This story (in its current form)... is being discontinued.



In its current form. I'm still going to follow this universe. But if you've read my profile you know this has been festering in my brain for a good long while. I've been rewriting and revamping it, and I may have mentioned something about moving to AO3. This is all happening (and has happened) because, frankly, I see FF being populated by the same weeaboos and self-inserts that sent Quizilla and Quotev down the drain. It's getting difficult to just browse the categories for decent stories without an algorithm to weed out the poorly-written high school AUs, vampire stories, OC romances and other general crap. That and I think AO3 has a better structure for feedback.

If you don't have an AO3, don't worry. I know it takes a while for invitations to come once you ask for them, but I also have a tumblr that I'll be posting notifications on. Tumblr is completely free, and also fucking awesome, so I recommend you get one and look me up at .com (slash) tagged (slash) magnum+opus. Might whip up a writing blog sooner or later. Also look up your fave fandoms on there because the people are (mostly) great. Seriously. Unless you start delving into the social justice side of things. Then it gets whiny.

Magnum Opus is the new title for the entire series. Each year will be a different story, consisting of (on average) about 20 chapters. The first, 'Nigredo', is on its way to being posted (Latin, stage of alchemy, means 'blackening'), though in me-speak that means 'a few months' because I'm heading off to college at one of the most intensive animation programs on the planet so yeah. I've been a horrible author for years now and I'm sorry. ._. Just please remember all of my IRL obligations if I lag a bit.