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Split Ends

I was never one to follow the rules.

A troublemaker, you might say.

My red hair as hot as my temper; as spiky as my exterior. I have a real knack for making trouble where no trouble could ever be birthed. Yeah, yeah, it got me in knee deep in shit, but I had no qualms about that. It gave me a rush. Made me feel good, y'know? It lighted the fire that toasted my imagination and cooked the next plan into perfection. Where one door got slammed shut, I was already picking the next lock open.

"Axel," I heard a whiny voice skirting the outside of my slumber, "axel," louder, "AXEL!"

"W-whoa! Goddamnit, you mullet-faced miscreant, what the hell do you want, it's a Saturday!" I was now face first onto my floor. Which, unfortunately hadn't been vaccuumed for weeks. I think there's a cracker on my face. My ass was thankfully covered by my blanket, but it was situated in what one would call a really awkward position. Especially around a flaming homosexual like Demyx.

I stared into his face, which just got a peek at how I ended up after he ripped me from my slumber onto my filthy floor. I didn't want to give him anymore eye-candy, so I growled and gave him what would be a really intimidating look around people who hadn't known me for nearly my whole life. I think it just made him giggle more. Which didn't help my dignity much.

I gritted my teeth and asked again.

"Why the hell did you wake me up, Demyx."

"Well, Mr. Grumpypants. The answer is simple enough. I want pancakes."

Silence, if the sound of my jaw dropping and mood splitting didn't make a sound. Which I'm pretty sure it did, since his face went from disgustingly pleasant to a look of unfathomable terror in a split second.

"No need to say anything," he stuttered, "I'll, uh, make them myself. I was just-" I got up from the floor, making sure the sheet didn't expose anything I wanted unseen, "yeah, uhm, bye. Sleep well."

I sat back down onto my bed, and rubbed my palm down my face. Honestly, I have no idea why I chose to bunk in this apartment with Demyx. We both don't have much of a family to stay with, but didn't I think that my sanity would steadily go down the drain having him remotely close?

If I didn't then, I do now.

I groaned, and flopped back onto my bed, my blanket only covering my bottom half, as I took a long stretch and stared at my ceiling. I sleep in the nude. I know what you're thinking. Close your mouth. It's just much more comfortable, and you don't waste laundry soap. Not that I do my own laundry, as Demyx does pretty much all of it around here.

I closed my eyes, my arms over my head, and groaned again. I guess I had better get up, I could see the black pancake smoke wafting in from under my door.


"See you, Demyx, I'm going to work," I almost considered grabbing a pancake, but withdrew my hand with a grimace and grabbed a stale muffin instead.

"You're 20 minutes late for work, already," he said, making a grumpy face at my rejection of his pancakes.

"Keeps them on their toes, doesn't it," I winked. It always made him happy when I winked at him.

To prove me right, his frown blossomed into a smile that I got a glance of before I shut the door and sauntered lazily down the hallway, one hand stuffed in the pocket of my red skinny jeans, one with the muffin up to my face. Which had a look that relayed the fact that I just don't give a damn.

Now, to sum it up, I am not gay. Nope, not gay, or straight. Neither one nor the other. I pursue who I want to pursue.

Personally, I don't want to pursue anyone right now. I am perfectly fine just being alo-whoawhoawhoa.

I almost stopped my parade down the hallway. My peepers just set sight on a blond-headed soul that had my pants stirring like a-oh crap. It's just my cell phone. I looked at the screen, sighed and picked up, the blond close enough to hear my voice.

"What? No. I am not buying you a flowerpot. No, it will not lighten up the apartment, goodbye," I looked the blond in his blue eyes, and simultaniously closed my cellphone, "it will, however, if a cute little blond happened to follow me home."

He gave me a passive look, and brushed past me.

Ouch, shut down. I could live with that for the time being. I was pushing being late for work by half an hour.

I smirked, looking behind my shoulder at the blonds retreating figure. He'll keep me on my toes for sure. Just my type.

With a dignified skip, hop, and a grin, I opened the door to the stairwell and proceeded to descend down the stairs via the railing. It's about time I got to work. They must be fuming. I laughed.