The Last Daughter of Krypton

Lost Girl

Episode 1.0- The Last Daughter Of Krypton

16 Earth years ago…in a distant galaxy…people are running in all directions. The evacuation alarm sounded incessantly. A small blonde haired girl grabs a table as the entire planet shook. "Run Kara! Head for the pods!" A frantic mother yells at her precious daughter. "Don't look back! We'll be right behind you!" a handsome dark haired middle-aged man called from the ten year olds left.

"Kala! Where are the other girls?" He asks his young lab assistant, his voice carrying above the din. The tall thin blonde haired woman dodged some falling debris. "I sent them on ahead!" She replied. "Rao willing, they should be in their pods by now awaiting launch." Young Kara vaulted over a steel-like crossbeam without losing a step as she literally ran for her life. The planet rocked violently. Kara slid along the slippery floor.

Near the solar system's center, a red gas giant star pulsated. Its innermost planet exploded in a fiery molten mass as bright green meteorites scattered in every direction. The next closest planet was vaporized as the gas giant pulsed. The ensuing shockwave would shear the tiny planetoid, mining colony of Argo in half. It was furthest from the gas giant star. Still, Argo's scant atmosphere would be blown away, escaping into the vacuum of space. The planetoid would basically be unlivable.

Kara executed a perfect right angle turn into the astral physics laboratory that her father Zor El had built from scratch, along with help from the rest of their family and friends. The agile girl somersaulted forward landing beside seven prepped escape pods. Two of the pods were occupied by Kara's sisters, Mala and Cyra, the eldest sister, Kemma, had not yet arrived. Mala and Cyra were already in cryo-freeze mode. Kara shuddered. To her, they appeared dead.

The young girl turned around, facing the empty lab, waiting for her parents to appear. Instead of wasting time, Kara entered her own cryo-pod and began the preliminary pre-launch set up. Her parents had drummed the drill into all of the children's heads. The idea had been to complete the launch on their own if need be. The transparent door slid over Kara and locked into place. The pod began its trajectory calculations…still no sign of her parents. Kara stacked her data crystals in the storage area behind her shoulder. The crystals contained all pertinent data on Krypton and the known universe.

"Sequence initiated"…The tinny computerized voice echoed through Kara's escape pod. She glanced once more at her sleeping sisters, and then the empty lab and sighed. I hope mom and dad and everyone else gets off planet safely…Kara thought. Just then, Alura, her mother, entered the lab. She'd been injured, likely by falling debris.

Blood dripped from Alura's forehead and matted down her long blonde hair. She staggered towards the pods, barely avoiding a ceiling section, as it crashed down into the lab. Kara was about to pull the emergency release to help her mom.

Alura waved at her. "No…don't." She mouthed the words to her frightened daughter. The planet rocked violently again. This time it didn't stop shaking. Alura fell to her knees and crawled the rest of the way to her youngest daughter's cryo-pod. The atmosphere had been obliterated. There was only a few seconds of air left. All of the oxygen had been sucked out into space. Argo Colony cracked in half as predicted. Alura slapped the launch button, and Kara was frozen in time.

The small pod lifted from the shattered planetoid and sped off into the blackness of space, closely followed by tons of debris. Argo listed to one side. Eventually, its orbit would deteriorate minute by excruciating minute until the red giant star swallowed the planetoid wholly. Kara's ship spun away from the cataclysm. A good-sized meteorite bounced off her ship's hull. Thankfully, her father, Zor El, and uncle, Jor El had considered that when constructing the children's pods.

Kara's ship's trajectory had been altered very slightly, but it continued onward towards Earth. The ship's instructional database droned on about every insignificant detail of Earth and its solar system. The Kryptonian brain had the ability to absorb knowledge even during sleep periods.

Kara's ship arrived on Earth, splashing down in a riverbed. Unfortunately, the ship's cryo-genics program had been damaged and refused to unlock and defrost Kara…for sixteen Earth years! The flight from Krypton had only been about three Earth years. Kara had been told to seek out her cousin…baby Kal El, only child of Jor El and Lara. Obviously, this plan didn't work!

The silvery pod lay at the bottom of Reeves Dam undisturbed below the riverbed. Suddenly, the torrent of water released by the holes in the dam dug deep into the river's base. The neglected pod sprung forward and up to the surface as it whirled downstream. The warm mid-afternoon sunshine hit the icy transparent cover encasing young Kara. A battle above her raged on.

Two super-powered beings were tossing each other about like kids in a playground. One had thrown the other through the hundred-foot dam's wall, shattering the cement. The two twisted in midair choking each other.

Meanwhile, Kara's pod landed softly in the sandy shallow side of the riverbank. The sun beat down on the fallen craft melting the ice throughout. The pod beeped to life, quickly increasing the temperature within. Kara coughed to life. To her, the trip had been minuscule. Her last memory was of her mother starting the launch. The teen's mind slowly came into focus.

Something had gone wrong, terribly wrong. When Kara left Argo she was merely a feisty twelve-year old. Now her body had grown. Her formerly shoulder length golden hair draped below her thin waist, wet and matted.

The instructional program had ended, and Kara felt the warm air filling her icy lungs. She punched open the cockpit shield, and it flew hundreds of feet into the air above the cool water. The teen wobbly climbed out of the craft, quickly falling into the wet sand. From her knees, Kara drew in a number of deep breaths. She vomited up the foreign water and checked her clothing.

Kara's tunic had yellowed, and ripped in several places, some of which were embarrassing. She glanced down at her breasts and gawked. I don't remember these… Her distracted thoughts were interrupted by the melee above her in the bright blue sky. I've made it to Earth! At least I think somy mission…my mission was to locate and protect Kal El.

The air surrounding her was warm and humid, completely the opposite of Argo or Krypton. She noticed that two beings were locked in combat. Kara watched as one fighter threw the other into some…trees? Earth is so beautiful, why are they destroying it? She pondered.

Kara stood up and wavered slightly. The Earth's sun was hot and bright and seemed to be filling her with energy. Kara stretched her cramped muscles, tearing another edge of her tunic off in the process. "AAAAH!" A high-pitched whistling noise tore into Kara's hearing like a dagger. She winced and covered her ears.

Some information scrolled across her ship's little water stained view-screen in her native Kryptonian. Kara read it despite the onslaught to her mind. The sound you hear is the unique frequency created by your uncle, Jor El and installed in his son Kal El's genetic code. This is how you identify him from the Earth people, Kara. The teen digested this new information.

Why is Kal El so big? She wondered silently. Either way he's in trouble. Kara noticed that her body felt light. She glanced down and saw that she was hovering about a foot above the sandy riverbank. "Great Rao!" She exclaimed, "What a strange world this is!"

Kara began to prioritize her next actions. First, she dug out her pendant from a secret compartment, draping it over her thin neck. Then she locked up the ship, sliding a secondary panel across the cockpit. The amulet with the triangular symbol of the House of Zor El dangled high above her ample chest. She shoved the ship back into the water.

Unfortunately, her superior strength caused the silvery transport to stick deeply in the riverbed. Kara sighed. This will take some getting used to, she thought sourly. "I'm coming, Kal El!" Kara's plan was to walk up onto the riverbank and distract Kal's attacker. She was shocked when her walk turned into a run with hyper speed.

She ran out of control for several miles, finally tripping over a fallen tree, landing unceremoniously in a dried bed of foliage. Kara glanced up and realized that she'd no idea where she was. The teen also had superior hearing, so she listened intently for the sound of the raging river. Kara pinned the noise down to a specific direction.

The alien beauty took off at a run, this time her visual perception shifted into hyper speed as well and she easily gauged where the river was and observed the battle, which ensued above. The two super-powered beings were still pummeling each other.

Each hit resounded in a crack of thunder. Kara eyed the conflict, awaiting a break in the action, and for the warriors to separate. They unclenched. She jumped straight up and extending her arms, and clenching her fists, hit her cousin's attacker in the mid-section, knocking him several miles away from the river, into the dense underbrush. "Kal! Kal! Are you alright?"

Clark glanced over at the petite, ragged looking blonde. One of his eyes had swelled up. Blood began to drip from one nostril. "And you are?" He asked. "Kara Zor El, your cousin from Krypton." The alien replied. Clark's comments were preempted by another punch.

Kara realized that she could defy gravity at will. Clark spun end over end, landing awkwardly on the ground, halfway up the hillside. Kara rocketed toward the assailant, flanking him, and caught him off guard with a quick grab and throw motion. She sent the evil phantom sailing across the nearby quarry and he impacted a solid wall of limestone. The quarry's face shattered in a roughly circular pattern around him. Debris plunged downward into the quarry's basin.

Kara spotted two women in trouble. She doubled back. One of the women was severely injured, and was being carried out of a tunnel by the other. Lois Lane fell to her knees out of breath. Her cousin, Chloe Sullivan was unconscious. Kara floated higher and then flew in towards the struggling woman. She swooped low and to her surprise, easily picked Chloe up and carried her a safe distance away. "What the hell was that?" Lois asked.

Clark was groggy and didn't answer her. He had no idea what to say to his good friend, 'That was my alien cousin to the rescue?' He thought dryly. Kara was about to return when the evil Clark look-alike cornered her high above the river. "Another Kryptonian?" He croaked. "Today's my lucky day!" Kara smirked. "Hardly."

She spun around and kicked the phantom in the rib cage, sending him sprawling into the roughage in a nearby field. The teen alien glanced away for a moment. The phantom blindsided Kara punching her in the stomach and sending her tumbling onto the hillside near Lois.

Clark urged her to take care of the injured teen and took the opportunity to escape when Lois turned around. He quickly tracked the phantom and restarted the melee. Lois bent over Kara, brushing the grime and dried blood from the girl's wet and matted long blonde hair.

"Aw, she's just a kid, Clark." Lois said as she turned around. "Clark?" The phantom soon ditched Clark and returned to harass the girls. Lois heard the thump of the creature's landing behind her. She immediately jumped to her feet, and roundhouse kicked the being in the chin, catching him by surprise. It took a few seconds for Clark to catch up.

The phantom lost his balance and fell into Clark, knocking them both over the side of the dam. The two plunged downward with their hands around each other's throats. The creature snarled. "After I finish you off, I get her next!" Clark growled through the choke hold. "I doubt that, Bizarro!" They landed with a thud along the riverbank, both temporarily knocked out.

"Oh my God! Clark!" Lois exclaimed, as Kara began to stir. "Mama?" She asked groggily. "No, I'm Lois, Lois Lane, sweetie." She knelt beside the fallen teen. "Where's Kal El?" Lois was puzzled. "Who? You mean Clark? He's in trouble…"

Before Lois finished her sentence, Kara's big blue eyes fluttered open. "Where?" She groaned. Lois tried to explain, but Kara was up on her feet already, and vaulted up into the bright afternoon sky. She was a blur as she dove at full speed over the edge of the dam towards her unconscious cousin.

"Holy crap!" Lois yelled as the super girl's rocket speed knocked her off her feet. Lois rubbed her backside. "Chloe always said that this town was weird." She grumbled. "Oh my god! Chloe!" She'd nearly forgotten that her cousin had been spirited away by the young mutant.

Kara's quick acceleration caused a sonic boom as she swooped in low over the fallen foes. The alien teen's eyes began to burn. "Ow!" Kara slowed as twin red laser-like beams lanced out from her wide eyes. The discharge blew a two-foot hole in the stony riverbank, sending pebbles scattering and turning some sand into glass. Kara closed her eyes, stopping the beams and floated clumsily to the ground.

"Kal! Kal! Wake up! I can't see!" Kara's shrill frantic voice brought Clark back to his senses. He groaned and rubbed his head as he sat up. "What do you mean you can't see?" Kara quickly explained her predicament. "Okay, face away from me, and slowly open your eyes." He instructed. Kara complied, and thankfully her big blue eyes had returned to normal. She hugged Clark. "Kal, are you sure you're okay?" He nodded and winced under Kara's powerful grip. "Is it dead?"

"Not likely." The creature snarled as it stood up. Clark reflexively shoved Kara behind him. She floated upward and peered over his shoulder. The phantom took a swing at Clark's chin, barely missing it. Clark grabbed the pendant from Kara's neck and pressed it against the being's chest.

It howled in agony. Kara watched in horror as a black and silver wraithlike creature began to separate from the Clark look-alike's body. As soon as the creature cleared its host, Kara instinctively blasted it with her laser vision. She hadn't thought about the action at all. The body dropped to the ground.

The wraith exploded in a fiery mess. The force of the blast knocked Kara and Clark several hundred feet in the opposite direction. The two aliens were down for the count along the riverbank. The phantom had been vaporized, and its host lay motionless in the midst of a shallow crater.

Lois had made her way back to the car and drove down the access road from the dam. She still needed to find Chloe. The dam continued to spew water from the reserve into the river through a large hole. Clark finally came to and noted that Kara was still knocked out. He stood up and wobbly made his way over to her. Kneeling over his young cousin, he inspected her injuries with his x-ray vision. No broken bones, that's good. She's probably got a mild concussion, he reasoned. "Hey Kara?" Clark shook her shoulder.

"Is it time to get up already?" Kara complained, bringing a smirk to Clark's face. She opened her eyes and said: #&*!&*? (Are you okay?) in her native Kryptonian. "Huh?" Clark asked. Kara repeated her question. "I can't speak the language." Clark pointed out.

"How can you not speak your family's language?" Kara asked with an air of disappointment in her voice. "I can read most of it, but I can't really speak it. I mean it's not as if I had anyone to practice with." Clark defended. "Where's Chloe?" Kara gasped.

"Oh! I forgot about her. Hold on." She took off flying before Clark could warn her against revealing herself any further. The alien teen returned shortly with a very seriously injured Chloe in her thin arms.

"She's in bad shape, Kal El." Kara began as Clark x-rayed his longtime friend. "She's got no internal injuries." He announced. "I'm no doctor, but she should be fine." Kara shook her head, as her matted golden hair covered part of her face. "I sense no alpha waves from her brain, Kal El." Clark frowned. What? You mean she's brain dead?" Kara shrugged. "I don't know what humans call it."

"I have the ability to sense energy. That's one of the ways that I found you, and could tell the difference between you and the phantom creature. Alpha waves are like a fingerprint. Every brain has a unique signature. Kryptonians have a higher energy output than humans. It acts as a beacon, leading those who can sense them to a specific person." Kara explained. "How do you know all this?"

Clark was skeptical yet amazed. "Kal, Kryptonian education begins very early in our lives. The major sciences are standard learning for any ten-year old…at least it was. Now Krypton's all gone. We are the last two surviving members of our race." Kara added grimly. "I wouldn't bet on that, Kara. I've run into several Kryptonians and other races, especially within the last two years."

"Most Kryptonians I've met, with the exception of Raya, were evil and bent on my destruction or Earth's." Clark remarked. "We have to get Chloe to a doctor." Kara examined the unconscious girl. "No." She said adamantly. "Earth's technology is too primitive to help her. We need to get her to my ship and see if it can help." Clark's eyes widened. "Your ship?" Kara nodded. "Or yours, if you prefer." Clark reddened. "I sort of blew mine up." He said sheepishly as Kara scowled.

"What? Why would you do such a thing, Kal El? All of Krypton's knowledge was contained in the crystals hidden within it." She admonished. "It was an accident, kind of." Clark defended. "I never saw any crystals." Kara folded her arms defiantly, as she floated over to her cousin. She handed Chloe to him. "We'll have to use my ship, then." Kara offered as Clark agreed. "Where is it?" She pointed to the river. "At the bottom of the water, come on!" Clark held Chloe tightly.

"Kara, Chloe can't survive underwater as long as we can." The alien teen floated straight up. "Then we'll have to bring the ship to her. I'll be right back." Kara executed a perfect jackknife dive into the onrushing current, heading to the bottom of the river.

She reappeared a few moments later with a triangular silver and black vehicle about the size of a small car across her back. Kara set it down before Clark. It had a number of emblazoned Kryptonian symbols along its hull, and a white cockpit with more symbols throughout, some of which were lit and appeared to move independently.

Kara popped open the secondary door covering the cockpit. "Put her in." She directed as Clark placed Chloe in the cramped seating area as comfortably as possible. Kara closed the cockpit and pressed a series of Kryptonian symbols in a specific order along the rear of the ship's hull. Each one lit up as she touched it. "It's keyed to Kryptonian DNA." Kara explained. A sequence of blue and green lights encircled Chloe's head. "What's it doing?" He inquired. Kara effortlessly went horizontal as she continued to defy gravity. "The ship was programmed to be a teaching instrument."

"It can enable the occupant of the craft to learn programs even if they're unconscious. It was my instructional device on the way here from Argo. It's obviously never been used on a human before. It should work. The system is re-firing Chloe's synapses, and initiating brain activity." Clark looked on worriedly. "Will it kill her?" Kara shrugged. "Not likely. Either it will work or it won't. I have to stop it at a certain point, though. The human brain can only stand so much energy influx."

"Kryptonian brains can handle much more. It can also work in reverse." Kara continued. "Meaning it can make people forget things as well." Clark was impressed with his young cousin's knowledge and understanding of Kryptonian technology. "It can do all that?" Kara nodded. "Yes. That's what my father, your uncle, Zor El said." Chloe convulsed as Clark watched nervously.

"You said you're from Argo, not Krypton?" Clark tried to make conversation. "Yes, Argo was a small planetoid mining colony at the edge of the Kryptonian solar system. My family was from there. We were considered of a lower caste than your family, but my father, Zor El loved my mother, Alura, no less. Jor El never bought into the caste system, believing that it stunted intellectual growth."

"It's almost time." Kara announced as the lights encircling Chloe's head turned red. "Shhh!" Kara urged. "Someone's coming!" On cue, Lois's car bounced down the well-beaten path leading from the dam onto the main highway. She spotted Clark, Kara, the creature, and the spaceship.

Kara's spaceship beeped as the light show around Chloe ended. The young alien beauty hurriedly pressed a series of Kryptonian symbols, and the craft's cockpit opened. Clark anxiously awaited any sign from Chloe. Meanwhile Lois's car skidded to a stop near the fallen creature, scattering pebbles in every direction. She unhooked her safety belt, turned off the car, and hopped out. "Oh Clark! Thank God!" Lois ran over and hugged her best friend. Kara smiled.

Under her breath, certain that Clark could hear her, Kara asked: "Is she your consort, Kal?" Her voice was below a whisper. He glanced over at her when Lois wasn't watching. "No." Kara smirked, acting like any normal sixteen-year old girl would do. "No what?" Lois asked. "Uh…nothing. Chloe, are you all right?" Clark changed subjects quickly. His friend slowly sat up. "That depends how you define all right." She croaked.

"What the hell happened? What am I doing in this thing, whatever it is?" Kara floated alongside her ship to meet Chloe. Clark and Lois helped her out of the spaceship. "And you are?" Chloe glanced at the petite disheveled teenager.

"Kara Zor El…" She began. "My cousin Kara." Clark cut her off. "Really?" Chloe forced a smile. "She's the real deal." He added, trying not to sound too proud. "So Clark, do all of your family members fly through the air, kick serious ass, and have super powers?" Lois grilled. "Nope, she's the first one." Clark deadpanned. "What is that?" Lois gestured toward the ship. "My spaceship." Kara answered before Clark could invent a fabrication. "I see." Lois whistled. Clark sighed.

"I guess it's time for Lois to join our little club." Chloe quipped. "We've got no choice." Clark shrugged. "We were never really good at keeping secrets anyway." Chloe stood, wavering a bit. "Don't take this the wrong way, cuz, but why aren't you dead?" Lois asked cynically. Chloe seemed to be trying to recall the recent events. Kara pressed some symbols on the ship and it silenced.

She replaced the cockpit cover and floated out from behind it in full view of the girls. "You are flying, aren't you?" Chloe asked the teen alien. "Yes." Kara flew a quick circle around them and landed softly beside Lois. "Good, I thought my eyes were going." Chloe joked. Lois cast a sidelong glance at Kara who smiled brightly. "Cute kid." She remarked. There was an awkward silence.

"So, are we just going to ignore the bursting dam behind us?" Chloe asked. "True! We have to do something, Kara, it will flood the whole area." Clark urged. "Got it, Kal! Follow me!" The alien girl flew high above them. "I uh…can't fly." He admitted sheepishly. Lois and Chloe exchanged glances. "That's ridiculous Kal, all Kryptonians can fly in Earth's light atmosphere." Kara insisted. "I don't know how." Clark added. Kara sighed. "Fine. We'll do this the hard way."

She dove into the river and came back up with an armful of silt, sand, and pebbles. Kara flew to the hole in the dam and shoved the mess into it. She used her heat vision to turn the mixture into cement, which blocked part of the hole, slowing down the water flow. "Your turn Kal!" Kara said as she flew back to them. "Unless you're going to make me fix the dam, myself."

Clark stared at Lois and Chloe, then used his hyper speed to zip into the river and grab a good amount of the same stuff Kara had. The teen beauty flew down behind him, picked Clark up, and clumsily tossed him over to the dam's crack. He repeated the procedure, blocking the water flow significantly. The super powered aliens made a few more quick trips, and the water stopped.

The hole in the dam would hold for a while until the construction crew could repair it properly. Clark stood before Chloe and Lois sopping wet. Kara flew down to stand next to him. "Good job you two." Chloe praised. Lois was busily inspecting Kara's spaceship.

"Uh…Lois…don't touch anything!" Clark warned. "Spaceships, flying girls, super-powered freaks, and Lex Luthor sitting right in the middle of it all!" Lois remarked vehemently. "My dad, the general was right."

"There were all kinds of weird and scary things out in the world and beyond. I thought he was just trying to scare me. He wanted me to get married, settle down, pop out a couple of pups, and not ask too many questions." She remarked. "Not me, not this girl. You are giving me this exclusive, aren't you Clark?"

Chloe frowned. "Lois, let it go!" Clark and Kara stood by silently. "What? This is the single biggest story of our lifetimes, probably in the history of the world." Lois protested. "No way cuz! Clark and Kara's privacy takes precedent." Chloe challenged. "Why are you called Clark, and why are you trying to keep yourself a secret, Kal?" Kara was puzzled and hurt.

"We'll have to take this debate home, Kara." Clark instructed. "We can't leave him, and your spaceship sitting out here in the open." Kara was frustrated. "Why?" Chloe tried to smooth over the situation. "Because people don't understand that you and Clark are different." Lois was still nosing around the spaceship. "We can discuss this at home." Clark urged. "Fine." Kara snorted. "Excuse me." She edged past Lois, picked up her ship and balanced it across her back.

"Whoa!" Chloe gasped. Lois's eyes widened. "Help her Clark." Lois snapped. "Maybe we should come back at night and drag it home with the pickup?" Clark suggested. "Too risky." Chloe said. "Yeah, the cops were crawling all over the dam looking for Luthor." Lois stated. "I've got it Kal!" Kara insisted and flew upward a few feet. "Can you follow me, running?" Clark asked.

"I suppose, though it would take longer than flying." Kara agreed. "Ready? Let's go!" Clark picked up the body that the creature possessed and dashed off. Kara zipped along behind him, still carrying her ship. Lois stared after them in disbelief. "Amazing!" Chloe stuck her tongue in her cheek. "Yeah, I never quite get used to that."

Lois shook her head. "Aliens living among us. I always thought Clark was a bit weird, so I shouldn't be at all surprised to find out that he's from another planet." Chloe stretched leisurely. "I just want a nice hot bath, a steaming latte, and a good night's sleep." Lois opened the doors to her car. "How can you sleep at a time like this?"

Chloe laughed. "I got used to our resident space alien rather quickly." Lois shook her head. "How long have you known about E T?" She joked. "I found out over two years ago." Chloe replied. "How can you sit on a story like that?" Lois pressed as she started the car and drove to the main road. "Out of…respect for Clark's wishes." Chloe said sincerely.

"You still love him, don't you?" Lois didn't pull any punches. "Oh I don't know about that." Chloe dead panned. "I have Jimmy." Lois was relentless. "Oh come on, cuz! Have you seen those eyes? That physique? The farm boy charm?" Lois shocked Chloe with her comments.

"Lois? You have a crush on Clark?" She snickered. "I don't know. Maybe, it's not as if men are banging on my door for dates." Chloe laughed heartily. "It doesn't bother you that he's a space alien?" Lois waved her hand. "I mean he's still goofy old, wimpy, tractor driving Clark, isn't he?" Chloe smirked. "Yeah, and more."

"He's anatomically correct, right?" Lois asked. Chloe's eyes started to water from laughing. "I don't know, I suppose. You'd have to ask Lana." She finally got out. "Why can't I just fall for a normal guy?" Lois complained.

"Actually, Clark is more normal than most guys. It's just that he has this whole other side to him." Chloe explained. "That's one of the first things that Mrs. Kent said to me when I came to Smallville. Did he ever tell you that I saw him sans clothes, and in a shower?"

"Oh really?" Chloe felt a pang of jealousy and changed the subject. "Lois, what's the last thing that you remember before the dam broke?" Lois turned onto another roadway, checking behind her to see if they were being followed. "I was lying on the ground inside the dam's inner workings. You were passed out next to me. There was blood all over the floor and a deceased guard near some machinery." Chloe sighed. "Lois…that blood…was yours." Lois gulped. "I know."

"The guard got the best of me…and skewered me with a massive hunting knife." Lois began to sweat with the horrific memory. "Lois…you were dead when I found you." Chloe said grimly. "No! I couldn't have been…I mean people just don't come back to life…" Lois protested. "Honey, remember that this is Smallville, death isn't necessarily permanent. The fact is…that I think I brought you back…everything's hazy after that, until I woke up inside Kara's ship."

"You didn't see that Bizarro freak that Clark was battling then?" Lois questioned her. "He looked and acted like Clark. They were throwing each other around like rag dolls. Kara intervened, and I guess they got the best of the freak job." Chloe considered Lois's story.

"He had to be one of Lex's creations that went AWOL." Lois nodded. "Like Wes Keenan, Luthor's genetically enhancing people with or without their consent. I'm taking the bald wonder down." Chloe grimaced.

"Lois, you know I love you like a sister, but you can't take down Lex without major backing." Chloe tried to dissuade her. "Why doesn't Clark just snap Lex's neck like he deserves? I mean he's got all this power…" Lois turned into the Kent Farm access road. "You don't understand Clark at all, Lois. It's not as if you can go around killing people." Lois sighed. "You're right. I'm just steamed, that's all." Chloe nodded. "I know. To beat Lex we have to do it legally."

Clark and Kara arrived at the deserted Kent Farm simultaneously. They stowed Kara's ship and the Bizarro genetic freak's body within a hastily dug storage area below the barn's floor. Clark quickly replaced the floorboards and took a moment to examine his young cousin.

The teen beauty was filthy, had a bruised cheek, and her clothing was nearly shredded. "First, we need to get you dressed and cleaned up, then we can talk. Chloe and Lois will be here soon." Kara absently nodded. "Oh Kal, Earth is so beautiful! It's not at all like Krypton or Argo." She commented as they walked into the antique yellow and brown farmhouse.

"Kara, how did you find me?" Clark showed the teen to the new room he'd added. He expected Lana Lang to move into it when she returned from China. "I knew it was you Kal. I heard the warning." She replied as she brushed the thin curtains from the bedroom window to look out over the farm. "You mean that high pitched whistling sound?"

Kara nodded. "It is in the genetic code of every Kryptonian. Each individual has his or her specific unique frequency. That's how I could tell you from the other." Clark silently recalled the same story he'd gotten from Raya. Kara appeared to be legit, was she truly related to him? He pondered. Suddenly, Kara back-flipped through the air, and landed happily behind Clark.

"Kal! I'm so glad that I found you!" Clark gaped as she effortlessly flew circles around him. "Why can't you fly?" She pressed. "I don't know." Clark answered. "How can you? You've only been here for a few moments." Kara grinned impishly. "I guess even Kryptonian girls mature faster than boys." She teased with a twinkle in her big blue eyes.

"Don't worry! I'll teach you!" Clark gawked as Kara continued to easily defy gravity, floating horizontally beside him. Still airborne, Kara began her story, leading Clark downstairs. "I've been here below the dam since I landed on Earth. I was sent here to take care of you." She smiled warmly as Clark cast her a sidelong glance. "Take care of me?" He asked skeptically.

"You were supposed to be a baby or at least a toddler. Obviously something went wrong with the launch trajectory of my ship. Your father, Jor El, was a brilliant man. He knew that Krypton was about to be destroyed, taking Argo City with it. The Council didn't believe him, though my father, Zor El did."

"He personally double-checked Jor El's research, and reached the same conclusion. After my father verified Jor El's hypotheses, he began building cryo-sleep chambers for us. He offered the technology to all of Krypton and Argo, but the people were stubborn and scoffed at him."

"We entered our icy prisons just before Krypton exploded. Zor El's hope was that we could all survive the shockwave and settle on a newly colonized world that we would call New Krypton. We were willing to start over. Once the uninhabited planet was terra-formed we would all be reunited." Kara sadly recalled.