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Kagome has been a servant girl since the age of 12, when her family was murdered. Working for Lord Sesshomaru and Lord Inuyasha of the West, she has had a growing desire. Their guards wanted her, but her desires were most dangerous for her health. Still she carried on, 6 years later will she get her chance? S/K/I




The Servant Girl

By: Izayoi Tashio 18

Chapter 1 : My Lords, I Love!


"Check out the rack on that one Taki."

"Damn, what's she like 15?"

"I think so, she's human though, she's the new servant everyone's been talking about."

"Hey Dai I thought you were gonna try to get that Kagome chick?"

"I was but Kuri got to her first. Snatched her up from right in front of me."

Neither noticed one of their Lords behind them. Masking his aura he had hid himself well. A Lord shouldn't evesdrop on their guards but he couldn't help it. He had to have his childish moment for a chance. And this was just too juicy to pass up.

"So Dai did he tell you how good she was, I'm dying to know?"

"He didn't get her Taki, She told him who she wanted though. Stupid bitch must have a death wish."

"Well you gonna tell me who she wants?"

"Your not going to like it, but I'll tell you. She wants Lord's Sesshomaru and Inuyasha. Both, together, at the same time!"

"What, I don't think that a human woman as small as her could take one demon. Let alone two at the same time!"

"That's what Kuri said and she told told him that even if she couldn't at least she would die very happy."

"I don't know I still say she is kind of strange..."

The rest of the conversation was cutt of as the two guards returned to their duties. A smirk forming on his perfect face. A sinister look he would have to find Inuyasha and make this 'Kagome's' fantasy real.


"Child go rest, ye have been up since before dawn!"

"Thank you Kaiede." Bowing to the old woman Kagome rose from her seat on the floor. Kagome had to catch up on a full days worth of work. Yesterday she had been bedridden from a nasty fall and a spraind ankle. today had just not been her day. Dragged away by a cat demon guard earlier he had tried to put moves on her. Not wanting the attention she had slipped away after telling his she did not want him. He had asked her who she desired. Embarrasing herself she had told him and them quickly fleed the room. Arriving at her room Kagome set at her vanity and proceded to comb her hair. so caught up in her musings she hadn't noticed the knock at her door. Her attention was caught however when a second knock came, more forcefull than the last. Rising she proceded to the door and immediately fell to her knees upon opening it.


Looking down at her Sesshomaru spoke.


"Hai Mi'Lord." Rising but averting her eyes to the floor she responded.

"Is there something you need Mi'Lords?"

Kagome scrambled out of the way as Sesshomaru followed by Inuyasha entered the room. Inuyasha closing the door as soon as he was inside of the room.

"Hai, there is, sit."

Nodding to him Kagome took a seat on her futon to await his request.

"This Sesshomaru overheard something most interesting today." He said turning to her, grasping her chin in a clawed hand he turned her attention his way.

"This Sesshomaru knows not the reason of this conversations begining. The reason we have come to talk to you is because it included this Sesshomaru and his brother, as such there is a qustion to be asked."

"I will answer any question you have Mi'Lord." She replied his amber eyes boring into hers.

"Good, it has come to our attention that you wish this Sesshomaru and his brother for an intimate encounter." A gasp rang through the room. Averting her eys to the floor, clawed had still grasping her chin she spoke.

"Hai Mi'Lord, I have desired it since I came under your employ."

"Hn... Inuyasha?"


"Have you anything to say about this?"

"Naw I ain't got no problem with it."

"Brother that incessant slang you use grates on this Sesshomaru's nerves."

A giggle was heard, two sets of amber eyes snapping to her blue-grey ones. Noticing their gaze on her Kagome realized that she had basically just spoken out of turn. Eyes once again diverting to the ground prepared for a punishment. Surprised when no strike came Kagome peeked one eye open. A smirk lay on both brothers beautiful faces. And Inuyasha spoke up.

"So Kagome you really wish to have the both of us."

"Hai, Mi'Lord I do!"

"And if you had both of us even if you had us would you want or demand more?"

"No Mi'Lord, it would be however you wished it."

"I see." Inuyasha replied walking over and having a seat next to her.

"What shall we do with her brother?" Sesshomaru inquired turning to Inuyasha.

"I dunno, Make her dream a reality." Inuyasha said with a smirk.

"Excellent plan brother." Sesshomaru stated while Inuyasha drug her towards him. Sesshomaru following after. The look in her eyes was priceless.

"You may speak freely if you wish."

"Thank you... Um... I... Thank you."


They both chuckled, she was just to cute for words. She had barely enough time to squeak out as Sesshomaru's mouth descended on her. Inuyasha latching onto her neck from behind. Her sleeping yukata torn easily from her body. Both brothers taking time to admire her body. She was the most beautiful woman they had ever seen. Pulling her body towards him Sesshomaru captured a nipple in his mouth while Inuyasha captured her lips. Making his way down her body Sesshomaru's tongue went to work. No man had ever touched her like this. Removing his horai from his body Sesshomaru never stopped his ministrations. Inuyasha following suit and undressing himself. Standing from the futon Sesshomaru untied his hamaka and took off his boots. Crawling back on top of her immediately after.

"Are you sure you want this?" Sesshomaru questioned.

"Hai, more than anything Mi'Lord." She responded Inuyasha speaking up.

"No titles here just Sesshomaru and Inuyasha."

"Hai" She answered in kind.

She was so wet, leaning her forward Inuyasha slid his cock between her thighs from behind coating himself in her juices. Once he was satisfied that his member was sufficiently coated he slowly slid home between her cheeks. Sesshomaru lifted her legs slowly wrapping them around his hips. Sliding his own cock into her waiting pussy. Driving quickly into her he captured her lips and stifled her cry. Inuyasha had slid into her to the hilt just as Sesshomaru thrust into her. The pain was horrible but they gave her time to adjust. Minutes passed and Kagome had adjusted to the invaision. Lifting her hips up she moaned. Taking this as their que to begin Sesshomaru thrust sharply into her. Inuyasha sliding slowly into enjoying the friction untill he heard her speak.

"Mi'L...Inuyasha harder."

Amber eyes widened glancing at a twin pair that was narrowed. Smirking Inuyasha drove into her harder. Head dropping backwards a harsh moan slipped between her lips. A clawed hand stroked her clit, legs shaking with each pass. Nails digging into Sesshomaru's back his eyes glowed red. Grabbing her legs he tossed them on top of his shoulders, both brothers hitting a spot even deeper with the new position.

"Faster." She moaned.

Slaming quickly and sharply into her, Kagome's arousal spiked even more than before. Sesshomaru's Ki began to affect Inuyasha, eyes glowing red also. Sesshomaru captured a breast in each hand, mouth clamping onto her neck. Inuyasha followed soon after, hand reaching around to tease her clit vigoriously. Mouth latching onto the opposite side of her neck. Pounding into her small body furiously the brothers were coming undone quickly. Growling their release, and spending their seed into her they bit into her neck. Lapping at the sweet liquid the brothers drank with glee. Coming down from their high they slid out of her. Cuddling her body between them.

"Thank you." She said tiredly falling into a peacefull slumber, the brothers soon following.