Hello, this is Oceanabyss and I would like to all let you know that I am giving up Injuries Will Tell. Lol I haven't updated in 3 years so I think that was pretty obvious, but I guess I just wanted you guys to know that I am not coming back to it.

When I started this story almost 4 years ago, I had no plan on where it was going; it was just on a whim, and I never expected the response I got. (117 reviews, What!) I mean it Thank you… I still get reviews asking me if I'm finished or if I will update, and it just astounds me that people really liked this story. I believe I have the worst writing style on the planet! And to see it when I was sixteen? Now that I'm almost twenty-one, I look back over this story and cringe D= It seems soooo sloppy and unorganized!

I also kind of hate writing… Lol, I know, then why did I post it in the first place? I always have stories in my head, I literally love just walking around town or on campus just thinking of stories. But as soon I start trying to write it or even plan it out, I get frustrated because the wordings not right, or I just cannot express what I want the readers to feel at a particular moment. I am also an extremely impatient person and if I cannot get what I want down on paper just right I lose interest… and, my grammar is atrocious. ( Also, my interest in the DP universe has waned considerably from when I started the story.)

I apologize for this rant, not to many people will be reading it, but I just wanted to let the people (if there are any) who still had this story in there alerts that I will not be updating, and I am sorry for waiting this long to tell you I do not plan on continuing.

Thank you for all of your support,


P.S. I am still an active member of the community! And I am considering Betaing, so I'll still be around.