Twenty Years Later

Today was twenty years to the day that I left the Cullens. It almost killed me to leave my family, but I could not stay around and let Edward play games with me for eternity. I also was not going to put the family I loved so much into the position to have to chose sides. If I am out of the equation, then they wouldn't have to pick. On my worst days, though, I took solace in the fact that they would probably all side with me if forced to choose.

Of course when I decided to leave, Alice saw it and begged me to stay. She even threatened to tell Emmett and have him hold me down until I promised to stay. I reasoned with her, explaining why I couldn't stay and wait for Edward to decide to return. He had abandoned me when I needed him the most, again. I couldn't have my heart broken and re broken for the next however many years. I was not a door mat even if he was my husband.

I had to promise Alice that I would check in with her and Carlisle on the first day of each month . I agreed on the condition that they would not seek me out or try to make me come back to them. I kept up my end of the bargain for five years, if I was even a day late, I would have an irate pixie at my door. Carlisle kept a bank account for me and kept a healthy balance in it. Alice would ask me if I wanted to come home yet. I always told her no.

I wondered around the world, staying in hotels as I had a hefty bank account. I still hunted animals and only animals. It was after five years that I discovered my talents. I looked at my cell phone and realized that it was the third of the month and no Alice. It took me a bit to confirm it, but I could stay out of Edward's mind, and if I thought hard enough, I could stay out of Alice's visions.

She didn't know where to find me! As much as I missed her and the rest of the family, I wanted to move on. Every phone call to her ripped open the wounds Edward had created and it would take weeks for me to recover. By that time, I was do for another check in call.

Since I was essentially invisible, at least to the Cullen family, I settled down. I bought a nice house in a secluded part of Oregon. I felt horrible that, even though I didn't check in any long, my bank account was still growing each month.

I was incredibly lonely, but I did not seek out any mortals or immortals for companionship. I hunted, read books, and took up painting. I sold several paintings online and became quite popular. I had several galleries showcasing my work all over the world now. Of course, I sold the artwork under a different name. I really intended to stay in my own little isolated world. I know Carlisle didn't need it, but I made enough money now, that I sent checks back to Carlisle in the amount of my monthly deposits. They were cashiers checks and untraceable.

One day I was driving home from an art supply store, probably 100 m.p.h. over the speed limit. Speed really was a vampire thing. As I was driving, I smelled blood hanging thickly in the air. Human blood. I had developed incredible control, but for a split second, the predator in me threatened to take over. I held my breath and gained control of myself. I really had become rather reclusive over the years and tried not to interact with anyone, mortal or immortal, but this was really to close to my home for my comfort.

I pulled my car over and went looking for the source of the blood. I breathed as little as possible, just enough now and then to follow the scent. After a few moments, I found the gravely injured human.

He couldn't have been more than twenty years old. He was gorgeous, even for a human. He was very pale, most likely from the blood loss. I was surprised that he was still alive after all that blood. His build reminded me of Emmett. His dark hair was in a Marine style buzz cut. I stood before him for several minutes, stuck by his sheer beauty. He sensed me and opened his eyes, which were a cobalt of striking intensity.

"Please, help me", he begged.

"What happened to you?"

He said that he was beaten and left out here to die.

"Please, don't let me die."

I thought about rushing him to the hospital, but his injuries were to severe. He was going to die and very soon at that. I never thought that I would ever be faced with changing someone into a vampire. I couldn't just let him die out here. He was begging me to save him, but there was only one way that I could help him. I would give him a choice though. If he didn't wish to be changed, he was going to die, thus keeping my existence a secret.

"What is your name?", I asked him.

"Jason", he whispered.

"Jason, listen carefully, we don't have much time. I am a vampire. I could turn you or let you go. The change is very painful you will be begging for me to kill you. If you want to be changed, I will not kill you , not matter how much you beg me to. I will not change you unless you ask me to."

"Please do it. I'm afraid to die. Please, I want to live."

I felt horrible, knowing I was going to put him through so much pain, but I couldn't refuse his request. I just hoped that he wouldn't regret it, or that I would either. I bent over him and bit him. I tried to ignore the fact that this was my first taste of human blood ever and it was better than anything I had ever tasted. I picked up the now unconscious man and ran to my car. I wanted to get him home before the pain set in.