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Chapter 7: The Arguments

--At the Salvation Hospital--

Azure was still sobbing, crying of herself being so coward, useless, she was nothing but a crying baby! And now, her sister was in danger and so as her friends, but she just sat there and hoped everything was just a horrible nightmare which wanted to wake up!


She gasped as she heard something was coming, then she repeated the words that Crane always comfort her, "There's no such thing as boogeyman, Daddy said they don't exist… They don't exist!!" azure shouted t herself.

The door was slightly opened, Azure then closed her eyes and flipped herself to the door, and braced herself to attack the foe!


"Aiya!!" the cried was sounded as Azure slowly opened her eyes and widened at that moment. She accidentally kicked Hannah's forehead by her tail! Although when she kicked, a clear 'dong' sound came from Hannah's forehead as her head was as hard as pebble.

"Wow!" Sora was exclaimed and sweat-dropped of the scene. "Didn't see that coming." He added.

Hannah caressed her forehead and then glared at Azure (Try to image her head became ten times big, and Sora and Azure were tiny as ant.), her eyes were steaming as she shouted, "WHAT WERE YOU THINKING, KICKED MY FOREEAD LIKE THAT!?"

"Shhh! Be quiet! They'll hear you!" Azure quickly covered her mouth.

"They!? Who's 'they'?" Sora curiously asked.

The white tiger's ear twisted as she lifted up her torch, it lit on two nurse zombies, ''That's 'they'." She replied.

Azure's screech has shocked them as they ran towards to Hannah them. "I hate zombies!" Hannah said with half-closed eyes.

"As am I!" Sora added as he was beside her.

"Me too." Azure added as she shattered her twisted long body walked by her other side.

"I thought you said you were afraid." Hannah smirked but she was surprised.

"I didn't say that, but maybe you're right. Plus, Lilly, Wing and Hawk are still trapped here." She said.

Sora and Hannah were both wide-eyed, "What!? They still trap in here and you didn't tell us in the first place?" they both said in unison, which made them surprised.

"Whoa, you guys are together?" the green viper teased.

The two looked to each other and blushed, "Enough talking, let's fight!" Hannah snapped out and fired a Flame Aura Sphere on one, but it missed, "Strike one!" Sora and Azure shouted in unison.

Another sphere on the same zombie, and missed again, "Strike two!" shouted from her friends, again.

Finally, Hannah had had enough as she shouted at them, "Would you guys shut up? This is not baseball!!" she claimed, and went back to business.

She gathered a group of energy, made it the Aura Sphere more bigger and aimed on the nurse, "Target lock!" she said and she fired.

The sphere went straight towards the nurse's head, they thought Hannah aimed on it right. But, the brittle bones of the zombie have sudden broken as it bend down so quick that it missed again.

"WHAT!!" Hannah got awed Oo, a blade stabbed her heart of what she felt now!

"Strike three! You're out!" Sora and Azure both declared in unison.

"Fine, let's see what you got." Hannah grumbled as she pointed at Azure.

"What? Me!! I can't do it!" she claimed.

"We don't have much time! Let me do it!!" Sora said as he stepped forward, but he got stopped by Hannah.

"No, Sora!" she spoke, "She can." She said firmly.

Azure was confused, but then Hannah pulled her closer as she started, "Look, my dad used to tell me that he was a big, fat, clumsy and useless panda, he even couldn't believe that he was a Dragon Warrior. He wasn't as strong as the Furious Five, but he was brave as he finally believes in himself, at last he defeated Godfather Tai Lung. So all you have to do, is to believe in yourself." Hannah finished her speech and saw light reflected in Azure's eyes.

Then, Azure's eye has changed, "You're right." She seriously said as she walked passed Hannah and Sora, face to her opponents.

The nurse who is bended by her brittled bones spoke, "Come here…little baby…there's…no need…to…afraid…" the next thing she knew was she has been destroyed by an arrow, a Water Arrow, one of Azure's Water Dragon favourite power.

Then she pulled the bow and shoot another arrow aimed on the forehead of another zombie, it downed as its blood splattered on their faces. However, Azure was strangely calm that she never been so calm before, "Don't ever call me 'little baby', only my family can call me with that name." she calmly announced as she turned to Hannah.

Despite the awful taste of the dried blood, she gave her viper friend a thumbs up, "That wasn't so hard." Azure proudly said.

"Stop boasting, we've got a lot of works to do." Sora announced as they all rushed up onto the second and the third floor for rescue their friends.

After 20 minutes, they had successfully rescued Lilly, Wing and Hawk. "Thank goodness you found us quick." Wing sighed of relief.

"Actually, we heard Hawk's screaming like a girl so we know where you were." Hannah replied.

"I was panicked!" Hawk defended and they laughed.

Lilly walked at her sister's side, "Hey, that was the bravest thing you have ever done." Back when they were rescuing Lilly, Azure shot three arrows at the foes' forehead at the same time, which made Lilly exclaimed and surprised.

The next thing Azure knew, was her sister hugged her, "I'm so proud to have you as my sister." She whispered in her ears, which made her shy.

All the kids have gathered, except Luca, Nana and Fred. They walked with a desperate heart approached to the exit. When they were all out, Hannah's locket has fallen again from her neck onto the ground. She kneeled and picked it up, another hand from the other side of the door grabbed her!

"Ah!" she screamed as there was a zombie from the hospital has caught her and pulled her with strength, "Guys! A little help here!!" she was panicked as tears of fear rolling down from her jade green eyes.

"Guys! Hannah's in trouble!" Sora shouted as they turned back.

The zombie spoke, "Come on…don't be shy!" the tone had increased their fear. The five in-training warriors were all pulling Hannah as best as they can, but the zombie has a huge strength, and they couldn't hold it any much longer.

"I…think…we can't…hold her!!" Wing groaned.


A bullet shot into the head of the zombie, and the blood has splashed over the children's faces, even though those were dried blood, it grossed them to throw up. Before they tried to scream, a voice came form their behind.

"Such a pitiful creature. Apparently death has abandoned you. I wonder if you would survive, even I stabbed your heart." The owner of the voice has revealed himself, a dog.

"Uh, you are…?" Hawk asked, and then the dog used the gun pointed at them.

"Hey! Hey! What are you doing?" Sora shouted.

The dog was wearing sleeved vest and a pair of ragged trousers, he gazed at them a while, then he spoke, "I apologize, but I must check to make sure you're normal. I wouldn't want to accidentally rescue monsters." He slowly put down his gun.

"Do we look like monsters!? Are you crazy?" Lilly furiously said.

"Again, my apologize…But this is matter of life and death, after all." He replied, Lilly frowned.

Wing cleared his throat and asked, "Who are you?" he was still didn't trust this dog.

"Oh, how rude am I. My name is Sabre Salvation, I'm a doctor and the hospital that behind you was my hospital." He introduced and then he saw they were gasped.

"You're a survivor?" Sora stammer asked and Sabre nodded.

"Yes, there's some survivors back in the base." He added.

The children felt joy at the moment, but then Sabre interrupted, "By the way, I've just saved a little fella before I came here, I was wondering if you know him?" he asked him.

'Little fella?' Hannah thought and then she got a hit, "Is he a Praying Mantis?" she asked with hope.

"So you know him." Even he didn't give Hannah a correct answer, but they all knew what that means.

"Please, take us to your base." Hannah pleaded and so did the others.

"It seems this is no chance encounter. Fine, we can talk during the way to there." He said as he leaded the way, and they followed him.

--Vary Church--

When the grown-up have all gathered at the church, Shifu saw the gates of the church were surrounded by the zombies as he stood up for a quick and smooth fight.

Then Tigress saw Monkey, Leon and Angel have arrived, she was gladded but yet she saw sadness in Monkey's face. She ran over to him and gently patted his shoulder, "Monkey, what's wrong?" she asked softly.

"It's….It's Mantis!" he then cried and clutched Tigress's chest, which made her embarrassment. She then scanned his back and no sign of Mantis.

She pushed Monkey and let them face to face, "Monkey, where's Mantis? I thought he's with you." She then asked.

Although, Monkey didn't know how to say as Leon and Angel explained the incidents in the mines to Tigress. And the South Tiger has gasped and exclaimed as tears were rolling down.

Just then, Crane has made it to the church, and yet, he saw Po and Howard at the gates, fighting against the zombies with a lot of energy.

Crane slipped his eyes to the ragged bag, which didn't belong to him, but he was impulse to do the same thing like the last time. His mind controlled the wings as he grabbed five silvery daggers.

"Hey!" he shouted as he caught their attention.

"Try some of these!" then he threw straightly to the zombies' forehead, and they shrieked and slowly shattered into pieces. Po and Howard watched it with mouth-widened.

"Whoa, when did you learn that?" Po exclaimed asked, as Crane picked up the five silvery daggers and put them inside the bag.

"That was an Onmyoji style, are you Onmyoji or Channeller?" Howard curiously asked.

"What are those?" Po confusedly asked. "And those daggers were familiar."

"Onmyoji is like a Ying Yang Master for you to call. And Channeller, is a psychic who can connect beyond the world of live and death." Howard explained simple.

"Then I guess I'm both…" Crane whispered.

"What did you say?" Howard and Po both asked in unison.

"I…think…I can…" Although the last word they couldn't hear it clearly.

"Speak up louder!" Po shouted.

Crane then took a deep breath, "I think I can Xiangui." He claimed.

"WHAT!!" yelled the two and the other masters behind them.

'Oh crab!' Crane cursed in mind.

Shifu then stepped forward to Crane, "Impossible! There's no other masters could have that ability except one!" he declared.

"Well then who?" Crane demanded, "Don't tell me is Master Shian." He then added and saw his master was shocked.

Before Shifu could say something, he has sudden been possessed as he shouted, "Just silence! I swear I wished never have you as my children instead you're just my student!!" although, the others didn't know he was possessed, except Crane as he could see a demon behind Shifu and used him like a puppet.

Then, Angel was the next victim as she is possessed like Shifu, and she yelled at Leon, "And you!" she furiously pointed at her ex-husband. "What were you thinking bringing the boys to a place like this?"

Leon was confused as he only speak, "Like I told you before…" he then interrupted.

"Just shut up! I swear you're completely useless! I'm going to find them myself." she said as she left. Leon was heartbroken by that moment.

"Okay, Shifu, enough of playing! We need to stick together right now!!" Po patiently said.

"No, I'm not playing! You stupid, big, fat, flabby…" then soon he was stopped by Crane's Talisman, and with his soft push and a spell. It made the demon left Shifu's body.

"Wha…What happened?" Shifu was dizzy as he felt like a headache. The action of Shifu has confused the others.

Crane felt relief and then he faced to the demon, however they didn't see anything. The demon snarled as it rushed over to him in a fast speed, but not as fast than Crane, he took out the 'Soul Screams' and have a flash. The '90' has changed into '91'. He then realized that he could take it out as a photo from the camera.

"Crane, what happened?" Viper worriedly asked.

"Take a look of this." He replied as he given his wife the picture of the demon.

At first, it was blank but then the image started to reveal itself as it appeared the horrify face of a demon. The Kung Fu masters, Howard and Leon watched in pale and with their widened eye. Their stares have slowly turned to the red-crowned Crane, who is the calmest of all. They were all questioned the same, that he is not the Crane who they known. "What? Why are you guys looking at me like that?" he confusedly asked.

Po then leaned himself and gave Crane a closet eye look, then he shook him violently, "Who are you! And where is the real Crane!!" he yelled while he was shaking the poor Crane.

Crane groaned and gave Po a hit head-on hardly, and the shaking has stopped.

"No! False alarm, it's you alright." Po said as he covering and caressed his forehead, Crane huffed and rolled his eyes.

"But really, when and where did you learn all those ghost capture thingy anyway? I don't see you have this weird hobbits either." He declared as he has a point. This Crane has words to explain, but he could only describe the story of how he approached a burned temple as a beginning.

After the others had heard his description, they stared at him in disbelief. But since they had been watching Shifu was possessed and the creepy picture in their hand, they have to believe him. The next thing they knew, was Po's exciting cheers!

"Whoa! This is real original 'The Soul Screams' handmade by Master Shian? That is awesome!" he exclaimed as he looked closer on the old camera, Crane then got a hit.

"You know him?" he asked with hope.

"Not exactly really know him. But he is a fallen warrior, too, the first master who can have a contact to the underworld and the first Ying Yang Master to defeat the grudged ghosts and a supernatural researcher." He explained.

Then, they heard an unexpected thing came from Shifu's mouth, "And he had Lady Wind Song as his assistant." He added as they were astounded.

Lady Wind Song, from the City of Blissful Fragrance was a famous beauty who hid her modest behind a fan whilst singing songs of unrequited love. By day she was elegant and demure. By night she was the Shadow of the Moon, a mysterious warrior righting wrongs and fighting injustice with her silver fan as her only weapon. The fan was made of a mysterious metal and was said to be sharp enough to cut stone. Lady Wind Song kept the peace in the City of Blissful Fragrance for sixty years. When she died on the night of the full moon, the streets of her city were filled with the scent of Lotus blossom.

"That's the story I heard." Po finished the story. The fan of Lady Wind Song was saved in the Hall of Heroes in Jade Palace. "But I never heard that she known Master Shian." He added his request and they all turned to Shifu who seemed to know more about them.

Shifu knew their sight mean as he let out a long sigh, "We'll talk inside the church." He said as he leaded the way.


Back to Hannah, they had just heard a shocking discover, "You have been living in this village for 100 years!?" Wing exclaimed.

"We were all cursed as we must live for eternality here or kill, murdered into a monster until the curse is broken." He replied. "But we all believe in a prophecy." He added.

"What prophecy?" Hannah asked.

"That twenty two warriors with a spirit guiding to defeat the endless dark and break the blood curse." He answered and he stopped the walking as they have made it.

"We're here." He said.

A wood house with a huge circle on the ground around it, inside the circle there were some villagers who injured standing guard. Their stares have crept them as they stared at them as stranger of foreigner.

Hannah then sudden felt a little pain in her heart as she slowly clutched her locket, "This is more than a curse…" she murmured.


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Next Chapter: The Painful Memory


"You don't think I'm going to die by that easily." Mantis gave them a weak smile.

"We will meet again, Song." Shian whispered and gave her a soft kiss on lips, and then he slowly faded with the swirling petals.

"Shian?" Song asked with hope.

"My God…This is all foreseen!" he gasped and flipped to another page. "There's drawing of us in here!? I can't believe this." Crane was astounded, and then there was another more shocker than the foreseen, "A ritual for a fair lady with an eternal impact of salvation begins at the night of blood full-moon."