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Warning - there's some sexual content in this chapter, but not overly detailed.

Chapter 19

Friday Morning, April 4

Since Cid volunteered to fly us back home in his airship, we decided to take our time in the morning.

I had just gotten out of the shower in the master bathroom when I heard a light knock on the door.

"Tifa, are you in there?" It was Cloud.

I unlocked the door and opened it.

Cloud slipped inside and closed and locked the door behind him. He quickly took off his teeshirt and shorts and pulled off my towel.

I didn't discourage him as his hands began putting me in the mood. It really wasn't necessary. All he had to do was look at me and I was ready to pounce on him. "Where is everyone?" I asked breathlessly as he picked me up and sat me on top of the window ledge.

"Swimming out back."

I moaned in his mouth as I felt every inch of him enter me.

He grabbed my thighs and hooked them around his waist as he moved in and out of me slowly. "You feel so good inside, Tifa."

"Yes…feels good," I gasped out as he pounded me harder. I climaxed almost instantly, sinking my teeth into his shoulder to keep from crying outloud, just in case someone happened to come near the bathroom door.

Seconds later Cloud moved us to the floor and I straddled his lap. He closed his eyes and groaned softly as I bounced and rolled on top of him. His hands reached up and squeezed my breasts. I climaxed a second time, feeling him so deep inside in this position.

Cloud repositioned us one more time, rolling us so that he was on top. He raised my left leg, finding a new angle to spear me.

I bit my lower lip, trying so hard to keep quiet.

Cloud lowered himself on my chest and his mouth covered mine. He rolled and wiggled against me, seeking his own release. Then he buried his face against the side of my neck and groaned. He shook and spasmed and spilled himself inside me.

It felt so good I just wanted it to keep going. I rolled us so that I was on top again. I smiled down at him as he heaved a sigh of relief. "Feel better?"

"Yeah…much better."

I wasn't sure what compelled me to ask him, but the question came out of my mouth before I could stop myself. "Am I your first, Cloud?"

He had a blank look on his face as he digested the question. His eyes studied me for a moment, maybe trying to determine what kind of answer I was hoping for. "Would it matter either way?"

I shook my head and smiled. "No…"


"It would be nice to know if I'm better than anyone else you've been with."

"You're not the first, Tifa, but you're definitely the best."

My hair cascaded down around our faces like a curtain as I leaned forward, bringing my lips to within an inch of his. "Good."

Cloud raised his head to close the gap between us. We kissed hungrily for the next few minutes before we decided we needed to join the others or we'd end up being interrupted again.

Friday Evening

Marlene became my little helper as I moved Cloud's things into my bedroom. "What if he snores?" she asked.

I smiled to myself. "Well, actually he does snore, but not as loud as Denzel."

Earlier I had a chat with both Marlene and Denzel. I told them Cloud would be sleeping in my room from now on. They had many questions, of course. But I compared it to their own sleeping arrangements. They slept in the same room. Except Denzel wisely pointed out that they slept in separate beds and I only had one bed in my room. My response? "When you're older, you'll figure it out."

"His shoes smell," Marlene whined on the third trip as she carried Cloud's sneakers and a pair of dress shoes.

I laughed. She was definitely entertaining when she talked about Cloud.

"When're you getting married?"

"I'm not sure. We haven't set a date yet." I stuffed an empty drawer with Cloud's teeshirts and then led Marlene to the closet where she dumped Cloud's shoes on the floor.

"I think before it gets cold. It rains too much then and I wouldn't want you to get your dress wet."

I crouched down in front of her with a smile. "Will you be my flower girl?"

Her small face lit up. "Ahuh!"

I gave her a hug. "Thanks for helping me. Why don't you go tell Denzel it's bed time?"

"Alright, but he won't be happy." She ran off.

I finished putting Cloud's things away and then glanced at the bed. Maybe I needed to change the sheets.

As I stripped the bed, the adjoining bathroom door opened and Cloud walked out wearing a bath towel around his waist. "Are the kids in bed already?"

"No, I have to go tuck them in. I'll do it as soon as I'm done making this bed."

"I can do it," he said as he opened drawers until he found the one I had put his pajamas in.

"Do what? Make the bed or tuck in the kids?"

He gave the bed a blank stare as he slid on his pajama bottoms. "I don't know the first thing about making a bed."

I smiled. "Yeah, I kinda figured." I straightened up as he walked toward me. "You know, Cloud, if there's anything in this room you want to change…to make it yours, too…"

He tilted my chin up with a smile. "There's nothing I want to change. I like it the way it is." He gave me a soft kiss. "I'll be right back."

"Okay." As soon as he walked out, I rushed to finish making the bed. Then I bolted into the bathroom to make sure I was clean. Before jumping in bed, I slipped on a sheer black teddy I thought would be pleasing for him to see.

I waited and waited, every few minutes deciding on a different position to lay. Beneath the covers? No, too concealed. On top of the covers, lying on my stomach? No, too demure. Lying on my back with my legs spread? No, too slutty.

When I heard footsteps approaching the door, I quickly rolled on my side above the sheets.

Cloud walked in and closed the door behind him, pushing in the lock. His eyes roamed over me as he walked toward the bed. "That's real nice, Tifa, but you know it's not going to stay on very long." He removed his pajamas before crawling up over me.

I smiled smugly. "Yes, but you better not rip it. It was very expensive."

"I'll be careful." Cloud took a minute to carefully untie the pink ribbon holding the black lace bodice together. Then he pulled off the matching panties. He reached to turn off the lamp before lowering himself beside me. "Time to christen this bed."

My giggles were soon replaced by soft moans as his hands began familiarly touching me. It was going to be so difficult keeping quiet. Did they make soundproof wallpaper? I'd have to run to the hardware store and ask one of these days.

Two weeks later – Saturday afternoon, April 19

I sat on a barstool behind the bar, elbows on the counter, hands holding up my chin. It was only 2:00 in the afternoon and I was already losing my mind.

Cloud was out on deliveries and I knew he wouldn't be home until at least 6:00.

Four hours…

I removed one hand from under my chin and let my face fall on top of the bar counter where I bumped my forehead four times…one for each hour that I wouldn't see Cloud. I sighed and straightened up. This was utterly ridiculous. Every day was the exact same thing. I just sat around and waited for Cloud to come home. Sure, there were customers at the bar, waiting to be served. But I didn't rush around to help them like I used to.

How long before my business suffered because I was too busy thinking about Cloud?

And too busy thinking about my wedding in four months. Cloud and I had finally set a date. August 16, three days before his birthday. We weren't going to tell anyone where we were going on our honeymoon because we didn't want any unexpected guests for the two weeks we'd be gone. Not a chance.

My eyes shifted to the clock again. 2:07. Two more hours before I opened the bar. Two more hours to sit here and do nothing but stare…and two more after that before Cloud came home.

I couldn't take it anymore. I got up and went to the phone, quickly punching in Cloud's cellphone number. His voicemail answered, which was no surprise because if he was on Fenrir, he couldn't just pull over anywhere to answer the phone. I sighed heavily before the beep. "Cloud, come home. I need you right now." I hung up.

Quite honestly he'd probably ignore my message and finish his deliveries.

I sighed again and decided to clean the tops of the tables, even though I had wiped them down four times already.

Twenty minutes later I heard the back door swing open. "Tifa!" It was Cloud.

I bolted into the kitchen and jumped on him. My mouth covered his and I kissed him desperately, more desperate than I had ever been before.

Cloud reacted with surprise at first before he slowly reciprocated. Then he abruptly broke the kiss. "What the hell, Tifa, I thought something happened to you."

"Something is happening to me. It's called withdrawals." I kissed him again, harder this time.

And again he broke the kiss after a few seconds. "Why didn't you just say that on the message?"

"I said I needed you right now."

He lowered my feet down to the floor. "Yeah, but…I thought you were in trouble."

I hugged him with a satisfied sigh, happy that he was home. He smelled like dirt and sweat, but I didn't care.

Even though Cloud was alittle angry, he hugged me back. "Well, now that you got me home…"

I pulled myself back up, wrapping my legs around his waist once more. Our mouths came together and I ground myself against him as he carried me in the general direction of the stairs. My back hit the wall a couple of times along the way as he moved blindly around. I hummed in satisfaction as I felt him becoming more and more aroused between my legs.

At the stairs Cloud missed the third step and tripped. We never made it any further than that. It was fine because the stairs had been the only other place besides the kids' bedroom where we hadn't yet had sex.

He wasted no time exposing what he wanted to see and touch. I hoped no one decided to walk in at that moment. But the possibility only escalated my excitement.

When I thought about how this all started, I never would imagined that reading my diary would have given Cloud the courage he needed to make the first move. I had regretted writing such private thoughts in my diary…and now I was glad I did.

It didn't matter that we had our entire lives to spend together. We lived for the moment.

The End

Sorry that this story was so short. I actually hadn't intended it to be even this long (116 pages on Word). Also, sorry that I didn't write the wedding. There are so many Cloud/Tifa wedding stories and I just couldn't motivate myself enough to write one that wouldn't be similar to those others.

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