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I kept bringing up his face again. It was angelic, the most beautiful face I'd ever seen. I couldn't wait to see it in person. He must look marvelous. He was lonely though, with no one to talk to him. He looked fine, as fine as a vampire can be, but he looked haunted. He had scars on his face, faded with age. Was that even possible? Could his scars have faded because they had gotten so worn over the years? Regardless, he was beautiful. The scene surrounding him was almost lost to me, but I had caught the name of the city he was in. The city I would meet him in. Philadelphia.

I wanted to get there before him, and the option that he would beat me there made me nervous. I knew that wouldn't happen of course, but there was something to be said for knowing the unknown. It could change at any given moment. I found the little diner, sad that the night sky was cloudless. This would mean I'd be waiting for a while. That's the good thing about endless days though, more time to concentrate on other things.

I was staring at the mental image I had saved. I couldn't stop playing it back in my head. He was so tall; it made me seem protected, not as venerable. And his eyes, almost black, were comforting. I was looking at him, about to hear how his voice sounded when –

"I'm going to go hunting. I need to clear my head," the strange, tall boy with bronzed hair said to another man with blond hair. The man just nodded, and I followed the bronzed haired boy. He was running through the forest, searching for something. I'd known he was a vampire; no human could ever travel at such speeds on the ground. He found his prey. I was expecting a hiker, someone unprepared. But the mountain lion he stalked scared me. He crouched, and then pounced, digging his teeth into the lion's neck.

The world I was in came rushing back. Had I any flowing blood in my system, I would have been lightheaded, but there was no such luck. This made me wonder, would the humans notice my vibrant red eyes? I shrugged, not caring. My mind wondered back to the strange boy and his lion. Why hadn't he gone after a human? Was there something wrong with him? Why didn't he want the human? Was he scared that he wouldn't be accepted by civilization if he fed on one of them? But why would one of our kind have to worry about that? We traveled anyway, and by doing so, drew only minimal attention to ourselves.

I shook the questions off, but they kept returning. I tried to solve this strange mystery, but it wasn't enough. I had to ask someone, anyone. I searched the city at night for other vampires, hoping my visions were wrong and that others would show up. One night I was in luck. He was following a little girl, a mischievous grin on his face. It was almost as if he knew her. I didn't care. I stepped in the way of his view, and he snarled at me.

"I need your help. Well, not help really, but your knowledge," I said quickly. Wow, I'd forgotten tact apparently. I would have to pick that back up if I were going to meet the handsome stranger from my vision without scaring him away.

"What do you need, short one?" he asked. Clearly he was older, but did he need to insult me? That was just rude, and uncalled for.

"Are there different kinds of vampires? I'm meaning vampires who don't hunt humans, who shy away from them as food," I asked in a polite tone. Hopefully he would reflect that kindness.

"There are two covens I know of. They settle down for a couple of years, and when the townspeople seem to notice they don't change at all, the relocate. I don't know of their present location, but I hear they are the most civilized of our kind, save for the Volturi," he said impatiently. His eyes weren't on me; they were still on the little girl. Poor thing, if she had any sense, she would run home right now.

"Oh, thank you," I said. This new development startled me. Why had some of our kind rejected our very nature? How could they live harmoniously with each other? The thoughts were frightening to me, and I felt dawn coming.

I went back to the motel I had decided to stay at. I stayed in that room for a while. I didn't keep track of the days. I was lost in my thoughts about this new discovery, about the man who I would meet soon, hopefully. I didn't know when he would come, but I was willing to wait for him. His plans, no matter how subconscious or conscious they were, had not changed. I would wait for him for one hundred years if I had to.

One morning I was looking out the window in my hotel room. There was next to no light from the east. There was a dim light, as if a blanket were covering a young child as her parents brought a lamp in to say good night. The sky was overcast, and I could smell the rain coming. The light should have been stronger, night had just passed. Then it finally dawned on me. Today was the day I would meet him. It had to be.

I made my way quickly to the diner, and took my seat at the bar. A waitress came by every five minutes asking if there was anything I wanted. I told her no over and over again, but she kept coming back. It was really quite annoying. I ignored her after a while. I was anxious. I didn't know what time he would be coming, but it would be today.

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