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"JASPER?" I squinted, making sure I wasn't just delusional.

Of course it was him, his blond hair was shaggy and messy, and he looked like a complete mess. His clothes were frayed, and the shadows under his golden eyes were darker than ever.

"Renesmee." He acknowledged, looking uncomfortable. I didn't blame him. After all, it was my fault.

Jacob was silent, I could only hear his repressed panting in the distant.

"You've come back," I muttered.

"Don't tell Carlisle," Jasper warned, jumping in front of my words, "I won't be staying."

"But you've come to visit her." I sighed, "We should leave you alone."

I grabbed Jacob's good arm, and dragged him along the forest floor.

After we were a good distance away from jasper, I stopped my apparently painful dragging.

"I'm so terribly sorry Jacob Black," I cringed.

This time, Jacob did something I completely did not expect. He laughed.

"Really Ness," he continued lightly, "I'm fine. Stop worrying about me."

I pouted. Yes, I actually pouted, And tried to look angry, "Let's just get home, you fool."

We spent the next four hours getting home at a human pace because I couldn't just leave Jacob to get across Forks with a broken arm. Plus, he might've been delusional.

As we looked for the bus stop, the only thing I could think about was Jasper's distant voice, and how he couldn't even look neither Jacob nor me in the eye. It was excruciating to see the torture in his eyes.

"Really, this is healing properly," He reassured as we took seats at the back of the bus, "I can't feel it now!"

"Could you just stop loving me for three seconds?" I commented, feeling aggravated, "Just be angry at me for once! I don't deserve your eternal servitude!"

I punched his good arm, but this time gently so I wouldn't inflict anymore pain. I despised him for loving me so much, but in return I could only be more selfish.

He stopped smiling- thank god- and looked at me seriously, "You know that will never happen."

"No, I don't," I remarked, a little too bitter than intended.

Underneath it all though, I knew I did know. I'd accepted this situation between us for what seemed like a long time ago, and it didn't matter if it was friend, father, son, brother, he would always unconditionally love me.

I sighed-something I had been doing a lot lately- and relaxed a little. But before I could even close my eyes we were at the right stop. We both lingered off the bus onto the endless highway the bus was driving on, then looked for the particular spot where we usually entered the house.

"I'm sure Edward will know Jasper came over for a visit," I whispered, "But we have to try our best to keep it from him. I own him at least that."

Jacob hesitated, but I knew that he inevitably would follow my command, "..ok, if you think so."

"Think about the day I was born, or something else Edward would rather not remember."

He grinned cheekily and then replied, "Got it."

With that, he squeezed his eyes shut and followed me with his senses. I walked along the thick undergrowth as I focused hard on the giant closet that been installed into my room a year ago. We had finally moved out of the cottage-outgrowing it of course- and moved into the Cullen residence.

There were so many brands I didn't even remember the names of, this was sure to stop Edward from picking my thoughts.

I stumbled through the door, dragging my dirt covered shoes with me- Esme wouldn't be happy about this. Jacob, having only one arm working also struggled to keep clean, and his jeans were stained with dirt.

"Carlisle," I called, seeing him emerge from the staircase, "We have a...situation here."

He stared at Jacobs arm wrapped in my sweater, "I see."

"I sort of overreacted, and well...we don't need to get into details."

"I think it's actually healed correctly, doc." Jacob smiled.

I ignored him, "Where is everyone?"

"They're all out," he seemed hesitant to tell me, "They've gone to visit the grave."

Panic coursed through my veins, and I was debating with myself if I should tell Carlisle about who I had seen today. He surely would understand my need to keep Jaspers secret, but he wanted his son back more than anyone. I clutched onto Jacob's hand, trying to ask him indiscreetly. After a few moments he nodded, and I was sure Carlisle already suspected something.

"Would you like to tell me what is going on?" he spoke with suspicion.

I rested my hand on his shoulder, and it seemed like the pictures were shocking him as they surged through his mind. He moved back in small steps, but finally opened his eyes.

I showed him how much it was up to me not to tell anyone, and the desperation Jaspers plead held.

"I see the importance in the situation Renesmee." Carlisle replied in an authoritive manner, "You can rely on me not to push the situation. I know how much this one favour means to 

you, even though I want my son back dearly, it's right to let him make his own choices. Thank you for informing me."

"Please Carlisle," this time I was the one pleading, "Do not tell anyone. I know it'll hurt you not to tell Esme, but she'll surely take action. And we need to be careful of our thoughts around Edward."

"I understand. Now let's take a look at your arm Jacob."

I couldn't believe how easy it was to help convince Carlisle, but I was sure he pitied me. The next few hours were spent examining Jacob's arm, and Carlisle took a few x-rays. Turns out it was a pretty clean heal, except for one break that was forced out of shape. I let the room as Carlisle had to perform the re-breaking. I didn't want to leave Jacob, but I was instructed to go as far as possible in the small area of the mansion. I suppose they were sparing me the pain of seeing Jacob in so much pain because of me, but even in the distance, I could hear his screams as Carlisle broke his bones. Each yell, each profanity Jacob uttered sent guilt shocking through me, as if Kate were around.

It was finally quiet, so I managed to walk back into Carlisle's office. I felt lightheaded, but when I peeked through the door, Jacob appeared to be fine. He was chatting away to Carlisle about something I couldn't understand.

"Are you ok?" I asked guiltily.

"Ness, seriously, this has happened heaps of times. I'm used to it."

I struggled for words, "but you were...Yelling...And swearing."

At that exact second, we all heard the Volvo approaching in the far off distance.

I panicked, trying to remember my closet yet again, "Hurry guys. Think of something."

We all winced to concentrate, then opened our eyes soon later. I clenched my hands then opened them simultaneously, then shook them in an attempt to relax. I quickly grabbed one 

of Carlisles medical books on his giant shelf as a backup. Jacob was now humming a song, Carlisle was sitting in his seat behind his desk reading the newspaper, and I was focusing on the giant medical encyclopaedia I held in my hands.

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