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Epilogue BPOV April 10, 2014 5 Years later 7:00A.M.

"Renesmee Rose Masen, you better get out of that kitchen!" I yelled towards to general direction of the kitchen. My little girl comes waddling in the room.

"Hold still EJ, I'm almost done." I tell my boy, whose diaper I'm changing.

"My love, do you need any help?" Edward asked as he came walking into the room. He picked up Renesmee swinging her around, making her laugh.

Edward and I married November 8, 2009. We completed our senior year, both graduating the following May. I became pregnant with Renesmee and EJ, twins, that summer, and went into labor for 10 long hours on April 8, 2011. They just turned three two days ago.

Edward and I both attend college, but I take online classes, only going on campus once a week for my journalism class.

Edward studies to be a doctor, and I am working for a degree in writing. We bought a house in Seattle, which I absolutely adore. Alice and Jasper live ten minutes away so we constantly see each other.

A soft kiss on my cheek brings me to the present, and I see Renesmee has kissed my cheek. Edward leaned down to kiss my lips. "I have a class in an hour, and Alice will be over in a half hour to take the kids to the zoo."

"Okay, I'm almost done packing their backpacks." I rush upstairs to EJ's room, gathering the little things that he would need today, and then I did the same with Renesmee's stuff.

Alice and Jasper got married on June 6, 2009, and have one daughter, Annie Hope, who turns four in a week. Rosalie had her little boy October 3, 2009, and named him Thomas Jonathon, TJ for short.

Alice and Jasper is taking all four to the zoo today. Rosalie and Emmett will join them midday, they still live in Forks. They had found a cute home that suits them. It is more like a mansion, and they are expecting again. I was going to do some serous house cleaning today, then relaxing.

I finished getting my kids ready seconds before the doorbell rang.

Renesmee started screaming "Wanty Wlice! Wanty Wlice!" We were still teaching her to say 'A' properly. EJ was quiet when ever his sister did that.

Alice, setting Annie down, walked through the door I opened. I hugged her.

"How's it going sis?"

"Good, everything's great. Annie got her shots yesterday, and she was none to thrilled with that." I picked up Annie

"Did that shot hurt yesterday?" She nodded, showing me her arm where a child's band-aid was. I chuckled, setting her back down to play with my kids.

"Where's Edward?"

"He's upstairs getting ready for a class. Is Jasper in the car?"

"Yeah but if I'm gonna get all these kids out there I might need his help." She walked out the door. "JASPER!!"

He walked in thirty seconds later. "Hey Bella, Renesmee, and EJ. How are you?"

"Wnlce Wasper!" Renesmee said, still using that 'w' again.

"Well, they are all ready. Edward! They're here!"

I can hear Edward coming down the stairs. We chat for a few minutes, and I give Alice the backpacks. They get in their car seats and drive away. Shortly after, Edward is kissing me good-bye.

I very rarely am alone. That can be a benefit or loss for a mother. I like having my kids around; they keep me going each day.

I head into the kitchen, where the big stereo is. I place my favorite CD in there, Shiver by Jamie O'Neal. But now instead of playing it when I'm sad, I do exactly what my mother did. When I'm cooking or cleaning, this CD is always playing.

In about three hours, I have vacuumed, done all the dishes, cleaned up all the toys lying around, and mopped the kitchen. I put tonight's dinner in the crock pot, and started that.

I grabbed my current book once I'm all done, and curl up in a chair in the living room. But I barely even open it, when I fall asleep. The next thing I know, Edward is softly waking me up.

"Hey, my love. I'm home." He leaned down, kissing me the way we can't in front of children.

Edward hears the music playing in the other room. "How much work did you get done?"

"A lot. What time is it?"

"Little after noon." So I only had an hour nap. I get up and head for the kitchen. The crock pot is slowly cooking the meal, just the way it should. Edward comes behind me, wrapping his arms around my waist.

I felt like we were seventeen again. I still love Edward with all my heart, and every dream of mine has come true.

"Oh, Edward. Guess what?"

"What?" He asked in my ear, causing me to shiver.

"I'm pregnant."

Edward spun me around. "That's great!" He picked me up, just like he did with Renesmee earlier, spinning me. "How far along?"

"About five weeks. I haven't seen the doctor yet, so I don't know for sure."

"My love, that's great news. I love you, Bella."

"I love you too, Edward." I said before I kissed him long and hard.

That night at dinner, everyone was over. Edward and I told them about my pregnancy. They were more than thrilled, congratulating us.

After dinner was cleaned up, the boys went down to the den to watch a game or something. Alice, Rosalie and I gushed on and on about names for the babies, Rose's and mine. Our kids were playing on the floor in front of us. I liked the name Beth for a girl, and Christopher for a boy. Rosalie was still undecided, but has a top ten list for each gender.

Esme always jokes that TJ will fall in love with Annie, and Alice thought that would be the cutest thing ever. Annie and Renesmee were playing with dolls while TJ and EJ were crashing cars and making noises.

Rosalie and Emmett left first, having a long drive ahead of them. TJ was asleep in Emmett's arms, limp as a rag doll. Emmett is so different when he is around TJ. He is kind, and gentle. It is quite amusing actually.

When Alice and Jasper left, Annie had already been asleep on the couch. I hugged my sister tightly, wishing her a safe drive home, and thanking her for taking the kids to the zoo.

Edward and I carried EJ and Renesmee upstairs to their separate rooms. I laid my baby girl down in her 'big girl bed', singing softly. We have just separated them in to their own rooms, for their birthday. I had before that sang them both to sleep; now Edward sings EJ to sleep, while I get Renesmee.

Her eyes slowly close, and I stand up, hovering over my baby. Edward wrapped his arms around my waist, and whispered. "She beautiful isn't she?"

She is. She has almost everything of Edward's, but she has my brown eyes and personality. EJ is exact opposite. He looks more like me, brown hair, but with Edward's green eyes and personality.

"I wonder who this ones going to look like?" Edward said, placing his hands on my stomach.

I leaned back on to him, "I honestly don't care right now. I'm just so happy."

"Everything is perfect, my love."

"Yes, everything is perfect. I have you, the perfect husband, I have Renesmee and EJ, the perfect children, I have Alice, Jasper, Rosalie, and Emmett, the perfect friends, I have it all. And I thank you for it. I love you."

"I love you too." And with that we tiptoed up the stairs to our master bedroom on the third floor.

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