(Ok I'm a little new at this. Heck this is the first story I've written in years but nothing ventured nothing gained right. Anyway this is a Naruto/DBZ crossover that takes place after Naruto manga 382. Please review. I dont own Dragonball z or Naruto.)

Return of old Legends, Rise of new Hero's

Pain, the one and only burning sensation felt by the toad sage as five long black spears were jammed into his body by the red headed Akatsuki leader and four of his counterparts. After fighting an intensely drawn out battle against the one called Pain, it seemed that Jiraiya was now finally outmatched. Even after resorting to using his legendary sage power and the joined summoning of Shima and Fukasaku in an effort to take Pain down for good, it seemed that with the use of his Rinnregan and his multi talented doppelgangers, Pain was able to stay at least one or more moves ahead of the mighty sannin. And now at what seemed to be the end Jiraiya lay face down bleeding profusely and doing all in his power to keep going.

I've gotta tell the head sage…before it's too late" he thought to himself as he struggled to pick himself back up. But no matter how hard he willed it his body wouldn't respond. It seemed that his torn up body had finally reached it breaking point "It's no good…my throat's completely caved in" he thought as blood continued to flow from the many puncture wound on his body. "Darn it…Darn it…I…can't….It's no good…I'm passing out…I'm dying" he thought

His world fell into darkness as flashes of his past replayed before his unseeing eyes; he saw the faces of the teammates that he had loved and the teammates that he hadn't been able to save and his star pupil, the man that had lived and died as an honored Hokage. He wished he could have lived and died like they had done, for he believed that his shortcomings were just an amusing distraction that would end up blurring his true character and after all the failures and mistakes that he would be given one last grand adventure and be able to die the death of a true shinobi. But instead he found himself here, face down in a puddle, betrayed; he had been stabbed in the back by a man who at one point had called him sensei. Definitely not the death he had hoped for. He had always wanted to go down fighting for his home, defending the village in some way just like the great Hokages. Fighting some great evil enemy and striking him down with one final blow. And as he lay dying he always envisioned a beautiful woman sobbing over him, begging him to stay with her just a little longer. But alas the dream death he had always envisioned only accumulated to just that, a dream. Slowly his consciousness began to waver as the darkness around him began to consume his body and mind. But before his consciousness completely faded away, Jiraiya heard a familiar voice, one that he had heard a million times in the last few years. It belonged to that crazy knuckle head of an apprentice of his saying something that he had heard a thousand times before.

"I'm going to be Hokage someday, the greatest ninja in history. I don't go back on my word that is my Nindo, my ninja way!" Naruto yelled in his usual overly flamboyant way.

"Hehe…The most important thing for a shinobi to have is the spirit and the guts to never give up! Right Naruto?…Never go back on your word…and never give up, no matter how bad it gets. That's your ninja way. And I'm supposed to be your teacher…I can't go out like this!" he yelled in his head as his eye's began to open again. "Because I…" he said as he began to lift himself up "GHA-HACK" he grunted as he coughed up a large sum of blood from his mouth "The student's ninja way should be the masters to…right Naruto?"

"I was sure his heart had stopped…" Pain said from not too far away who along with his other selves were preparing to leave.

Jiraiya lifted his head to lock eyes with his fallen apprentice for only a moment before he turned his gaze to the elder toad on his shoulder. Without saying a word the elder toad knew what he was being asked to do and hoped off of the toad sage's shoulder and on to the ground in front of him. With the last bit of chakra he had Jiraiya managed to create a small flam on his right index finger and etched one final message on the toads back. As he finished he notice the other pains heading in his direction and with a final nod he sent his toad friend away carrying his last words on his back.

"Never give up…that was the choice I had to make...Naruto…you're the destined child, I know it…the rest is up to you!" He thought to himself smiling before one of the Pain's launched his arm and the concrete slab Jiraiya was laying one. When the projectile made contact with the small concrete island Jiraiya felt himself being plunged into the dark cold water below.

"There, that ending was a little better" he thought as he slowly sank to the bottom of the lake. "Yep the frog at the bottom of the well…Drifts off into the great ocean hehe.. Yep …pretty darn honorable" he thought to himself as he felt himself slowly go numb and his surroundings became dark once again.

"Guess it's time to put down my pen…oops I need a title for the next book …let's see…

Ah got it… the tale of Naruto Uzumaki … perfect" he thought as he finally lost consciousness.

But that wasn't the end of the toad hermit because at that very moment someone appeared out of nowhere, grabbed Jiraiya form underwater and proofed both of them out of the area entirely without anyone, not even Pain himself knowing what happened.

Jiraiya groaned rolling over before his eyes popped open. He immediately sat up and looked around.

"Where the heck am I?" He said to himself looking around.

He was now in a small white room with a small window to his left and a desk to the right and a door probably leading outside at the far end of the room. He was laying on a very comfortable futon and was now wearing a white spa robe from the looks of it. The old man's eyes darted back and forth simply taking in everything about his new surrounds when something else caught his attention.

"What the devil!" he exclaimed.

His arm that had been blown off by the Akatsuki leader had somehow been reattached and had become fully functional again. Now, Jiraiya new about medical jutsus, not to say he was any good at them but he had been partners with Tsunade for years and unless it was some kind of forbidden jutsu there was no way that someone can reattach a destroyed limb without any fragments of the appendage to work with and even then its near impossible to get all motor skill back to nearly 100%. As he looked at his seemingly new arm and moved it around a little something else hit him, he could talk again. Due to the spear that went through his throat almost every tube in his neck had collapsed and inhibited him from breathing too much, let alone talking.

"Ok I'm really starting to freak out now" he said to himself as he looked at his chest where the spears should have gone through.

Not only his throat but all the injuries that he had endured through the fight had been healed not even leaving any scares.

"Ok think" he said trying to calm himself down.

"Could the whole experience with Pain have been a dream? No" he thought. Normally his dreams weren't that painful or unpleasant. "Genjustu? No of cores not" he exclaimed he knew the difference form real life and gen jutsu, after his last flirtatious encounter with Kurini he definitely knew the difference.

"Ok then, given the fact that my arms back and I have no injuries to speak of could this be… heaven?" he said as his eyes popped open.

It was the only explanation that the sage could think of, given what he had just been through he should be dead. He looked out the window to his left to see if this was possible.

"Holy Crap!" He yelled.

The only thing he could see out of his window was white clouds and blue sky. Yep he was dead he concluded as he feel back onto the futon.

"Well looks like I finally bit the big one. Hm…who would have thought that my own student would have been the one to do it. I just wish I knew what caused him to become so twisted." He thought as he pondered over the actions of his former student


Jiraiya had just found his former student and the now leader of the Akasuki and while he had him restrained (in his wild lions mane attack) the toad sage was attempting to get some answers.

"Sensei you are still just a normal person. But I, living in the center of an infinite universe of pain…have grown from a person into something more." The restrained Pain said.

"What?..." Jiraiya asked confused.

"That's right…I've grown from a person…into a god. As a god what I say, what I think becomes the laws of a god. Sensei you're still just a person…I don't expect you to understand what I'm telling you" he said with a definite hint of superiority in his voice "Things I couldn't comprehend as a human are crystal clear now that I am a god. And by the same token I've noticed there are things I can do as a god that I could never dream of doing as a human...put simply I have evolved"

After hearing this Jiraiya was point near dumbfounded, mostly in the fact that his young apprentice who's only wish was to protect those close to him was now proclaiming himself a god.

"What are you trying to accomplish?" the old sage asked trying to find some reason in his thinking. After hearing the question Pain paused for a moment before speaking again.

"I'm going to put an end to this pathetic world and its endless wars. It will be an act of god. "

"Then to what end are you chasing the tailed beasts?"

"I suppose since you're going to die I can tell you my plans. Using the tailed beasts, I will create a new forbidden technique, a technique that will eradicate an entire country in less than a second." He said without a hint of remorse or mercy in his voice.

"How could you even think something like that will stop wars? You'll just make them bigger!" Jiraiya yelled after hearing such lunacy.

"When countries quarrel with one another, what is the quickest way to end the dispute? I will give my ultimate weapon to the warring nations. People who have a weapon will inevitably use it. Hundreds of millions of people would be killed instantly, and the survivors would be completely terrified! All people…all the world will learn what true pain is. My technique will breed fear and serve as a deterrent, and the wars will quickly cease. One could say this world of ours is still growing slowly becoming more balanced. Pain will quicken the world's growth as it did mine. Our world is still in its infancy. But the hand of god has come to guide it down the path to maturity" he said.

End Flashback

"Darn it Nagato, how can you honestly think that mass bloodshed could possibly bring about peace. He has become just as twisted as Orochimaru" Jiraiya though grunting in anger "but…I suppose in retrospect there really isn't much more I can do about the situation at this point, seeing as I'm dead and all. I just hope that Tsunade gets my message and is able to bring that lunatic down before he goes through with this crazy plan." He though as he relaxed again and began thinking of his life and what he was going to do now. Then from the far end of the room the knob on the door began to turn. He immediately sat up expecting to see a beautifully feminine angle ready to nurse him back to health and tend to his every whim to walk in. "Hehehe…maybe being dead won't be so bad if a beautify angle is here to console me" He thought giggling. As he sat there smiling he was shocked to see not an angle, heck it wasn't even a girl but some short fat man. From the looks of him he was no taller the 4 foot and very stocky. He was wearing a small red vest, white poofy paints, red pointed shoes that somewhat resemble elf shoes, and was wearing a turban on his head. His skin was very dark and he had very red puffy lips that made Jiraiya think he was a fish mutant or something.

"Ah I'm glad to see that you have finally woken up" the fat man said in a very monotone but cheerful voice "You had us all worried for a bit."

Jiraiya just looked at the man in shock "I thought heaven was supposed to have angles in it, not fat umpa loompas" he thought to himself.

"My master will be quite pleased; I will retrieve him but in the mean time please help yourself to this" as he said this the fat man brought in a trey of food and set it by Jiraya's futon and then left.

"Ok that was one of the weirdest things I have ever seen" Jiraya said to himself still staring at the door. He looked down at the platter of food the fat man had left him and felt his stomach begin to growl.

"Oh man" he thought "I haven't eaten anything since I left the village and that was at least two days ago".

So not wanting the food to go to waste, the purvey sage began to stuff his face until he noticed a bowl of something that that looked familiar. It was a bowl of noodles, when he saw it he stopped eating and stared at it, thinking about his hyperactive knuckleheaded apprentice of his that ate that stuff all the time.

"Man I'm really gonna miss that kid" he said to himself while reminiscing about the two years that they had spent together. Even thought putting up with Naruto wasn't easy, heck sometimes it was darn near impossible, he had kinda grown on the toad sage and was seen by him almost as a grandson more than an apprentice.

"Oh well… I guess he's Kakashi's full time handful now" he said as he continued eating.

Moments later the door knob began to turn again and the umpa man once again came in.

Jiraiya looked up and just about lost all the food in that was in his mouth when he saw who or rather what was behind the midget. Granted Jiraiya had thought that umpa loopa looked strange but the … thing behind him looked even stranger. It was tall…very tall easily being about 8 to 8.5 foot tall and was wearing a white robe with a red symbol in the middle that said "Kami" but that wasn't the weirdest part, this thing was green. Not just that but it had pointed ears, short antenna sticking out of its forehead, pink muscles and had an odd walking stick.

"Ok" Jiraiya said to himself in his head "if heaven is this weird I don't even want to know what hell is like".

"It's good to see that you are doing well Jiraiya, you gave us quite a scare for a while" The green thing said in a low but calm voice.

"This guy was obviously the umpa loompa's master and the person who owned this place" Jiraiya thought to himself

"I'm sure you have a lot of questions by this point about what happened don't you." said the green person.

Jiraiya nodded slightly, indicating his confusion.

"Alright" the green guy said, "Allow me to introduce myself, my name is Dende and I am the earth's guardian and you are on my lookout tower" Jiraiya simply look at him with even more dumbfounded confusion.

"Earths guardian what the heck was that?" Jiraiya had been around the block more than once but in all of his travels he had never heard of a guardian of earth before not to mention a lookout tower.

"And I see you have already met Mr. Popo" the man continued, the short umpa loompa bowed as he heard his name.

At this point Jiraiya's brain was going into overload as he was coming to grips with the fact that he wasn't dead and that he was talking with the strangest beings that he had ever seen in his life until he finally said something.

"Ok… hold on one second you mean to tell me that 1; I'm not dead. 2; there are green men guarding the earth on floating towers and 3: that you saved me?"

Dende simply smiled and nodded.

"Well then it seems that I should thank you for saving my life but I just need to know what exactly are you two?" Jiraiya asked

"Well" Dende chuckled "I assume that by now you have realized that I'm not human, I am from the planet Namek several thousand light years from earth and Mr. Popo is what you humans would call a genie."

"You mean like a grant 3 wishes genie? I thought they only came out of magic lamps" Jiraiya said taking a closer look at Dende's shorter companion.

"Not quite, Mr. Popo doesn't grant wishes but he does posses some magical abilities and has been on this tower since it was first erected."

"So how long ago was that?"

"Well…to tell you the truth I really am not sure how long this tower has been here but I have been here for over 2,000 years" he answered cheerfully.

"So what is it that you two do exactly?"

"I have the esteemed honor of holding the position of earth's guardian. My job is to oversee what goes on below and to prevent certain harmful events from taking place that the human race isn't ready to deal with. Of course I wouldn't be able to do any of that without Mr. Popo's help." He said.

"Ok then let me ask you this, if you are supposed to be some kind of all powerful watchmen why haven't you stopped the activities of the Akasuki yet?" Jiraiya asked.

"Ah you mean the ordeals with the tailed beast's and all. In all reality that is why you are here but it is really not my place to revile to much yet" Dende said "Anyway right now I would like to introduce you to someone, if you would please follow me" he said as he turned to face the door. Jiraiya nodded, got up and followed the two men out. As they left his room Jiraiya noticed that this lookout tower was huge, it was hard to tell how big yet but it well extended his room. They first went up several flights of stairs and through a few hall ways before anyone spoke.

"So what other questions do you have for me Jiraiya?" Dende asked as they walked.

"Well" Jiraiya started "you could tell me how I got here; last thing I remember was that I was floating down to the bottom of a lake".

"Of course" Dende said nodding "actually the man you are about to meet is the one who went and got you out of the lake and brought you here so I could heal you. But I will tell you it was touch and go for awhile, when you got here nearly all of your vital signs were fading fast and it took me several hours just to get you out of a critical state. It has been some time since I have had to work on someone that injured. After I healed your major wounds it still took you almost a week to wake up on your own"

"A week" Jiraiya yelled in amazement, Dende nodded and kept going "well if I've been here a week already I'm sure everyone at home thinks I'm dead, wont they have a surprise" he thought "Well I appreciate the effort" Jiraiya said scratching the back of his head and smiled. "But what jutsu did you use to heal me, I have a friend who is a medical expert and I don't think even she could have healed me in the state I was in." Jiraiya said.

"You mean Tsunade" Dende turned with a smile.

"Yes but how did you…?"

"As I already told you Jiraiya I am earth's guardian, keeping an eye on who is doing what on earth is part of my job". Anyway" he started again "Her skills are impressive for your species but my technique is of Namekian origin and over the years I have improved them to meet the requirements to treat almost any type of wound" Dende said with a smile as they continued walking.

"So" Jiraiya thought "this guy is an alien and healed me with an alien technique… interesting."

"Here we are" the short one said as they finally reach the outside and into a huge courtyard. Jiraiya winced for a second letting his eyes adjust to the light. A few seconds later he saw someone in a fighting stance in the center of the courtyard but given the fact that the courtyard was so big it was hard to tell who it was. Then all of the sudden the figure flew into the air and started flying around. Jiraiya fell down in pure amazement, he knew that the people from the land of lightning had acquired jutsus for hovering and mid air movement but nothing like this; this… guy was seriously flying, at very high speeds to boot. Then the man came back down and started going through a series of kicks and punches that would have toppled buildings if they would have hit one. Then he suddenly stopped looked their way and yelled.

"HEYYYYYYYYYYYY! What's up you guys" he said and suddenly in the blink of an eye he was standing right in front of them.

"Holy crap!" Jiraya yelled in surprise.

"This guy just traveled a good forty feet in under a second, not even the Yondamie was that fast" Jiraiya thought to himself. Unlike the other two that Jiraiya had met to this point this guy at least looked normal. He was about 5.7-5.8 and wore a sky blue training shirt, baggy blue paints, and black training shoes. This guy also had one of the goofiest haircuts Jiraiya had seen; his hair was jet black and sticking up in three large spikes in the front and a few shorter spikes running horizontally in the back, he was also sporting a smile that rivaled Naruto's after promising to buy him ramen which did creep Jiraiya out a little.

"Jiraiya I would like to introduce you to Goku then man who pulled you out of the lake" Dende said.

"Nice to meet you" Goku said happily as he grabbed Jiraiya's hand and shook it.

"Nice to meet you too" Jiraiya said.

"Well I will leave you two to get acquainted, I have some other things I need to get done in the mean time, Mr. Popo will be here if either of you two needs anything" Dende said as he turned and went back inside.

"Ok see you later Dende" Goku said waving goodbye "Well It's good to see that you're up on feet again Jiraiya, I know you probably have some questions but…. Can we get something to eat first? I just went through my morning training and if I don't get something to eat soon I'm gonna fall over" Goku asked while holding his stomach laughing a bit. Not knowing what to say at this point Jiraiya simply nodded.

"Great follow me" Goku exclaimed.

"This guy is reminding me more and more of Naruto every second" Jiraiya thought to himself with a slight chuckle. "Always ready to go when there's food involved"

Goku first ran over to where Mr. Popo was standing .

"Hey Mr. Popo if you don't mind could you please get us something to eat?" Goku asked as politely as he could with an empty stomach.

"Of cores Goku it would be my pleasure" the midget said in his weird but cheery monotone voice.

And with that he lead them to a dining area where he asked them to wait while he rounded up there meal.

"Ok" Goku started cheerfully as ever "While we wait I'm ready to answer whatever I can for you"

"Well" Jiraiya started trying to clear his mind enough to coherently think of where to start "You could tell who you are and why you saved me? I don't think up till now we have met before and given the fact that you don't look like any ninja I've ever seen I can't think of any reason you would have to save me"

"Ok" Goku started but was interrupted when Mr. Popo came out with a plethora of food on a rather large trey and set it down in front of the two men.

"Dig in" the short man said "I'll be back with more in a moment"

"More?" Jiraiya thought "There's enough here to feed about ten people, way more than me and Goku could eat by ourselves and he's getting more?" Or so he thought for as soon as he had finished his thought he witnessed a sight that would scar him for life….Goku eating. Now, anyone who knew Goku would have been somewhat prepared for this but being that Jiraiya had just met the guy mere minuets ago, he was completely taken back by the speed and sheer quantity of food this guy was taking in. In less than 10 minutes the entire platter had been cleared leaving only ditty bowls pilling up on the table and he was still going.

"And I thought Naruto could wolf down food fast…this guys a machine" Jiriaya thought to himself in complete astonishment and disgust.

As Mr. Popo brought out the next batch of food and took away the first batch of dishes Goku noticed that Jiraiya wasn't eating but staring at him with his mouth open and his eyes bugging out of his head.

"Hey did you want some?" Goku offered, his face still stuffed with food

Jiraiya didn't say anything back just shook his head with his mouth still open and bug eyed.

"Ok but you don't know what you're missing" Goku grinned before he continued to wolf down his food.

"Oh man" Jeraiya thought to himself putting his hand on his stomach "At this point I just hope I can keep my lunch down from earlier…If I have to watch him for much longer I'm gona be sick"

About twenty minutes and three platters latter Goku had finally hit his stride, sat back and patted his stomach.

"AHHHHH now that was a meal" Goku said in satisfaction "So what was that question you asked me earlier" Goku asked the still dumfounded sage.

Jiraiya snapped out of his trance and tried to remember what he had asked this garbage disposal of a man.

"I asked you who you were and why you saved me" Jiraiya said still clinching his stomach somewhat

"Oh yeah that's right" Goku said as his memory was jogged a bit.

"Well" he started "you already know my name is Goku and that I did save you but the reason I did was because I had to ask you something"

"What" the sage asked curiously as he leaned forward towards Goku

"Ummm well…….Hehe…. I kinda…. forgot" He said smiling and chucking at the same time

Hearing this made Jeriaya simply fall over for a second or two.

"Yep his not a ninja alright" he thought to himself. He was very aware that people, even he, where known for forgetting things from time to time but even Naruto would remember something this important.

"Hold on… let me think for a minute it will come to me now that my stomach is full" Goku said to the sage sill laying on the floor in amazement at Goku's forgetfulness.

"Now what was it that king ki wanted me to ask you" Goku said as he put his hand on his chin


"Goku……Goku…….GOKU! Are you listening to me at all" Said the north Kai who at this point was getting more and more put out at Goku who was as usual stuffing his face with food.

"Sorry King Kai but this stuff you put in the dumplings is Awesome!" The hungry sayain exclaimed as he continued eating.

"Goku we don't have time for this…and if you don't start paying attention to what I am saying right now the next time I call you here you won't get any food at all!" Yelled the shot blue Kai.

"Ok, ok, ok I'm sorry King Kai I'll listen but you don't have to be mean about it" Said the now pouting Goku.

"Fine, now listen Goku I need you to return to earth something is going on that may require you to step in" said the now serious Kai.

"What? Back to earth? But I haven't been there since my fight with Omega Shenron which was years ago (actually it was a few thousand years ago but Goku isn't counting) besides I thought you told me earthlings are getting stronger and wouldn't need help anymore." Goku questioned.

"I know what I said Goku but something is going on that I just don't like…I need you to go to earth and……

End of Flashback

"Ah now I remember" Goku shouted triumphantly

"Well what?" Jiraiya questioned again "And who the heck is King Kai?"

Uh…well he's the one who watches over the northern galaxy but that's not important now" Goku said quickly trying not to forget what he was really trying to get out

"I'm supposed to ask you if you could get me in to see the ho…hokige…hokegi…"

"You mean the Hokage?" Jiraiya finished the Goku's sentence.

"Yah that's it I need to tell her of what's going on and King Kai thought that me just warping into her office and explaining everything wouldn't be a good idea."

"So you saved me in order to talk with the Hokage is that right?" The sage asked thinking that this guy was just trying to get a favor out of him by saving his life.

"Yep but originally I wasn't intending to cut it so close, I had to come here and ask Dende to help me find you, since we've never met I didn't know what your energy felt like so I needed some help. By the time we located you, you had just been blown into the lake by that weird eyed guy so I had to use my instant transition to get to you bring you back here so Dende could heal you"

"Now hold on a minute there are still several things I don't get" the sage started "first off what do you mean when you said what my energy felt like?"

Goku looked at the older man in confusion "What do you mean? Can't you feel the energy of people you know or that are very powerful?" Goku asked

"Well some people can trace chakra trails using curtain jutsus and others can do it with the aid of a kekegenki but if you mean sensing others due to their chakra levels alone…not usually" Jeriaya finished.

"Well I guess it just takes practice and given the fact that when I was last on earth not many people could do it, I guess it's not that surprising". Goku said

"This guy is really not making any sense at all" Jiraiya thought "I've heard of rambling before but he is constantly pulling stuff out of mid air, I'm beginning to think he may just be crazy" Noticing the sages confusion Goku stopped

"Oh man, I guess for everything to make sense I should probably start from the beginning huh?" Goku asked with a chuckle

"Yeah that might make things a bit easier"

"Ok my name is Goku and I am a sayain from earth" he started "I was sent to earth as a baby to initially take it over but given a bump on the head my initial mission was forgotten and I was raised as a normal human. Right now there is only one other original pure blooded sayain other than me left in existence, the rest of them were killed by an intergalactic overlord named Freeza when he destroyed their home planet Vegeta a few thousand years ago. Are you following me so far?" Goku asked

"Well sort of" Jiraya said still a little confused.

"Ok then…the last time I was on earth was when I had my fight with the evil dragon Omega Shenron. After the battle I ended up absorbing the dragonballs and became well… immortal as far as my age goes anyway. After that I ended up leaving earth to act as a universal guardian at the request of the Supreme Kai who watches over the entire universe, given the fact that I'm a lot stronger the he is, and I have been doing that ever since." Goku stopped for a second smiling.

"So…you are some kind of super guardian sent to earth by some super being to ask me to get you an audience with the hokage?


"But if you're all that strong why not just take care of the problem yourself?"

"Well I guess I could if I wanted to but I think if we work fast enough my strength won't be needed at all."

"So what is this big emergency anyway?" Jiraya asked inquisitively

"Well" Goku started much more serious than before "King Kai told me that there was a group of people on earth that were collecting these creatures of mass power and putting them into a giant statue in the hopes of using the creatures power as a weapon. I think he told me that there were nine of them but I could be wrong."

"The nine tailed beasts. Then the group he is talking about must be the Akatsuki" Jeriaya thought to himself. The idea made scene being that the last conversation he had with Pain he did say something about making everyone feel pain or some such nonsense like that.

"The thing they don't realize is that if they get enough power into the statue there will be a weapon but not what they're thinking it will be. Inside the seal is a man…one I have fought before and one who was even to strong for King Yemma, the guy who decide who goes where after death, to put in his place after he died and if he is released I don't even know if I can stop him again." Goku said grimly

"So who is this guy?" Jeraiya asked

"His name is Broly and he is what is known as a legendary super sayain. Out of what I remember Vegeta telling me, the sayains give birth to a legendary super sayain only once every millennium and this individual has such immense power and strength he is deemed the ultimate warrior. The only problem is that with all that power the individual usually goes crazy and ends up destroying themselves. Broly's no exception however he has had a direct goal to kill me due to us being born on the same day and I guess I tormented him with my crying as an infant. I defeated Broly once and my sons killed him the second time however after he died king Yemma couldn't control him long enough to send him anywhere and given Broly's great strength he could have destroyed a good part of other world if Yemma didn't act quickly so he immediately had him sealed in what he called a Yemma seal which unless bombarded with extreme power would never break. The seal was then cast into the far corners of the galaxy where it just so happens it landed on earth and somehow this group found it thinking that they could use it as a supreme weapon but if released Broly could easily destroy almost every planet in the solar system and then some."

At the end of Goku's story Jiraiya was dumbfounded, not just in the fact that it made some scenes but the fact that any being could possibly be that powerful. He knew that some forbidden jutsu could potentially destroy a large village like Konoha but to destroy even a whole planet just seemed impossible.

"So if this being is so powerful then why do you need to see the Hokage? I mean shouldn't you go in and finish it yourself?" Jiraiya questioned

"Like I said before, this is mostly an earth made problem and if it comes down to it I will fight but if we can stop this group from gaining control of any more of these creatures it won't matter. The power that is in the statue harboring the seal will eventually dissipate out again if not used in a few years time. So what my job right now is, is to get you guys ready to fight this group and stop any chance of them releasing Broly. Besides earths heroes have to come from earth not just fall out of the sky like me"

"Fine but let me ask you this…you said you defeated this guy once and that he is capable of destroying planets, just how strong are you?" the sage asked

"Oh I guess I kinda left that part out didn't I… Hehe." Goku said rubbing the back of his head laughing "Ok I'll show you but we'll have to go back to the court yard I don't want to accidentally destroy anything while I'm powering up"

"Well this should prove interesting" Jiraiya thought