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Back in Konoha

"Ahhhh… Now this is the life eh Shizune?" Tsunade asked her assistant as the two kunoichi made themselves comfortable in one of the many hot spring baths that konoha was famous for.

"Yes milady it is…but don't you think this is kind of an inappropriate time to be doing this?" Shizune asked earning a questioning look for the blond Hokage.

"What do you mean? The sun is just starting to set; we used to enjoy hot springs much later then this while we were traveling together." She replied as she closed her eyes and began to sink lower into the water.

"No milady that's not what I meant…" Shizune started to say but was cut off.

"Oh take it easy, I know what you meant and I can assure you that there is nothing to be concerned about." She stated as calmly as ever.

"But aren't you the least bit worried about everything that been going on? Especially with all that Goku told us about the Akatsuki and Broly. I just think that we should be preparing Konoha's defenses for a possible attack or perhaps we should discuss the situation with someone other than Master Jiraiya. And on top of that I am pretty sure you haven't finished all of your paperwork for today either." She said with a very concerned look on her face.

"Alright I get what you are saying and know that all of you concerns are duly noted but you should really have more faith in me then that, I already have everything taken care of." She said as a smug smile crawled across her face.

"What…really…?" Shizune asked.

"Yep, first off I had a talk with Hiashi Hugya early today and asked him if he could spare some of his clansmen to aid the outer wall guard as extra lookouts. I told him that there were rumors of some kage level rouge nin running around that could potentially be a threat to the village and that it was imperative to enlist people with their abilities to increase the villages security. And as it turned out, he was more than happy to cooperate"

"So in other words you lied" she said giving her master a suspicious look.

"More like stretched the truth a little. While the part about a rouge nin was a lie, if this Broly person is as strong as Goku says he is then fighting a kage level enemy or higher is more than likely. And besides if I had told Hiashi the truth about a monster that could potential destroy the entire land of fire in an instant he would have told the rest of his clan and the council, then the council would properly open their big mouths about it and wide spread panic would have ensued across the entire village, personally that is one scenario I would rather avoid if possible. Besides at least this way as far as anyone knows this high level missing nin could be nothing more than a rumor so really no harm is done and the best part is we get better lookouts on our walls if something does come up" She said with a smile as she reached over and grabbed a saucer of sake that had somehow magically appeared right beside her.

"Hey where did…never mind" Shizune said thinking that there was no point in asking where the sake came from. "Anyway what else did you do?" she asked as buxom Hokage to a large gulp of the clear liquid.

"AHHH…well I also went and had a chat with the villages barrier team and had the detection squad put up a new barrier that I had Jiraiya make up before he left on his training trip with Naruto."

"But that was over two years ago, why did you wait so long?" the younger kunoichi asked.

"It was just at the bottom of my to do list I guess." She replied with a shrug.

"But milady you're the Hokage, how can Konoha's security be at the bottom of you to do list?" she yelled getting extremely frazzled at how laid back Tsunade was acting at the moment.

"Jeez I swear sometimes you're just as loud as Naruto." She said taking her figures out of her ears. "And I will have you know that I have always had the security of the village at heart. The reason I never had the barrier team integrate this new barrier was because it does something very specific."

"Really…what does it do?" she asked now more curious then mad.

"It is able to detect and identify Akatsuki members. Jiraiya developed this detection bubble with all the information he and his associates had gathered about the Akatsuki ever since Oorochimaru joined them. With this new barrier in place we will be able to single out which ones enter the village and when, that way we won't be going into a fight blind. The only problem is that this system only has data on the Akatsuki members that were part of the group till up to about a month ago when Jiraiya did his last update. Any new members that have joined since then could get threw it undetected but the way I see it this is still better the nothing." She said taking another swig of sake.

"Ok I suppose that makes sense" the black haired kunoichi said pondering what her master had just told her.

"Exactly and like I said, for the time being I have everything under control so tonight we can relax." Tsunade said as she began to pour another saucer of sake, that was of course before she noticed the ugly look Shizune was giving her. "Ok what are you upset about now?"

"While I will admit I am impressed that you did manage to get all that done you have still forgotten to do one thing."

"Oh and what is that?" the blond Hokage asked quirking an eyebrow.

"YOUR PAPERWORK! I know for a fact that there is enough paperwork sitting on your desk to keep you busy for at least the next two days, so do you mind telling me how it is that you think that you should be waiting your time sitting here?" she said now standing up, a towel securely wrapped around her, with her hands on her hips and glaring down at the still seated older kunoichi. While most people would have started to crack within 3 seconds of Shizunes angry gaze the blond Hokage simply sighed before gulping down another saucer of the clear alcohol and looking back at her assistant with a board expression.

"Shizune how many times are you going to make me say this? I have everything under control. I have a very capable person helping me with that and what's even better this person is doing it out of the goodness of her heart all because I asked so nicely." Tsunade said with a grin.

"Yeah right...who on earth could she possibly get to do..." Shizune thought to herself before the answer came to her. "Wait a minuet...are you telling me that you are making Anko do all of you paperwork?"

"Yep, since she thought it would be a good idea to leave my office to go spy on Kakashi and skip out on the mission I gave her I thought this was a more then suitable punishment. And thanks to Kakashi it was mere child's play to find her." The older blond said with a mischievous grin on her face.

"But milady are you sure that is such a good idea. You know how she is, for all we know she could have taken off and gone for dongo's or something by now."

"I know and to prevent that kind of thing from happening I left a shadow clone behind to keep an eye on her." she said causing a deadpanned expression to form on Shizune's face.

Back at the Hokage tower

"Come on, can we please take a break this is so boring" Anko whined as she signed yet another paper and slammed her head on the desk.

"NO! This is what you get for taking off and ignoring a mission that I gave you, now then here is the next stack that you need to sign." Tsunades clone said as she dumped another huge pile of papers on the desk causing a stream of tears to flow from Anko's eyes.

"Come on hurry up, you sitting there staring at it isn't going to get it done any faster" the clone commanded as she sat down and pulled out a plate full of dongo's and started eating them.

"AGGGHHHH this is cruel and unusual, my torture isn't even this bad!" Anko whined again.

"I think there are several hundred people that would argue with that now BACK TO WORK!" she roared causing Anko to jump a little and quick start signing papers again.

"Kakashi were ever you are, I swear when you get back you are a DEAD MAN!" she yelled in her head.

Back at the hot springs

"I think that Naruto's bad habits are starting to rub off on you milady." Shizune said with a sigh.

"Ha...well can't say that the brat doesn't have a good idea every now and then." Tsunade laughed. But her laughter was cut short when the blond Hokage felt something land on her head. "What the...?" she asked out loud as she looked up, only to see the face of a small blue toad sitting there.

"You know I really can't see why Jiraya likes to sneak peeks at you human woman all the time, if you ask me your really not that interesting to look at." the toad said in a board tone.

"Oh really, is that so?" Tsunade said as a large vain began to throb on her forehead. Sensing the imitate danger he was in the toad quickly jumped off the blonds head but unfortunately wasn't fast enough and was snatched out of mid air by the buxom Hokage. He tried to wiggle out of her grasp but after only a second or two it was clear that he wasn't going anywhere.

"You have five seconds to tell me why you decided to land on my head and start running your big insect infested mouth before I snap your slimy little spine, rip off your legs and eat them for dinner." she said menacingly as she began to squeeze the struggling amphibian.

"Ok Ok I'm sorry...I was wrong...you are very pretty... the most beautiful woman I have ever seen..." he croaked out weakly as his wort covered face began to turn even bluer.

"Ok well that makes me feel better but that still doesn't explain why you are here in the first place" she said as she lessoned her monster grip a little allowing the toad to get some air.

"My name is Gamamitsu and I'm here with a message from Jiraiya..." he said as taking a few deep breaths to regain his composure. At hearing this Tsunade quite squeezing altogether and put the toad down on a nearby rock.

"Alright then what is this message?" she asked waiting as patiently as she could.

"He wanted me to tell you that he has already found another Jinchuuriki" The small toad said greatly surprising the two kunoichi.

"What? Master Jiraiya only left to go find the Jinchuuriki yesterday, how on earth did he find one already?" Shizune asked.

"The one that he saved was one that he had his spy network following for some time now; apparently this one was abandoned by its village and was roaming the wilds alone. By using them and us toads it wasn't that hard to find" the amphibian said with a board shrug.

"Wait a minute; you said that Jiraiya saved this Jinchuuriki didn't you? What exactly happened?" Tsunade interrupted growing somewhat concerned that her teammate that had already had a near death run in with the Akatsuki may be in mortal danger again. The toad sighed heavily before answering.

"To be honest I don't know much about what happened given the fact that I wasn't there. However out of what I have heard this Jinchuuriki was beaten up pretty bad by two Akatsuki members when Jiraiya got there. He managed to create some kind of diversion and got them both away from the Akatsuki but they gave chase. In the end though Jiraiya used a reverse summons to get himself and the Jinchuuriki safety of Myouboku. Other then that I don't know much."

"I see, well it's good to know that Jiraiya is alright but just out of curiosity did he happen to mention anything in particular about this Jinchuuriki like a name, age , or where this person is from did he? Also did he mention anything about the Akatsuki members that attacked him?" Tsunade asked wanting to get as much information as she could.

"Well I can tell you that the Jinchuuriki is a young woman from the hidden waterfall village I think. And I also recall Jiraiya calling her Fuu but I don't know any more than that. And as far as the Akatsuki member go, all I know is that Jiraiya was complaining about having to face the 'fish face and the damed sharingan' again, whatever that means." Gamamitsu said with yet another shrug. While he had no idea who the toad sannin was referring to it only took Shizune and Tsunade a few seconds to figure out who he was talking about.

"So it was Itachi Uchiha and Kisame Hoshigaki again huh. Well at least they won't be getting their hands on this Fuu girl. Anyway was there anything else you needed to tell us Gamamitsu?" Tsunade asked.

"Just that he was going to be going after the eight tailed next and that he will be keeping Fuu with him for the time being. That was all he told me."

"Ok then, thank you very much for delivering the message, you can go now." The blond Hokage said with a wave of her hand. The blue toad nodded and hopped away.

"Well it's good to know that everything is going smoothly on Master Jiraiya's end so far" Shizune said as she started digesting what the small toad had told them.

"Yes but for how long?" Tsunade said staring off into space deep in thought.

"What do you mean?"

"I mean know the Akatsuki know that Jiraiya's after the Jinchuuriki and while they may not know our motives yet they are sure to put forth more energy into retrieving them. I was hoping that Jiraiya's efforts in finding the Jinchuuriki would go unnoticed by the Akatsuki for at least a little bit longer then this but I suppose there is no helping it, things are pretty much in Jiraiya's hands now" the older kunoichi said with a sigh before reaching out for another saucer of sake.

"But milady isn't there anything we can do to help?" Shizune asked.

"Not much, all we can do is hope that Jiraiya's spy network is as good as he brags it is and that he is able to get to the remaining Jinchuuriki before the Akatsuki do. And while he does that we have to try to get as accurate information about the Jinchuuriki as we can and relay that information as quickly as we can. But even that takes time, Ibiki and Inoichi may be good but they aren't miracle workers, and depending on the strength of the people they may have to interrogate to get that information things may take awhile. I just hope Jiraiya has realized the same and is planning his steps accordingly" she said as a melancholy silence feel over them both.

Around the same time on New Vegeta.

King Regon, a name that almost everyone in the Northern galaxy new very well. It was the name of the current ruler of New Vegeta. Although he had as humble beginnings as any saiyan baby of mid class saiyan parents would, however unlike most he was graced with incredible powers that manifested themselves at an early age, attaining supersaiyan at the mere age of 5 and becoming a general in the saiyan fleet at the age of 13. While in the military he went almost completely unrivaled in strength and skill, defeating almost everyone who faced him and due to his awesome abilities he was eventually nicknamed the Tiger of New Vegeta. Only 10 years later, due to his near legendary achievements in the military, Vegeta himself gave his vote of confidence for him to be the next King. For the next half a century he ruled over New Vegeta , defending and fighting for his people in any way that he could. He was very well liked by most of the populous, however there were some that thought he was far too soft to be king given the fact that he always tried to settle disputes diplomatically first before ever charging in with brute force. But none of them really ever spoke up about it given how efficiently he did things. And with how quite the Icejins had been for the past few decades the majority of the saiyan people were enjoying a great time of peace.

However in the span of just one day that peace had quickly shattered into a million pieces. Meer hours ago an army of unknown origins had attacked the royal palace, first cutting off all power and communications and then starting a systematic invasion of the main building. One by one Regon's 4 generals took what few forces still remained at their disposal to meet the treat, and one by one they were defeated by the overwhelming numbers and superior strategy of the enemy. Eventually the invaders made it to Regon's thrown room where the old king was waiting. And in a fashion befitting a saiyan king, he fought and defeated wave after wave of enemy forces. However as time went on his old age began to catch up with him and even though saiyans age gracefully, being over 70 years old his fighting spirit could only carry him so far before he began to falter. And now the once proud King of the saiyans lay face down on the palace floor, bloodied and bruised trying desperately to find the strength to keep fighting. He slowly began to reach for his sword; it was a large well decorated broad sword that had been passed down from king to king ever since Vegeta had wished the saiyans back into existence. But as he reached for the blade one of the invaders saw what he was doing and with bone brushing accuracy stomped his foot on the kings arm, effectually breaking it. But even under such excruciating pain the old King did not cry out, his pride not allowing him to.

"So looks like the old geezer still has some fight left in him, how bout we see how much more he can take before he cries uncle. What do you say boys?" one of the men in white armor asked some of the others. After receiving an affirmative response the group of 6 men began to ruthlessly beat the old king. This went on for about 10 minutes before a taller man in a gold colored uniform stepped in and called them off.

"Alright that's enough, our job is done here. We are moving out." he said to the others, not waiting for a response the taller man turned around and started heading towards the massive doors that lead out of the throne room.

"But commander when do we ever get a chance like this? Can't we just beat him up a little longer?" one of the grunts asked. The taller soldier stopped and slowly turned around. And even though he was wearing a helmet with a dark visor, everyone could feel the raw killing intent coming from him.

"Don't make me repeat myself worm, now move" he said in an even tone that only made his simple statement that much more menacing.

"R-Right sir, sorry" the grunt said and quickly headed for the door.

By this point King Regon didn't know what was happening. Was this mystery army's only objective to come in and beat everyone in the palace within an inch of their lives before turning tale and leaving?

Suddenly the giant ornate doors of the throne room opened again and another figure began to make his way inside. After focusing his weak vision Regon could tell this man was a saiyan, mostly due to his armor and tail but what struck him was that this man was walking right by the invaders as though they weren't even there. He passed the white armored grunts without even acknowledging their presence. But when he passed the tall man in the gold armor he smirked and gave him a nod, the taller man gave a similar gesture in replay before continuing out the door. Once they were all gone and the giant doors shut the saiyan turned and started walking towards the fallen king.

"Oh how the mighty have fallen. Regon, the King of the saiyans and Tiger of New Vegeta now utterly defeated at my feet." He chuckled.

"What is this...? General Zain...You orchestrated all of this?" Regon said in shock finally recognizing the saiyan in front of him.

"Well not all of it, I did have a little help from a third party but in the end it really doesn't matter because I am the one who is going to finish you off."

"And what is your goal...to kill me and take control of New Vegeta yourself?" the King asked trying to get up.

"Wow even at your old age your still pretty sharp. Yes that is exactly what my goal is. You're too weak to be our King; you are nothing more than a sentimental old fool who has forgotten what it truly means to be a saiyan. We are the true rulers of the universe and deserve to be recognized as such, not protectors of insignificant weaklings who don't even know the first thing about being a warrior." Zain said as he picked up Regon's sword.

Regon who was now on his hands and knees could only chuckle after hearing Zain's speech.

"You mind telling me what is so funny?" Zain asked as his famous temper began to flair.

"You are a fool if you think that you can accomplish what you intend to. You may be relatively strong and you may have to aid of those invaders but you forget who is really calling the shots. You may very well kill me but Vegeta will never let you get away with this. And even if you had the entire galaxy at your aid it wouldn't make any difference, Vegeta and Kakarott will defeat you. You failed before you even started." the King chuckled again that is before he heard Zain begin to chuckle as well.

"While I would have to agree that Vegeta and Kakarott are vastly stronger than anyone else, I have a contact who is preparing to take care of those two. But I wouldn't worry if I were you, I promise to lead the saiyans down the path that we were destined to go. And in the end we will surpass everyone and rule the entire universe!" He laughed before putting the edge of the blade to Regons neck. "Now then oh great king, do you have any last words to say before you die?"

"Only that you may kill me today but know that what Vegeta, Kakarott and I represent will live on and can't be destroyed so easily, I only regret is that I don't possess the power to strike you down myself you insane fool" Regon spat.

"Long winded till the end, well while I would love to stay here and chat all day I have a planet to run. Long live the King!" Zain yelled as he pulled back and swung a mighty blow that ended up severing Regons head from his neck. "And that your highness is how a real saiyan handles business." he chuckled. He then pushed a button on his scouter and started to speak.

"Attention all forces this is Zain, our mission was a success King Regon is dead. Everyone still alive return to base and await further orders. Aphara I need you to come to the palace and back up our story as we agreed, that is all." He said with a smirk before walking over the Kings thrown and taking a seat.

"Hmm...I really think I could get used to this"