authors notes: sorry if I've been confusing people, I'm a noob so you'll have to forgive me. This takes place (as it says) 7 years after Renesmee is born. Someone dies in this chapter, but you'll have to wait to find out who. There are small clues if you read carefully, so look out for them.

I'll but chapter 2 up soon enough. Sorry for the confusion!

Everyone was sad up to a point that it was possible to cry. After 7 years of being part of the Cullen family, nothing this bad had happened. I couldn't imagine what everyone else was feeling, and I had known her the shortest.

"Renesmee," My mother, Bella called. She looked like she was about to cry, but I knew she couldn't, "Come here."

I walked up to her, giving her a giant hug. This was all new to me. I could stop aging at any minute, because I was up to my maturity physically.

"It's ok," I cringed, trying not to cry. Just because my parents couldn't, I'd discovered, I could.

"How did this even happen?" She wept, looking down at the grave, "How could she just have let herself die?"

"Mom, it'll be ok," I whispered, trying to reassure her. At that moment Edward's cool hand wrapped around my mom's waist, and he held her gently. I let go, feeling their intention to be alone together, and walked drowsily to the tree in the distance.

I could tell Jacob was waiting for me there, I could sense his heat and his heartbeat before I was even close to him. As soon as he turned his head, he saw me and came up to me with a clutching hug.

"Ness," he whispered into my ear. I still wasn't used to him calling me the loch ness monster, but I guess he agreed after my complaining. He hadn't changed at all, not even one crinkle in his perfect russet forehead. He was almost thirty and couldn't even pass for someone over twenty, if it wasn't for his height.

"I'm fine," I shrugged, even though I was sobbing. I didn't bother to hold back in front of him, and simply wept. He was so warm against my skin, it burnt. Even through his suit-which he was bulging out of because of his height-he was warm. I rested my head on his chest, and closed my eyes. Everything had been so hectic in the past few weeks that I hadn't actually had the time to relax or rest.

We stood for awhile, until I finally felt Jacob loosen his grip. I could've easily pulled him off me, but I hadn't told him about my acquired strength, it was easier for him if I was more human.

"Thank you," I wiped a tear away with my sleeve and tried to smile.

"For what?"

"For just being here. It well...must be hard to be around me so much, constantly putting up with the stink of us."

He looked at me as if I was insane, "You don't stink. It's not hard at all, I love you."

I took his hand, and showed him the first time he said those words. I love you. It had felt like years ago, when it was merely days ago.

He tried to laugh, but he could sense how sad I was. It didn't matter to him, that I was a vampire human mutant, and that I was part of his enemy.

He pulled me along to where all the Quileute boys were. Each one looking exactly as they had when I was an infant, all trapped in time. Quil was holding the tiny hand of Claire, who couldn't be older than ten at most, and all the others were in the arms of their loved ones. I sensed that they didn't really know what to feel, or what they could do. They honestly were sorry about the recent events that had lead to her death, and since they werewolf/vampire allegiance had strengthened because of my birth, they had become great friends of ours. I remembered the days where Bella, Edward and I would visit Emily and Sam at their place, and somehow stay for dinner, even though I was the only one who ate.

I noticed Jacob still had my hand, and was nodding in agreement.

"Hey guys," I greeted, as they all nodded in acknowledgement. They followed behind me as I lead them to a long row of seats. They all sat down carefully, and all was still quiet.

With the seating of the Quileute's, everyone was formed in their positions. Everyone sat down, including the humans who had no idea; Grandpa Charlie, Mike, Angela, Ben. The nomads were also here, along with the Denali clan; Garrett, Kate, along with the others from Denali, and Zaphrina also came along with Benjamin.

It was silent, and the eight remaining Cullen's took their place behind the microphone and stand. Jacob stood beside me, and put his hand on the small of my back to offer me support.

I held his hand and used my entire grip to stop myself from crying again. I heard a snap and knew I must've broken something. But he still held my hand as if nothing had happened to comfort me. I was so lucky to have him; I knew I didn't deserve it.

We couldn't believe she had simply died.