Now that the excitement had ended, Kara flew back from Gotham County, where the Extinction Likely Level Event symposium had been held. After dealing with the fertilizer factory fire, Kara was again free to soar through the Kansas skies. She had just passed Grandville.

As she neared central Kansas, the beautiful sunny day had turned decidedly ugly. A cold front, filled with severe thunderstorms, had begun rolling in from the northwest. Kara observed the pitch black wall cloud building upwards, noting the frequent flashes of lightning. Those were followed by loud, persistent, blasts of rolling thunder. The wind began to whip up, and a hail shaft pelted the myriad of wheat tufts that lined the entire acreage of a number of farms.

Kara slowed her approach to the more populated areas of Metropolis, Grant Crossing, and Hillsdale. She landed gracefully in a damp ditch near a two lane highway. To honor her cousin Kal's wishes, Supergirl tried to keep a low profile whenever possible. She would simply speed back to Smallville on foot.

No sooner had she spun up the Kent's wraparound porch, than all hell broke loose. The distant storm clouds began to lower and rotate. Kara had been studying Earth's weather patterns, and she knew that Smallville sat directly amidst what was referred to as tornado alley. She realized that a twister was about to strike. Where was Kal? She silently wondered. She knew that he'd had some experience with them.

Surely the two of them could handle a tornado, she mused, but what exactly to do? Kara trotted into the house and flipped on the family television. Static from the severe storm had already begun to interrupt the broadcasts. The high winds were beginning to knock down electrical power lines.

The weather forecasters on every receivable channel had confirmed that a tornado warning was in effect. The areas directly in the storm's path were Grandville, Smallville, Grant Crossing, Hillsdale, Metropolis, and ultimately, Gotham City. Kara zipped back outside, and identified that the funnel cloud had reached the ground. She used her hyper speed to corral and secure the animals in the barn.

Completing that, she yelled above the increasing din of the howling wind. "Kal? Where are you?" Clark could certainly hear her if he was anywhere in the vicinity. Kara realized that even she wasn't fast enough to save or relocate all the people within the cyclone's path.

"Kara?" Clark replied from somewhere below northern Metropolis. "Kal? There's a tornado heading right for us, and then Metropolis. What should we do?" She asked excitedly, as the debris field below the twister began to increase its size. "Don't panic!" Clark advised. "I'll be there shortly. We can easily survive the twister." Kara frowned. "Yeah, but what about all of the people?" She remarked.

"We'll try and deflect the tornado, if not knock it out entirely." Clark instructed. "You've done this before, right Kal?" Kara's voice wavered and she sounded skeptical. "Not exactly." He admitted. "I once saved Lana from the inside of a twister, but I'm not sure how." Kara scowled. "Terrific." Her voice belied her disappointment.

The Supergirl gawked at the cyclone, as it tore through their neighbor, Nathan Cross's wheat field. "Here goes nothing." Kara muttered as she flew at top speed towards the tornado. The twister's snakelike funnel began to widen exponentially. Kara dove at the funnel's base, her arms extended before her.

When she impacted the twister, the winds had been whirling around her at over 100 MPH. The funnel buckled as she blasted through it and flew high up into the vortex. The twister wouldn't relent. The spinning debris peppered her face. It wouldn't do any damage of course, but she found it irritating.

The tornado resumed its original form as Kara popped out the other side. "That didn't do much." She complained loudly as Clark arrived. "Kal! The tornado is too powerful!" Kara said excitedly. "I just dented it!" Clark was just learning how to fly, and leapt up at the ever increasing torso of the twister. "We'll have to try a different tactic." He stated, as the lightning bolts exploded around him.

"Maybe we should concentrate on the victims." Clark offered. "It would hit Nathan Cross's farmhouse next." He pointed out. "We'd better make sure that they headed into a safe place." Kara suggested as she used her x-ray vision to survey the accelerating cyclone's path. She saw no evidence of the landowners in the vicinity. All of the structures were deserted.

Clark spun out of control, as his attempted flight proved fruitless. He made an ungainly dive towards the Cross's driveway, only to crash sloppily into the base of the family's grain silo. Kara had zipped past him, using her x-ray vision to locate the property's storm cellar. To her relief, she saw the infrared images of four skeletons huddled together. "The Cross's are safe, Kal!" Kara shouted above the din.

Clark had clumsily made his way atop the grain silo roof. Kara joined him there, feeling unusually helpless. "Maybe we should try blowing it out." He brainstormed. "Kal, you want to blow out the tornado?" She asked skeptically. "It's not a candle on a birthday cake." She added cynically.

"It can't hurt to try." Clark insisted. "I recall being able to move the clouds away from the farm by taking a deep breath, aiming it at the sky, and exhaling. Chloe and I were supposed to go to the beach for a picnic." He explained. "I blew the rainclouds away, and allowed the sunshine to take hold."

"Okay. Whatever works!" Kara agreed. "Maybe between the two of us, we can shift the twister's pattern. Maybe we can send it into the least populated areas." Clark nodded, and promptly jumped off the silo roof arcing into the sickly green colored sky, only to falter and lose altitude.

"Whoa! Kal!" Kara yelled as she swept out of the sky following Clark's spiraling flight downward towards the ground. She grabbed her cousin by the left arm and steadied him long enough to allow for his ascent back upwards. "Thanks!" Clark said as they clasped arms and soared back near the cyclone.

They separated, and took up positions just ahead of the veering twister. Simultaneously, Clark and Kara inhaled deeply and then blew out their breath. The fierce blast from their alien lungs directly hit the tornado's midsection. The swirling debris scattered, and the funnel went horizontal.

The abrupt change in pressure and wind shear immediately dissected the whirlwind. It snapped back up into the angry clouds. The lightning continued to flash and the thunder rolled.

"We did it, Kal!" Kara smiled brightly as she gave Clark the high five, adding their own thunder clap to the echoing storm. Their happiness was short-lived however. Mere moments later the aliens' sensitive hearing picked up a loud hissing sound just behind them. "Oh no!" Clark gasped.

Now, five swirling funnels dropped down from the bloated clouds. Each one chose a path towards Metropolis, and Grandville beyond it. "Kal! We made things worse!" Kara cried out, as she twisted in midair. The only good thing was that the tornadoes were far smaller than the original thicker one.

"We only have one choice now Kara, we have to protect the citizens of the city and towns in the twisters' paths." Clark said sullenly. "Kal! How can we save everyone?" Kara shouted tearfully. "We can't!" Clark confirmed sourly. "Even we aren't fast enough to move a whole town full of people out of the cyclones way." Kara scowled. "How? How do we decide who to save, and whom to let die?"

This was the nightmare scenario that Clark had always feared he'd have to face. "Maybe everyone got the warnings." He commented hopefully. "Let's concentrate on getting everyone we see off the streets, first." Clark unsteadily flew low to the ground, Kara chose the higher route.

A familiar red and tan sport coupe approached them. The driver was cruising at too high a speed for the weather conditions. A torrential downpour had begun, complete with small hail. The car skidded sideways briefly before the person regained control. Clark dove straight for the reckless driver.

"Lois!" He yelled, as the car screeched to a halt. Lois briefly stepped out into the cloudburst, as the hail pelted her. "Hey Clark! How about grabbing some pictures of the tornadoes for me?" She shouted above the din. "You are incorrigible!" Superman said angrily as he landed beside her. "You can't be serious!"

"I am serious, hon!" Lois defended. "We can plaster all the photos across the Daily Planet's front page, the website, and even our ridiculous face book pages. How many opportunities do you get to photograph twisters close up?" Clark scowled. "We are out here saving people, Lois!" He rebuked her.

"Exactly my point, Smallville!" Lois said, partially reaching back into her car. She pulled out two cameras that she'd borrowed from Jimmy Olsen, which had been covered by plastic. "What could be better than some shots of you and super Kara flying through the air to a rescue?" She insisted.

Clark didn't want to waste any more time arguing with Lois. He knew that once she'd set her mind to something, she wouldn't relent. "Stubborn!" He mumbled. "Fine! Give me the cameras." He snapped. "Promise me that you will turn right around and head back to Metropolis, and park yourself below the Daily Planet until this swarm of tornadoes." He said as he took the cameras from her outstretched hand.

"I promise!" Lois smirked. "Cross my heart and hope to…not die!" Superman growled and leapt up into the driving rain. "Woo! Hoo!" Lois whooped as she climbed back into her soaked car, and quickly spun around, heading back the way she'd come. She hadn't gone far when she realized that she wasn't going to make it, as one of the twisters crossed the roadway in front of her, and another not far behind her.

"Crap!" Lois cursed as she became aware of the dangers. "How the hell do I get myself into this sh…?" Her car suddenly went airborne, twisting high above the now flattened Kansas wheat fields.