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It was silent, and then announcer proceeded with his speech.

"Welcome all to this unfortunate event."

My mind was dreary throughout; I didn't really listen to anything people were saying.

"We hope you all take this occasion as a celebration of life."

It was hard enough facing the humiliation of standing in front of over 30 mourning people. Jacob gently squeezed my hand whenever I accidently let a thought slip, and he would actually realise how bad it was. Esme was crying in quite weeps, and Carlisle looked worse than any tear could bestow amongst his perfect face.

"We are all gathered here today, to mourn the loss of one we truly loved..."

I looked around at the audience; Leah actually looked upset instead of her usual bitter self. Claire looked pretty upset, and I knew she was wise beyond her years, much like myself. Every person there was a shadow of black silhouettes, of the people they used to be. At this point in time, no one could have expected her to die.

I honestly didn't even think it was possible- she had all of us protecting her, and the wolves included. I looked over at Jacob, and he winced. He must've caught my thought, but I didn't even think he'd blame himself.

"She was a great person, who carried beauty, grace and intelligence..."

He managed to speak for another fifteen minutes, and I felt annoyed that he didn't even know who she was, yet he had to honour of making the speech. Carlisle walked up to the stand, and started speaking. I tried to listen to him this time, but words were still words, and weren't coming together in sentences.

They lowered the coffin, which even though we knew was empty, carried down all our sorrows.

"I'll miss you-- " I whispered, but a loud roaring cut me off. Damn thunder.

It had been raining like crazy for the past few days, and the thunder was worse. It was loud enough to drown out my thoughts, up to a point where even Jacob couldn't hear me. Each crackle made the earth underneath us shudder like it was a message from the dead. I shuddered at the thought, as all of us took shelter in the small glasshouse of the cemetery owner.

A quiet mumble began to erupt as we all finally entered the house. It was stuffy and the air tasted dead, like no one had been in the area for awhile.

The stagnant air slowly began to blow swiftly around as everyone took breathes. It was strange having such heightened senses when I was still human. They weren't as strong but it made me feel a lot more relatable to my mother, father and the other somewhat perfect Cullen family. I breathed in; inhaling every different scent in the room- it was a lot easier now we were all in a confined area, as opposed to the blowing wind outside.

Mike smelt funny, like bleach mixed with wood, but it was tolerable, the others were mixes of oak and various wildlife and nature, but it was hard to differentiate the individual with my mere half breed senses.

The thunder crackled around us impossibly louder, and I winced with each blow to the shaking ground. I could tell Edward was impatient about waiting inside when the funeral hadn't been fully completed; it was insulting on her grave. All the Cullen's and wolves could've strolled outside with ease, but we knew it would be idiotic to reveal our strength in front of so many witnesses. I touched Edwards arm, showing him that I honestly didn't care. We were planning on moving anyway weren't we? This was the only reason our plans were postponed.

Edward mumbled something obviously inaudible to the human ear, "We simply cannot leave her here. It would be disgusting to bury the corpse and run away."

I nodded, feeling foolish for suggesting it. Yes, I was wise beyond my years, but I still had much to learn in comparison to the youngest of the Cullen's and wolves.

I leant against Jacob's broad shoulder, closing my eyes. Today was not the day for a thunderstorm to be happening, of all days, why this particular one? I couldn't stand to have this dragged on longer than necessary, I couldn't bear being so down about things.

I grabbed the handle of the door, as I pulled effortlessly, I tried made it look as if it were a struggle with the wind. I finally managed to open the smallest gap, and a large gush of wind came blowing in. I didn't care though, this was meant to be her day. A day to honour the one we loved, to one I couldn't even utter her name because it hurt so much.

I pushed past all the wind that stung against my face, and with that, slowly dragged my feet along to go stand beside her ruined grave. I could see the chairs toppled around messily, and the slow build up of sand on her gravestone. Disgraceful.

"May you rest in peace.

Greatest help, more than ever known—"

I stood there until I couldn't feel myself breathing, until I forgot about everything around me, and was reminded by the heat radiating off Jacob who was cautiously approaching me from behind. He stood behind me, sensing that I didn't want any consolidation.

Even though, eventually, the sky slowly cleared in the smallest of fractions, and the chirping birds were now audible, I knew that unlike the nature around us, We could never go back to the way things were.

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