Chapter 10

The next morning, Jenny woke up slowly in a strange bed. She'd forgotten for a moment where she was. She got up out of bed and got herself dressed, only remembering where she was when the Doctor knocked and came in to check on her.

"Oh, you're up. Good." he grinned.

"Just barely." she nodded, sleep still lagging her brain.

"Well, we've got a long day ahead of us, so come on." he grinned.

"I don't do mornings." she pouted.

"Get used to it." he smiled and hugged her.

She nodded and hugged back. "Go then." she said after a bit, letting him go.

"Oh, nice." he laughed and walked out.

She rolled her eyes and finished getting ready and she walked out moments after. She walked down the rickety wooden steps and saw the Doctor and Rose at a near by table. She decided to go and stand outside by the door. She felt him staring at her, as though he were making sure she was okay.

Suddenly the strong smell of someone who hadn't washed for a while mixed with alcohol invaded her senses, making her gag inside and hold her breath. She turned away slightly to try and avoid it.

She then felt a hand grip her shoulder, which she shrugged off.

"Aw come on darlin'! 'Ave a drink wiv me!" the man slurred.

"You mistake me for someone who's that easy." she glared at him and turned fully to face the Doctor, who was giving her a look saying 'what's going on?' and she shrugged. He got up and walked to her, and she turned back round.

"I think you should go home or somewhere where you can rest up and sober up." he said.

"Who are you then? 'Er dad?" the man slurred.

"As it happens, yes I am." the Doctor glared.

"You'll have a job getting' rid of him." said a young boy who had walked by outside. "No one will have him."

Jenny looked up at her father, smiling.

He lead her away back to the table and she sat next to Rose.

"You get people like that round the estate all the time back home." Rose laughed a little.

The Doctor looked quizzical at her.

"Some council estates tend to have drug addicts, drunks or both. I think a lot of places have them to be honest." Rose smirked. "I will admit, before Mickey, I was involved with a guy who was on drugs." she added.

The Doctor looked at her incredulously.

"It was behind my back. I'd never touch anything like that." she said. "I found out 6 or 7 months after I moved in with him. And… I left him. Went back to mum."

"Which probably explains the reason why your mother didn't want me anywhere near you." he smiled a little.

"Probably…" she smiled. "Needless to say, even though we've known Mickey literally all my life, ahw didn't trust him either for a bit."

He laughed a little.

Jenny listened, but she didn't really take in the words.

Shouts sounded from outside. Someone was shouting for help.

The Doctor, Rose and Jenny jumped up and ran outside.

"HELP UP! PLEASE!" A young girl was shouting.

They ran over to her.

"What's wrong?" he asked her.

"It's my brother." the girl sobbed.

"I'm a doctor, what's happened?" he asked.

"He's dying." she sobbed again.

Rose pulled the girl into a hug and the all walked into the girl's house.

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