leave Emmett to go talk with the others. The sun is starting to go down.

Then I hear the sirens. Red and Blue lights start to fill the area. Everyone scrambles to get to their cars.

Alice is already by our car, waving me over. I start to run over, but trip on something. Probably my own two feet. . I hit the ground, where I feel hand cuffs on my hands, then brought to my feet. I see that Alice is also cuffed and being lowered into the police car.

Once I'm in, the car begins to head towards north forks. The rich kids live up here. They don't have tattoos, or do drugs. They all go to the Forks Elite School which is east of Forks. It is like a mini college up there.

On the way, I see this boy about my age with bronze hair, sitting out in his big front yard, reading. He quickly losses interest, and returns to his book.

At the station, the officer finds Alice and my records.

"You have both been warned, and still here you are. Now what are you to do with you?" James, the officer, asked us.

"Another warning, drive us home, and we can forget this ever happened" Alice suggested.

"No, maybe some jail time would get you two in shape."

"I can't go to jail. Please anything but jail."

"Hhmmm…. There is now an opening at Forks Elite School. I see that you have both dropped out of high school your junior year, am I right?"

"Yes, I dropped out this year," I said.

"Would you both go to the Elite school till you graduate? I understand that your father lives close to the school. If you go off campus, it is to only go to his house, or we must get written permission from him. Since everything that you would ever need is on campus, that shouldn't be a problem. Is your punishment clear?"

"Yes sir."

"The city will pay for room and board, but you must pay for books, clothes, food, and any other supplies you might need. You'll begin Monday, but stay here tonight, and we'll drive you there tomorrow morning."

"What ever" Alice rolled her eyes.

They escort us to the little cell that we were to stay in was cold and dark. Alice and I each had a thin blanket to sleep on.

After a fitful night, we were taken to our house to pack our few possessions. Once our clothes, books, and heirlooms are packed, we head east.

Waiting in the office, the secretary got us a room together, since were sisters, and gave us out schedules.

In our room, we unpacked showered, and explored. The room had two bedrooms, a full bath, mini kitchen (mini fridge, small stove, sink, and microwave), and a living room with a small, but not old, TV.

School is tomorrow, and curfew is at 9:00 o'clock school nights, 10:00 o'clock on weekends. No roaming the halls or walking outside.

Classes start at 8:00AM sharp.


RPOV Saturday

"I bet you can't even race," I think this jerk is trying to get punched.

"Okay, I'll race you, right here, right now. Down and back. Winner gets bragging rights, deal?"

"Deal, but don't blame me when you break a nail." Why do they think that just because I'm a blonde that I worry about my nails?

"Don't worry about me."

I walk over to my car, get in and bring it to life. It's only nine-thirty, I can quickly race and get back to the campus before curfew.

I pull up to the start line, ready to race. I've worked hard on this car, adding parts and I will destroy this guy in it.

"Ready… Set… GO!!"

I slam the gas, and the car flies forward. I drive and, all the way, the jerk is trying to pass me. Like that will happen.

I swiftly turn the corner, but instantly regret it. Red and blue lights fill my car as I coast to a stop.


"Well if it isn't The Rosalie Hale. Caught you in a race did we now? Okay out of the car."

I stepped out the car, was hand cuffed and lowered into the car.

"Where are we going?" I demanded.

"Your father told us if we ever caught you racing, that you were kicked out of school, and dropped on the south side of town. No connections. Nothing."

Double Shit.

They stopped, 20 minutes later, on the dark street, undid the cuffs, and drove off.

I don't care I'm a big girl and I can take care of myself.

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