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Note: Inki - Morbid. Izayoi has passed in this story but Inutashio lives.

This was going to be a oneshot but it turned into a twoshot!


The Servant Girl

By: Izayoi Tashio 18

Chapter 2 : Hello Father!


"Inki... Where are my son's?"

"I know not Mi'Lord. None have seen them since last night. They were sighted in the servant's quarters."

"Interesting... Thank you Inki!"

"Aye Mi'Lord."

'I wonder what those boys have gotten themselves into this time!'



"Hai Inuyasha, what is it?"

"We should really get up. You know father will be coming to find us, and will turn over the whole castle to do it."

"Hai brother we should. Father will not wait long untill he's..."


The shoji door was slammed open sliding harshly on the rail and hitting the base with a clang. Lord Inutashio stood at the door eyes wide and mouth gaping. His two sons had finally learned how to share. A woman no less, Sesshomaru actually looked relaxed for once. Inuyasha was another story, he looked as if someone had just smacked him upside the head. With the noise Kagome had woke up and was looking at Lord Inutashio with fear in her eyes. Drawing the sheet closer to her body Kagome bowed her head and spoke.


Golden eyes bore down on her. Sesshomaru and Inuyasha's glaring back at their father he replied.

"Lift your head girl!"

"Hai Mi'Lord." She wispered blue eyes connecting with him a gasp passed his lips. Red tinted eyes turned to his son's.

"You mated her!"

"Hai Father." Sesshomaru spoke Kagome's head turning quickly to look at him. Head held high Sesshomaru wasn't backing down, and neither was Inuyasha.

"You understand the implications?"

"Hai father." Inuyasha quipped continuing. "We do know how to share." He spoke arrogantly.

"And if I wished to partake?"

Silence answered him both brothers turning and having a silent conversation. Blue eyes wildly scanning the face of each menber in the room. Sesshomaru answered.

"If she wishes... So be it."

Inutashio's gaze narrowed looking at Kagome with a heated gaze. He awaited her answer. Heartrate increasing Kagome looked like a bobble head. Looking back and forth between the brothers and their father she was stuck. If she declined she would most likely be punished. If she accepted she diddn't know what would possibly happen. Should she accept?

"I... I don't... How should I answer a... A question like that?" Kagome stuttered.

"Answer it with your heart. Whatever you wish, so it shall be." Inutashaio answered seating himself on the futon in front of them.

"I... I don't..." Kagome was tongue tied, Turning to him she continued. "Can I have Sesshomaru and Inuyasha as well?"

Three pairs of golden eyes widened, that had caught them off guard.

"You mean to tell me the you want all three of us together?"

"Hai Mi'Lord. I wouldn't have it any other way."

Turning to the brothers Inutashio's gaze spoke to them. All three nodding simultaneously Kagome was in for a ride.

"But... I wan't to do this my way!"

Once again all three were floored by her. This tiny human female was going to take three Taiyoukai at once! Looks were passed around the room Inutashio speaking.

"As you wish."

Being that Inutashio was the only one in the room clothed, Kagome was going to remedy that!


Escaping the shyness quickly Kagome crawled to the end of the futon. On the way her position gave the brothers a glorious view of her backside. Feline like in her movements Kagome reached Inutashio. Pulling him towards her she spoke.

"You will allow me to do this my way?"

"Hai, I will."

Satisfied Kagome pulled him closer to her. Attacking the knot that held his horai closed she made quick work of it. Silk sliding down his shoulders, he was built perfectly, just like the brothers. Placing butterfly kisses along the column of his neck her puffs of air dragged a husky moan from his throat. His hand soon tangled itself in the thick mass of silky raven tresses. Burying his head in the crook of her neck he inhaled, breathing in the heavenly scent. His rough, canine tongue caressing the soft, white skin of her shoulder. He groaned shakily as her dainty fingers locked around his neck, pulling him closer. Allowing themselves a moment to regain their oxygen, Kagome's hands traced his markings. Pressing her lips to his, her moist cavern was delicious and hot. Rubbing his defined nose against her cheek breaking the kiss. Carefully tilting her head he dove in once more,capturing her plump lips. Her lips parted and he took the chance and pillaged her offered mouth tongue running over her dull human teeth.

His silk hamaka's floated carelessly to the ground. When had she got those off? Straddling her body he lazily looked over to the brother's who casually lounged to the side looking quite aroused. Regretably pulling away he rose to admire the beauty of the naked woman he was straddling. His clawed fingers splayed agains her breasts to tweak her hardened nipples. Grinning as she arched into his touch he rolled the pebbled nipple between thumb and forefinger. Leaning down he eagerly kissed the valley between her breasts excited mewls rang in his ears. Crying out to the brothers Kagome spoke broken words.

"Inu... Yash... Sess... Maru... You know wha... What I would lik... Like?"

"What is it you want Kagome?" Inuyasha tenderly spoke.

"I want yo... You to t... Touch... Mmmmm... Touch Sessho... Ru!"

Three gasps sounded around the room, Inuyasha and Sesshomaru gazing at each other. Sesshomaru had an inquiry.

"This will make you happy?"

"Hai... It will... Gods." She gasped as Inutashio's free hand began to stroke the side of her stomach. Skin lightly twitching he grinned against her neck leaving a wet trail along her neck. Turning to his son's his brow quirked.

"They would never do that. To stubborn and to shy to accept."

But he was overcome by yet another gasp as Sesshomaru had grabbed Inuyasha by his arms and dragged him close to his body.

"You will accept?" It sounded more like a demand than a question but Inuyasha still answered.

"Hai brother, for Kagome I will!"

Dragging Inuyasha on top of his Sesshomaru captured his lips as Inutashio watched in shock. Coming out of it quickly as Kagome grabbed his pulsing shaft and squeezed. A weight settled close to her body. Looking to her side she saw the two brothers liplocked, Inuyasha straddling Sesshomaru. Arousing her even more her scent filled the room quickly. Gasping as Inutashio's hard member surged into her, legs intantly wrapping about his hips as her furiously pumped into her. Turning to look at the brothers Kagome moaned as he hit her sweet spot. Drawing Inuyasha's lips away from Sesshomaru she directed his attention to her breasts. Pulling Sesshomaru's mouth to hers she drew him into a passionate kiss. Wrapping each hand around one of the brothers members Kagome was high in bliss. Inutashio's clawed hand toying with her clit her legs shook. Sesshomaru reached a hand down and replaced her small one with his around Inuyasha's member. Seeing the akward interaction Inutashio decided to turn it up a notch. Rolling onto his back he allowed her to dominate him. Calling Inuyasha over to take up residence in her anal opening he slowly pushed into her. Crying out Kagome clamed Inutashio's lips in a heated kiss. Breaking the kiss all to soon for him she spoke.

"Inuyasha?... Oh god."

"Hai?" He replied breathlessly.

"Will... You allow... Mmmmm... Sessho... Ma... Ru to... Ugh... Enter you?" He rplied without hesitation.

"Hai." Sesshomaru spoke up.

"Are you sure brother?"

"Hai." He spoke once again. Their father too caught up in pleasure to notice the futon shift as Sesshomaru crawled to them.

Working Inuyasha's opening with a finger Sesshomaru prepared him. Creating a slow friction Sesshomaru quickly introduced a second finger to his unused hole. Sliding a third home Sesshomaru was satisfied that he was ready. Lining up his member he slid slowly into Inuyasha. The sensation making Inuyasha's eyes roll back it was a sidht to behold. The three were syncronized in their thrusts. The pleasure was unbelieveably harsh on them. Opening his eyes Inutashio was shocked. He had missed a lot as he gazed upon Kagomes form above him. Looking abover her he saw Inuyasha. Teeth clenched he rose a brow as he viewed Sesshomaru behind of Inuyasha. It was new but no less arousing. This would be fun if it was like this almost everytime.

"Gods... Faster please." Kagome begged.

All three youkai increasing their speed harshly. Pounding into the bodies beneath and on top of them visciously. Thery were quickly loosing themselves. The first to go was Kagome of course. Surprisingly the next one's to go were Inutashio and then Inuyasha. Sesshomaru pounding into Inuyasha subsequently pounding him into Kagome and then down on his father. Sesshomaru grunted as he spent himself collapsing on Inuyasha.

"We'll have to do this again!" Kagome commented recieving moans from the three youkai. This would be forever be a family affair of sorts!


I scared myself when I proofread this. The lemon was actually kind of hard to do. Having to keep four names straight Damn. Wow I'm demented. But I like it!! Till next time...Peace!