Author's Note: I'm not sure how this work, because it takes place (obviously) after Neku comes back to life... but whatever. I wanted to write it, so there you go. Um, lessee. ... sheer crack. Unadulterated crack... came from a discussion that led to what Minamimoto's underwear would be like, so the less said there, the better. xD' Enjoy.

There are a good handful of things that Neku Sakuraba expects to be there when he comes downstairs to have breakfast in the mornings. A kitchen that tended to be empty, cereal, and milk. Simple enough.

He stumbled into the kitchen, still half-asleep and sans his headphones. The first thing he heard was a "Morning, radian" and he merely grunted in return.
Something in the back part of his mind was saying that something was amiss. Regardless, he dragged himself to the cabinet and opened it, before blinking. Where the fuck were his Frosted Flakes?
And then it hit him what was wrong.

He spun on his heel, his expression beginning as anger but quickly becoming one of sheer disbelief, his jaw dropping.
Sitting at the kitchen table, clad in nothing but his signature hat, bandana, and... underwear. Black boxers, with the digits of pi in a tiny, bright green font, starting at the waistband and spiraling downwards.
Eating his Frosted Flakes. As if it were normal.
The Game Master of his second week in the UG merely ate, while Neku could do nothing but stare and point, his mouth agape for a moment, before he found words that fit his purpose.