Hi, guys! I've got inspired a game called 'Siren Blood Curse', if you know what is it. I took my favourite scene and subtitles from the game, or may be most of the story. Except this time is really an abandoned human village!

I don't own Siren Blood Curse and Kung Fu Panda!


After a week of time travelling to Hannah and Lilly, they both thought that everything was back in normal, but they were wrong…

It was just a beginning…

In an abandoned village, there was a rope bridge that stretched between two towering mountain peaks and over a body of water below, southwest of the Valley of Peace as it lay in the long distance.

Gei, used to be a grudged ghost, but now, she had finally clear her mind and thrown the grudges behind her and with her beloved parents beside her forever. They are spirits now, thanks for Hannah, Lilly and the Furious Five's helps.

But, they had forgotten something. That Gei's curse on the village, that the ones who had done so many terrible things on her, have had not broken!

The curse that Gei put, could make everyone into a living dead and then spread their curses to the others once they had killed. (A/N: I watched 'Siren Blood Curse' in YouTube, I don't have a PS3.)

And now, the curses had spread to one by one, Gei must hurry to warn her friends to redress her mistakes, Hannah, Lilly and the Furious Seven (A/N: Not count on Tai Lung.), and asked them for help to stop this curse kept spreading.


In the Plane of Enlightment

Gei and her parents had saw the terrify scenes of their used to living village, Gei started to watch it in horrify.

Master Oogway joined in the sight, he could see that the situation was getting worse and worse, "This is a reverse of the circle of life." He spoke which Gei knew what she supposed to do.

The little rabbit clutched her raged doll as she has decided, "Mom, Dad, I must redress my mistakes!" Gei said firmly.

"Then go, my daughter." Her mom whispered as she hugged her.

"The Gods have allowed you to go assist them, but in a spirit ghost figure, you cannot appear in a flesh body." Oogway said and Gei nodded.

"I'll be back after I finish this." Gei farewell her parents and Oogway, then she transformed into a light and flew out the Plane of Enlightment, and head off to the Jade Palace.


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"Hannah! Lilly!" Gei shouted joyfully.

"Gei!" the two in-training Dragon Warriors both shouted joyfully in unison.

"Wait!? You know this ghost? We've seen her before you were born!" Monkey stated.

Gei giggled, "Still didn't tell them, huh?" she whispered.

"Tell us what?" the Furious Seven and the rest of the warriors asked in unison.

"Nothing!" a ghost, a white tiger and a tree green snake both nervously said.