FyNal DreaM

FyNal DreaM

Chapter 1

The first freeze

Once I asked what if there was time but it was never measured. What if it kept on raining forever but the drops on water never got any thing wet. What if words were written but never read. Those very things I would dream about happening.. In those days you could see things like that demonstrated on T.V shows like the twilight zone. But what is the twilight zone with out the twilight zone. This is what I tried to find and succeeded in only touching the utmost layer of. What I'm about to tell you was a dream of the reality I experienced. I call it a dream only for the reason that if I had called it reality one would say it was probably just a whole bunch of dreams. If you get where I'm going with this I'm content, but if you don't then stop reading. If you're still here then you are about to experience my distant memories of times where there weren't clocks to time, a sun that made you hot or rain that got you wet.

The first thing I can remember is the grandfather clock in my living room stopped and the sky turned dark bluish purple. I had been raining but and the rain which was always made me feel alright now never got me wet. I loved the rain with all my heart I'd feel that it related to me some how. Other than this the sun had disappeared and moon was left in its place. Not only was the moon the only thing in the sky but it was dark purple. Going out side I didn't see any one on the streets. It felt like I was the only one left in the world like the "I am Legend" story. As I was thinking about this I noticed some one a little far off. "Hello there" I called. The person didn't respond but just started to walk toward me. The walk turned into a run and from standing I started to back away. I was too late he caught up to me only a second after I started to run. He took hold of my shoulder and turned me around and whispered in my ear "calm down I'm here to help you". He tossed me a light sword and unsheathed his own. "Ready?" he asked and swung his sword toward me. I didn't know what to do but block it. "I thought you were here to help me" I shouted while we kept on exchanging blows. "shhh or they'll hear use" the figure replied.

I don't know how I held up against him but he backed off after a few minutes. "Pretty good I didn't expect you to be this familiar with a sword this'll be fun." He said after we stopped. "Why are you attacking me, what are you talking about? Who are 'they'?" I asked, puzzled. "You'll find out soon" he replied. After he said that a big creature appeared in the town I was in. "Crap why now?" The figure complained. "What?" I asked, puzzled. After that I think he hit my head because everything went black.

"He's coming to, hurry get Haru he's getting up" said a voice. When I opened my eyes I saw that I was in a dark room tinted with purple. "Where am I??" I asked hoping for a answer from the dark. A deep voice came from and open door that seemed to be the only light. "You are in what's called the deep dark room for resistant new comers". The figure was tall and slim with a robe covering his whole body except for his tall black boots. When he took off his hood, spiky silver hair that went as far as his neck and turquoise eyes shown from his face. "My name is Deh Haru I am the president of this city called Ridu. You happen to be a being we are in need of. Sorry about tying you up like that but we figured that you would be resistant to complying with us once you were told of what we need you to do" the figure said breaking my train of thought.

"What are you talking about?" I questioned trying to get up. When I tried to lean up it was really hard. At the moment couldn't see that belt straps were holding me down to the bed I was on. "Don't struggle to hard or you'll hurt yourself" the figure that I learned to call Haru said chuckling. How could someone be amused about me struggling against being tied down to a bed in a dark room in a city I had no clue about? I needed some answers if he wanted me to help him. "Wait a second is this a dream?" I said thinking out loud. "Way to be cliché. Dream on, if this were a dream then you wouldn't have a chance to say that. Well…..unless your special like a old man I once knew" he answered. Logical but still I felt like of time wasn't running normal like that second when the grandfather clock stopped when the pendulum froze in mid swing. I didn't think this was real despite what he said about not being able say that in a dream. "This isn't a dream, you'd be lucky if it was because of what we need you to do for us" Haru said almost as if he had been reading my mind all that time. "I'm not going to do any thing being tied up like this. Anyway I don't want to do what you want I want to go back to my home sorry but you got the wrong guy" I replied, spilling out my resolve. "Yea maybe you're not the one we are looking for. Okay" Haru said this while he picked up a large taser looking weapon. "Hey what's that for, what are you about to do?" I asked. Apparently being tied down, I could do nothing to stop him from hitting me with the weapon.

When the weapon reached my body I suddenly woke up in my own bed room. "So it was a dream" I said to myself staring blankly at my ceiling some what relieved. "Did you have a nightmare or bad dream?" my mother said from across my bed room while opening the curtains. "I guess you could call it that" I replied. The rest of the day was normal, I went to school, ran track and got to my guitar lessons on time. I was starting to think that the dream was really nothing to worry about. When I got home I did my home work for the next day and ate my dinner, played KH3 for the PS3 then fell asleep. When I feel asleep I had a dream about a girl named Kaori in my grade and how she and her friends called me to hang out with them. I laughed and ran to meet them. Suddenly I was pushed back by some invisible force lightly so that I could fight against it but it soon took me over and threw me into a tree leaving me unconscious. When I finally came to I found myself in a court yard of grass leaning on the same tree blinded by a light that my eyes had never seen. Out of the light came a voice that said "are you finally ready for it or are you still hesitant of doing your job little boy?"