I went home and stormed into my room. I think Demyx was asking how work went, but when I'm angry I turn into a real menace. I try to tone it down around him, though.. Deep down in side, he's a real woman, more than his friend Marly, who has pink hair. Pink and long, and wavy. He hasn't come out of the closet yet, but the man has been growing flowers in his apartment, I think it's time the closet has been ripped opened.

Fucking..fuck. I stripped off my shirt and threw it at my mirror and fell onto bed, burying my face in my pillow. I made a throaty groan of annoyance at the knock on my door a moment later.

"Don't come in," I said, the pillow muffling my voice.

"Are you alright? You haven't been yourse- well, you have, but you stormed in here like a- well, you just seem grumpy, and I thin-" I tuned him out after that, and waited until he was done rambling. Listening to the shit that came out of his mouth was going to make my head explode. I should really get a check on my frustration level. He spoke again after a pause.

"I can tell it's about a boy, Axel. My mullet-senses are tingling," that made me smile into my pillow. He knows making fun of his mullet will make me in a better mood. "Come tell me about him while I make you some panca-"

"Okay, I'll come out, Mullet-man, but nix the pancakes, alright? I don't need a smokers cough from all the smoke you flume through the apartment." I rolled over and got out of bed. Somehow, all Demyx needs to do is offer to make pancakes for me, and I'm right out of bed in a snap. An alert rings in my head, and you do whatever it humanly takes to make him stop. You haven't tried Demyx's pancakes.

You don't want to try Demyx's pancakes.

Seriously. The thought of it makes my balls tighten. In a bad way.

I lazily walked to my door, opened it and made a grumpy face at him then proceeded to walk to the couch. He fluttered past me and jumped feet first onto the couch and patted the spot beside him, which I sat in, giving him another grumpy face.

"Okay, there's 3 main things I HAVE to ask," he said, putting up 3 fingers, the pointer finger on his other hand poised on the first finger. "His name," a finger down, "where did you meet him," another, "and I want to molest you because you have no shirt on."

"Roxas, in the hallway and I trimmed his hair at the salon, and no."

"Why not?" Cue sad-faced Demyx.

"Because," I started getting up, "you know what? this really isn't helping so I'm just gonn-"
"No! I'm sorry, just, sit down. I'll behave. Want me to get my guitar? I will sing you a song."

"Can I just sleep?"

"Go find him. He lives on our floor, right? Go knock on all the doors and get him. It will be like a fairytale! He'll have to love you for sure!"

"I think that friend, Marluxia, of yours is rubbing off some sentimental flowery fairytale-shit on you." I stood, "but the thought is intruiging." I looked towards the door.

"Pester him if he doesn't. The Axel I know doesn't take a no for an answer. The Axel I know gets what he wants, am I right?" I think the pep-talk was working.

"Yes, you are," I looked thoughtful, and the corner of my mouth lifted in a small smirk.

"Then go," he said with finality.

I got my shirt from the mirror, put it on, and walked out of my bedroom to the apartment door. I stopped, my hand on the door, and looked at Demyx. He's always been here for me, through everything. He deserves a really good guy.

"Hey," I smiled a genuine smile at him, "thanks," and I left.


Ugh. Being this emotional gets me soft. Time to get into business. I'm going to get that little blond whatever it takes. In all honesty, I don't care if I don't play fair. When have I ever? I smirked something around the equivalency of evil, strolling over to opposite end of the hallway; the direction Roxas was coming from this morning.

Which door? I pondered for a moment in the hallway, which smelled like it hadn't witnessed real air for a long while. Most apartments do. With my salary, maybe in about a year I should be able to move out. That's the plan. Yes, Axel, has a plan.

I sauntered to the last door at the end of this hallway. Door number 401. Demyx and I are hosted in 410. The last door at our end of the hallway.

I cleared my throat. Was I nervous? Hell no. Of course not. Not Axel. Not me! Not the man who can walk into a woman's bathroom with no emotion, as crazed females wonder what the hell I'm doing in there. Not the man who can grab a man's crotch with no intention of going home with him that night. Not the ma- yes, fuck it. I was nervous.

I knocked.

I waited.

The door opened. I almost laughed out loud. Thank God this wasn't Roxas. Working on keeping my voice calm was proving very difficult.

"What?" a very grumpy middle-aged balding man in a sweaty under shirt and boxers with hot dogs on them was leaning against the door before me.

I hesitated, giving this man another once-over. I had to pretend to rub my nose to hide the erupting smile on my face.
"Well?" he coaxed, rubbing his hairy stomach.

"Nothing, sorry. Wrong, uh, sorry," I hid my laugh with some serious acting skills.

The cough never fails.

He shut the door, and I turned around, took a few weak steps, put a hand on the opposite wall and laughed my ass off. If I was nervous before, nothing could be worse than that. Nothing. Oh sweet, sweet humour. You have done well.

I leaned my back against the wall and sighed contently. Alright, time to get a move-on.

I was ready to set fire onto someones high-class prada handbag, and stab someones eyes out with her steel stilettos. Door 405 had a serious lack of manners. All I asked was if Aunt Flo was in town and she threw a fucking, ah, what do you call them... compact! Those makeup things. With the powder? Yeah, well she threw the case at me, so I retaliated by opening it a crack and throwing it back at her in an epic Axel-induced powder bomb.

Serves her right, I was trying to sympathize.

I hate neighbors.


I was starting to wonder if Roxas actually lived on this floor. Door 406 was the next one. Demyx popped out at around door 404, the neighbor with the creepy rat on her shoulder, and gave me a glass of water with a swirly straw. I think it was his non-verbal way of encouragement.

I didn't know if I wanted to thank him or stare at him like he was crazy enough to think this would encourage me.
If it was some vodka, maybe.

Alright, lucky number 406! Four-oh-six. My feet were dragging on the ground, making we wish I had put some shoes when I got a look at the floor.

I put a hand against the door and sighed, then knocked and waited.

A brown-haired boy answered, and I nearly clicked my heels when he mentioned that he had a resident named Roxas living with him.

"Yeah, I'll get him, just a minute!" the boy smiled and closed the door, making me wait impatiently in the hallway.

The doorknob turned, I put on one of my sexy grins and a hand against the doorframe, leaning slightly inward.

"Hello Rox-"

"Oh, it's you." Yes, yes it's me, "I don't like you." Ouch, I let my hand drop.

"Oh, c'mon. I-" the brown haired boy was peeking at me from behind the couch. That's not suspicious. "Can you tell your friend to leave us alone?"

He looked behind his shoulder. The slim shoulders I pushed gently, and held onto.

"I'll just come out into the hallway if it's this important." He shut the door and looked up at me impatiently, "alright. What do you want?"

You. "Uh, jeez. To-"


"No, I mean, yes," I haven't stuttered like this since third grade when I got laughed at because I lost a tooth when I was in a class spelling bee and my tooth shot from my mouth down my teachers blouse.

He gave me an eye, and spoke, "apology accepted."

I let out the air I was holding and closed my eyes. When I opened them he wasn't there and the door was closed.

I was almost disappointed, but this was progress. It's different, and I can accept that. He's not licking my shoes like most people I sought after. It's something different. I like challenges.

I can take this.

Tomorrow, Blondie. I chuckled and walked back down the hallway to my apartment. The grungy stained hallway looked like gold at the moment.

I needed sleep.


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