Like any normal Day, at least for Danny, The morning started off with a ghost fight. The clouds hung luminously across the sky. Their dark shapeless forms threatening a down pour of rain. If there had not been a clock at every street corner that read 8:00 am, anyone would have sworn it was the middle of the night.

Three teenagers walked down the streets of Amity Park, towards the holding cells of chaos, and doom; Casper High School. Two were male while the other was female. Their names were Danny Fenton, Tucker Foley, and Sam Manson. The tallest of the three was Tucker, at about 5'8; he had black short hair, but always covered it with a red hat. His round circular glasses were placed behind his ears, while mud brown eyes could be seen through the transparent glass. In his hands he held a silver PDA, which he never forgot. The PDA was his love, which is probably why he never was able to score a girlfriend. Around the hallways of Casper High Tucker Foley was known as the Techno-Geek.

Next to him walked Sam. Her violet eyes were framed by her short black hair; which was pulled into a half pony tail. Her dark clothes and dreary outlook on life labeled her as the only Goth in the school, and was often ridiculed for her abnormal appearance.

On the far right of the three walked the most irregular of the group. From the outside Danny Fenton looked like the average weenie. His raven black hair spiked from his scalp, and hung in his face. His piercing ice blue eyes stood out of his facial features. At school he was known as a coward. He ran away from every fight, and was the keen target for all the jocks. One jock in particular had deemed Danny as his own personal human punching bag. Dash Baxter went out of his way to give Danny a beating at least once a day. Of course Danny made it easy for him; he never fought back, he took the beating with no complaints.

But his lack of courage and stamina was all an act. If he wanted, Danny could beat Dash to a pulp, but the mask he wore, the mask of the lame string-bean teen was his cover. Only four people knew that Danny Fenton was not entirely human; he was only half. No it was not genetic; two years ago Danny's curiosity got the best of him, when he started to mess around with his parents inventions. You see Danny's parents are ghost hunters, not the normal profession for two grown adults. One of their greatest inventions was the Fenton Portal; a gateway to the Ghost Zone. At least it is now; at first the Ghost 

Portal was another failed invention, useless in every way except for taking up space. No matter how much his parents tried, the machine never seemed to want to corporate. As the caring son that Danny is he could not bear to see his parents so distraught. He took it up on himself to do whatever it took to fix the portal. He had no idea how much it would cost him.

After the accident in the portal, he gained ghost powers and lost half of his humanity. Ever since then he has been hunted by ghost and humans alike. Today was no exception.

"Thank God it's Friday" screamed Tucker. His arms shot up to the heavens a gleeful spark in his eyes. "Three day weeeeekend three day weeeekend three day weee-."

"Okay, okay we get it; your excited Shut Up, your singing is giving me a headache." Tucker scowled at his female companion.

"Oh stop with the doom and gloom Sam, I have a right to be excited, and so does Danny, right Dan-."

"Uh Danny are you ok?" Danny did not answer; the teenager's eyes were glazed over, his posture a hunch. "Earth to Danny, hey wakey wakey…………DANNY!!" screamed Tucker right into Danny's eardrum.

"Huh huh what uh wheredaghost." Danny stuttered, his head jerked up with a bewildered expression on his face.

"What happened is school over yet, wait how did we get here?" His head turning, his eyes searching for anything familiar, which finally fell on his dazed and confused friends.

Suddenly Tucker started laughing hysterically. "Dude we haven't even gotten to school yet, the day just started." Tucker snickered looking at his lost friend.

Danny sighed, looking down cast, his left hand shot up to his forehead gripping his hair tightly.

"Tucker stop teasing him" scolded Sam then turned to Danny. "How much sleep did you get last night" her eyes filled with unease.

"Uh maybe about thirty minutes, or an hour" answered Danny. His hand gripping his hair glided down to his mouth to stifle a yawn. "My dad forgot to close the portal again, both Skulker and Spectra got out," He yawned again.

"It took me five hours to shove both back into the ghost zone, and of course the Box Ghost was there to irritate the hell out of me" The annoyance shown in his eyes.

"This is the fourth time my dad forgot to close the portal; I'm going to have to check it every night now, I don't think I can handle another night like last night." He mumbled under his breath infuriated by his absentminded father.

Sam sighed, "Danny, why do you have to go after every ghost that shows up. I mean your parents are capable of handling Skulker and Spectra."

" I know I know….." muttered Danny. "But it would trouble me all night anyways; I'd get no sleep either way."

Tucker rolled his eyes as if annoyed. "Dude, you worry too much, let other people carry the weight on their shoulders for once. Come on, just seven hours of meaningless school work and then we are free for three days."

A smile formed on Tucker's face. "Then we can play Doom watch movies, and eat enough junk food to make us sick; take a break from the Danny Phantom work and get the rest you need."

Sam scowled and raised her hand. "I veto eating until we puke, but other than that… Tucker's right, take a break this weekend, for your health."

She looked at her beaten friend, his arms hung limply by his side, his eyes were bloodshot, and dark circles could be seen around his eyes. He needed a rest, she worried that both his physical health and mental health would go if he was pushed too hard.

Danny closed his eyes and heaved a sigh. "Ok, ok maybe a small bre-."

He faltered over his words while a blue sliver mist erupted from his mouth; he spun on the spot and looked into the sky.

"I'll take a break right after this.."

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