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Saturday after halloween




Subject: how are you?

Hi sis,

I meant to talk to you at Yuugi's party yesterday but I had to leave early as I promised Mokuba I would keep Seto occupied whilst he had his friends over. I hope you had a good time with Duke and that Tristan didn't give you any trouble.

Things are going well with me and Seto. He has a press conference set up for next weekend to discuss the new duel disk systems. Yeah like the press are really going to focus on that! Seto asked if I wanted to make an appearance and I think I will but I don't want to have any questions directed at me so I've asked him if a silent appearance is possible. Well, make sure you tune into the news next weekend, Serenity, so that you can see me make a fool out of myself on national television.

Anyway you know I had that panic about that guy, Tsume? I met him on Thursday and he's not the nicest guy I've ever met but I don't mind spending time with him if Seto is with us.

Oh I just realised I haven't explained. Seto set me up this email account on Kaiba Corps business system and I got your email address from Yuugi yesterday at the party so decided I should send you an email. It's weird typing on a computer screen to talk to you, sis. Seto says that I can use his laptop to check my emails and stuff so I'm currently sat in his home office typing this. I would have never guessed that he would keep a packet of wine gums in his top drawer and I hope he doesn't mind me eating them.

Whilst we are on the subject of Seto and work. Those two subjects get put together a lot, have you noticed? He's offered me a Saturday job working with Tau at Kaiba Corp. You remember me talking about Tau on the phone last week? The Italian guy who always makes jokes at Seto's expense and gets away with it? Well the idea is that I can make the cash I need to put myself through university and Seto is paying me a ridiculous salary because of it. He actually offered to just give me the money but I told him I don't accept charity and that's why he suggested the option of a job. It's basically a scam to cover up his attempt at being nice and I don't really want to take that away from him.

Tau has offered to take me on as an apprentice now as well after I spent this morning working with him. I'm not sure whether to accept it or not as university still seems like the most likely option after Seto's help, but an apprenticeship might be a better option for me so I don't know.

Well I can't think what else to write, sis, so I shall just say good bye and hope to get a reply from you soon.

Oh, yes I do remember something else. You remember I commented on the hair dye I saw in Seto's bathroom? Well I finally asked him yesterday and yes he does dye his hair, but only to hide the white streaks that have started to show. Apparently he is going prematurely white which I find really funny. He claims it is due to the stress of running Kaiba Corp, but Mokuba assures me that their dad also had white hair before he was thirty. Seto really is a blue eyes white dragon.

Bye for now from your loving brother



Joey leant back in his chair after clicking the send button. He was feeling quite happy that things seemed to all be going right for him now. Admittedly the media weren't being too helpful with just letting him live his life after announcing it to the world that he was having a relationship with Seto, but the convenient placement of the half term had meant that he hadn't had to face everyone at school yet. That was not going to be a fun experience, hopefully Seto's reputation would stop any uncomfortable comments or questions.

He glanced around the office he was in at the moment. Seto's desk was cluttered with memos and stationary which had made setting up the laptop on its surface fairly difficult, but Joey had persevered in clearing a space. Admittedly his patience hadn't been the greatest and the collection of papers and pens spread across the floor were evidence to it. The office itself was in need of a clean and organise as folders upon folders stuffed full of important papers lined the shelves and were stacked in boxes on the floor. Joey had looked into a few and decided that they were too dull to snoop through.

Allowing his gaze to settle on the laptop's screen again Joey moved the mouse to open up the business messenger system to see if Seto had signed out of the work system yet. It turned out that he hadn't so Joey decided to remind the CEO of his promise to be home before five today.

Joey: Are you finished yet?

Seto: No.

Joey: Can it wait until tomorrow?

Seto: No.

Joey: You promised, Seto.

Seto: I'll be back as soon as I've finished this paperwork. Go and watch TV or something.

Joey: I'd rather annoy you.

Seto: That will mean it's longer before I get back.

Joey paused before replying. It was true, the longer he made Seto spend replying to him the longer it took Seto to leave the office, but it was more fun to annoy the CEO than to sit around waiting for him to come back. He heard the message tone of Seto typing another comment.

Seto: It can wait until tomorrow I suppose. I'll see you in half an hour.

Joey grinned and watched as Seto went offline, probably shutting down the computer in his office.


Seto pulled the car to a stop on the driveway and switched off the engine. He took in a deep breath and let it out slowly. Tonight would be the first night they spent together without anyone else in the house or things to distract them. It was making Seto nervous with the possibilities of what might happen. Did Joey want to sleep with him tonight? Did he want to take things that far this quickly? It had been a bit over a week since they got together which was the longest he had been in a relationship, if that's what you could really call them, without sleeping with the other person.

Seto let himself slump forwards in the seat and his forehead rested on the top of the steering wheel. Wait and see seemed like the best plan right now to him but he didn't like not being able to plan ahead. Pushing himself back upright he opened the car door and stepped out of the driver's seat.

The gravel of the driveway crunched under foot as he shut the door and locked the car before heading towards the front door. It opened as he approached and Joey poked his had around it.

"I was starting to think you were never going to get out of the car," Joey said teasingly as he looked down the steps at the brunette below him.

"I was letting myself relax, pup," Seto argued, quick to defend his choices against the blond as well as irritate him with the dog names. "Has Mokuba taken Millie with him?"

"Of course. He's mad about that dog," Joey replied, ignoring the obvious attempt to make him react. He didn't really mind being called 'pup', it was quite a cute pet name if he was honest, but the comparison to a four legged canine still reminded him of the source of the knick name sometimes.

"That's good. I don't want to end up looking after that dog when I've got one of my own to look after," Seto said with a genuine smile.

"I ought to punish you for making all these 'dog' comments," Joey smiled predatorily as Seto came within arms length. The CEO was grabbed and spun so that his back was against the door frame.

"What do you propose as a suitable punishment?" Seto asked with a suggestive smirk.

"I'm thinking that maybe we should continue what we started last Saturday," Joey whispered as he leaned forward against Seto so that his mouth was next to Seto's ear. He felt Seto shudder as his breath ghosted over the side of his face and the shell of his ear. "That's only if you want to?" Joey asked gently as he waited for Seto's response.

"I think you've made a good suggestion," Seto replied as he moved to try and make himself more comfortable against the door frame. Joey grinned and kissed Seto's neck, sucking on his pulse point to make Seto groan in appreciation. "Can we go somewhere more comfortable?" Seto asked as he hit his head on the door frame quite painfully.

"Of course. Is your bed room a good idea?" Joey asked in between nipping at the tender flesh of Seto's neck. It was his favourite place to kiss Seto so far, but he hoped to find some other points on Seto's body that caused the CEO to react much more intensely tonight.

"You've made a second good suggestion, I think that's a record for you, pup," Seto commented teasingly as Joey stepped back to allow the now flustered and obviously aroused brunette to try and stand upright.


Joey pushed Seto backwards onto the bed and leaned over him, his hands either side of Seto's head, and slowly nudged Seto's legs apart so that he could kneel on the bed between them. Seto quickly complied, never breaking eye contact with the blond above him. There was nervousness within his blue orbs but they had become a deep navy with lust, similar to Joey's chocolate brown eyes that appeared almost black as he looked down at Seto.

Seto used a hand placed on the back of Joey's neck to gently pull him down into a kiss whilst using his free hand to tug at the bottom of Joey's t-shirt. The hand at the back of Joey's neck became tangled in his blond locks as the kiss intensified, Joey's tongue tasting every inch of Seto's mouth it could reach. Joey pulled back as he felt his breath begin to give out and smirked down at Seto. He transferred his weight to his knees and helped Seto to lift the t-shirt over his head and throw it off the bed. Seto's jacket and shirt were quick to follow and Joey smiled at the sight that greeted him. The milky white of Seto's skin stood out against the rich blue sheets below him, and his erect nipples drew Joey's gaze as he ran his hands over the smooth skin. As his hands brushed over the nubs Seto's breathing increased slightly. Joey leaned down to connect their lips again before kissing his way along Seto's jaw and down his neck. He paused to nip at the still sore pulse point on Seto's neck, ignoring the visible bruise that was stark against Seto's skin.

Seto felt the blunt teeth against his neck and gasped at the tingles it sent through him. He felt Joey move across his skin with gentle licks and nips following his collar bones. The rough feel of Joey's tongue over his nipples caused him to release a moan of appreciation as Joey smiled against his flesh. He continued to lick and suck the nub whilst bringing a hand to Seto's belt.

The belt proved tricky as Seto tried to help him, but three hands to work one belt seemed to cause more problems as they got in the way of each other. Eventually the belt was undone and Seto's trousers were tugged down slightly before Joey realised that there was no way he would be able to get them off. He sat up and looked down at Seto's form on the bed in front of him.

There were marks that were darkening as the bruising became visible across Seto's chest and neck where Joey had nipped at his skin. The blemishes followed a path visible only to Joey as he surveyed Seto. His face was reddened with a blush as he panted between his parted, kiss swollen lips. The skin of Seto's chest and face was glistening with sweat already from their actions.

"Are you going to help me take these off?" Joey asked tugging at Seto's trousers. Almost instantly Seto was shifting to help drag them down his hips and off his long legs, along with his socks, to be dropped to the floor. This was closely followed by Joey's trousers forming a small collection of fabric on the carpet.

"You're beautiful, Seto," Joey said as he pushed Seto back onto the bed and straddled his thighs.

"So are you, pup," Seto replied as he looked up at his captor. Both remained still, looking over each other as they felt their earlier nervousness return. Joey pushed his to one side as he began running his hands down Seto's chest from his shoulders. He reached the waist band of Seto's boxers, which were quite obviously tented by Seto's erection, and looked up to meet Seto's gaze. The CEO had a slight edge of nervousness still but nodded to Joey in answer to his silent request for permission.

Joey eased down his boxers to release Seto's erection. The brunette gasped as he felt the cold air hit the heated flesh while Joey pulled the fabric down to just beyond his hips. The blond smiled, as he shifted further down Seto's legs so that he could pull the boxers down further, and leaned forward to run his tongue over the head of Seto's erection.

Seto's groan made Joey smile as he took the erection into his mouth, keeping his hands braced against Seto's hips to prevent Seto choking him. It seemed an almost automatic reaction when Seto fisted his hands in Joey's hair as he felt the tip of his penis hit the back of Joey's throat.

Joey hummed experimentally causing Seto to cry out in pleasure, loosening his painfully tight grip on Joey's hair. Seto writhed against the covers forcing Joey to increase his grip on his hips or risk being choked.

"Joey," Seto managed to say between moaning.

"Yes?" Joey asked as he pulled back.

"There's moisturiser in the bedside table," Seto panted as he began recovering from the blow job he had just been given. Joey leaned across to open the drawer and pulled out a small jar of moisturiser. He frowned at the jar, wondering why Seto had wanted it, surely he had something more appropriate to use as lubricant than this. Continuing to frown at it he unscrewed the lid and dipped his fingers into the gunk, Seto sighed and leaned his head back onto the bed. "What's wrong, pup?"

"Haven't you got anything better, Seto?" Joey asked, rubbing it between his fingers and thumb. "This stuff just soaks into your skin, and yeah our skin will be nice and soft but I don't think this will work as lubricant." Joey shrugged as he looked down at Seto.

"It works well as lubricant, Joey."

"If you say so. You're going to be the one unable to sit down tomorrow," Joey pointed out as he began smothering his fingers in the cream. His comment received no reply except a smirk as Seto turned over so that he was lying on his front. "You are very impatient, Seto," Joey complained as he moved his first finger to gently rest against Seto's entrance.

"I don't see why that's a problem," Seto replied as he pushed himself up slightly to try and force Joey's finger in. Joey had been expecting it and refused to even increase the pressure on the muscles.

"Patience is a virtue, Kaiba," Joey told him in the way a parent tells a child. "You need to learn a bit of patience." Joey paused as Seto let himself collapse on the bed. "But that can wait for another time."

Joey pushed his first finger inside Seto quickly, catching the brunette by surprise at his sudden change, and caused him to arch his back. He moaned as Joey began to thrust his finger gently in and out of his body whilst changing the angle to find that one spot that would have Seto crying out in pleasure. Seto panted with want as Joey continued to search with a single finger.

"Joey," Seto moaned as his eyes widened when Joey's finger finally connected with that point to send sparks through his mind. Joey withdrew his finger and shifted to a more comfortable position to sit in before replacing two fingers within Seto's body. He felt Seto tense against the intrusion and used his free hand to rub circles on Seto's lower back to try and help him ease the muscles.

"Does it hurt?" Joey asked, feeling stupid once the words left his mouth. Of course it hurt if Seto was letting his discomfort show; Seto didn't just show things like that as they could be taken as weakness.

"A bit," Seto admitted as he forced himself to relax and allow Joey to move his fingers to continue stretching his muscles. Joey pushed in a third finger after he considered Seto sufficiently relaxed and spread his fingers causing Seto to whimper slightly in pain. He paused and held still for a moment at the sound. This wasn't something he had considered in his day dreams about Seto and he didn't know what he should do now. Should he stop and they would do something else to bring them both to release? Or should he continue even though he was hurting Seto? Asking Seto was probably the best option.

"Do you want me to stop?" Joey asked hesitantly as he moved his free hand to brush away the hair falling across Seto's face.

"No," Seto replied, shaking his head to hide his face behind his hair again. "It just hurts a bit."

"Ok," Joey said quietly and shifted his fingers again, managing to hit that spot again and cause Seto to groan in appreciation. The sound helped lift Joey's doubts about continuing and he began spreading his fingers again to finish preparing Seto for what was still to come.

Joey withdrew his fingers as Seto began pushing back against them, showing the blond that he was fully adjusted to the intrusion. He fumbled around the bed trying to locate the jar of moisturiser that had been dropped somewhere on the sheets. Seto's few coherent thoughts managed to work out what was wrong and he joined in the hunt, managing to locate it before Joey, and unscrew the lid. The brunette spread a fair amount onto his fingers and reached towards Joey so he could smear it across his erection.

Joey groaned at the feeling of Seto's hands massaging the most sensitive part of his anatomy. He leaned his head back as he gasped with pleasure while Seto continued to use a generous amount of lubricant to coat the heated flesh. It was hard to force himself to stop Seto from continuing to bring him to release by grabbing the brunette's wrists.

Seto smirked as he saw the hunger in Joey's eyes as he locked gazes with the blond. They remained stationary for barely a second before Joey was helping Seto to turn around. It was a swift thrust from Joey to enter Seto and cause the brunette to cry out in a mixture of pain and pleasure at the feeling. Joey held still as he hoped Seto would adjust soon. He was surprised to feel a drip of something wet splash onto the arms he had wrapped around Seto in a hug to hold the brunette against his chest.

"Seto, are you ok?" Joey asked with concern clear in his voice. His one track mind was forced off the rails by the thought of doing something wrong. May be he really should have taken the other option he had considered earlier.

Seto remained silent for a few more seconds, worrying Joey more by each passing moment, especially as he was certain that the wetness he could feel on his arms were tears.

"Are you going to move?" Seto asked, his usual confidence returning to his voice as he pushed back against Joey. The blond grinned, his own confidence boosted by Seto's response and he began thrusting gently.

Seto was pushing back, meeting every thrust to try and force Joey deeper, as Joey moved a hand onto Seto's arousal to pump in time with his thrusts. The brunette gasped and moaned loudly with each thrust sending sparks up his spine causing what remained of his coherent mind to become foggy with pleasure.

The thrusts gradually got more frantic as Joey began to feel near his climax. He pumped Seto faster to try and make his release come quicker so they could climax together. Eventually Joey felt Seto's muscles start to constrict around his member as Seto neared release.

"Joey, I'm … close," Seto panted between moans and gasps. Seto cried out as his seed spread over Joey's hand and his muscles contracted sending sparks to Joey's mind. He was only able to thrust a few more times before releasing into Seto's body. The warm fluids suddenly forced into his body caused Seto to moan in appreciation of the feeling.

With as much energy as he could muster Joey pulled out of Seto and fell to the side so he wasn't crushing the thin brunette. They lay there panting as they regained their breath. Joey reached across and pulled Seto against himself. Neither felt the need to talk so remained silent, happy in the presence of the other as they recovered from their orgasms.

The quiet was broken by a ringing sound coming from somewhere on the floor, muffled by the clothing spread across the carpet.

"Seto, do you ever turn off your phone?"


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