Ode To Firestar

Flame-coloured coat, so handsome and brave
In defence of the cats that he leads
Red as the fire which gives him his name
Ever loyal to the ones he calls friends
Strong in battle and steadfast against
The traitors who seek to destroy
All the Clans stand for, all they believe
Raw courage to do what is right

Of kittypet birth, but he would become the
Fire which would save ThunderClan

The fire which would show them the way
He rose from apprentice, warrior, deputy
Until the day brave Bluestar fell
Now ThunderClan leader, a warrior bold
Driven to do what is right
Ensuring rogue cats can never hold sway
Repelling invaders, driving out foe
Cats driven by personal greed
Leading his cats in battle and peace
And always living up to his
Name: Firestar, brave leader of ThunderClan