Last day of summer, I thought as I watch the sun set over the trees. I wondered if this is what human kids felt like before they started the new school year…anxious. I was swinging over the lake on the swing that Jacob made for me. It was tied to a long branch that headed out onto the water. I was watching Jacob float on his back while he was watching me.

"Are you going to jump in already?" he asked.

"I'm thinking about it."

I continued to swing and smiled at him.

"Thinking about it?" he asked again.


He looked back at me, squinting his eyes from the sun. He splashed water up at me and I laughed.

This was one of my best years, which is not really much considering I've only been alive for 6 years. My life literally has flashed before me eyes. I was going through a major growth spurt waiting for it to stop. I figured that I probably looked like I was 16, either way today we were going to celebrate my sixteenth birthday. Because of my speedy growth, my aunts have taken it upon themselves to throw birthday parties a few times a year, stating that it was for documentation purposes. It was a logical explanation so that we could keep up the normal human charade, but I could tell my aunts thrived on throwing me birthday parties. What were they going to do when I stopped aging so quickly? They were only going to be able to torment me once a year.

I looked down a Jacob. I have not gone one day without him. He was always there for every milestone of my life I could think of. Never aging and always the same. My best friend was a werewolf. Which is just as well as we were freaks among freaks. He was the only werewolf and I was the only half vampire/half human in our family.

I continued to watch Jacob float on his back, looking at the sun glisten off of his body. There was something else there between us, but I just didn't know what. I felt like the more I stared at him, it would suddenly come to me. But I just couldn't place it.

"So Nessie, are you excited about tomorrow?" He asked.

"Very much so. Can you believe it?! First day of high school!" I giggled.

"I'm glad your excited. You're the only who hasn't been." He smiled back.

I laughed. Finally! I thought to myself. I have been waiting to go to high school. I was tired of watching what it was like on TV or even reading about it. I wanted to experience it for myself. The time has finally come. My family was starting new in a brand new town. Everyone was starting high school again so that we could stay in that place longer, another dreary city with more cloudy days then sun.

"Do you think its going to be kind of weird?" I asked.

"What do you mean?"

"Well.. pretending my Dad is my brother."

"I guess. But you can't really say he's your dad. You parents look like the same age as you."

"I know. Its just weird to pretend he is something else. I hope I don't accidentally call him Dad tomorrow."

Jacob laughed, "Yeah it would be weird."

He swam closer and starting splashing again.

"Are you ever coming in?" He asked again.


"Well if your not, we should probably head back. Your family is waiting for you I'm sure you are pumped to celebrate your sweet sixteen birthday."

I rolled my eyes at him. I can't wait till this birthday celebrations becomes only a year event. Hopefully since I stop aging we can celebrate every other year, I though. With that, I swung off the swing and canon balled right next to Jacob in the water making sure I splashed him really good. With that he picked me up and threw me in the air as I fell back in the water.

I started to wonder if anyone else felt as content as I did. Life was perfect. My family was perfect and I had Jacob. He was my confidant, the only person who really knew me.

"We should get back," he said.

I jumped out of the lake and started running to the house.

"Sure! I'll beat you there!" I shouted back.

"Nessie, it doesn't count when you cheat!"

"Yes it does, its my birthday!" I called back laughing.