Title: Free Falling into Love

Author: Angelshinigami

Pairing: Severus and Harry

Warnings: YAOI!! Fluff, small bits of angst, and M-preg.

Disclaimer: I don't own these characters and I'm sure they sure me for cruel and unusual punishment if I did.

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Chapter 2


'I can't believe I'm stuck here!' Harry thought loudly as he stared at his Charms homework, not actually seeing the parchment or the absent minded scratches that decorated the paper that he would later swear were the correct answers that he himself could not read.

It had been almost a month since he'd fallen from the ceiling of the great hall, suffered what he liked to call temporary insanity, been placed in Slytherin of all places, and had a wild night with his most hated professor which resulted in his sanity being returned some how.

He'd gone directly to Dumbledore once he'd been properly dressed and he and Snape had parted ways. That had been hard as the other boy kept looking at him oddly for not wanting a shower before he went anywhere else, but Harry just gave him a shy smile and told him he needed his school schedule and if he didn't do it when he remembered to do it, it would never get done, something the other boy readily understood.

But as per usual, Dumbledore was no help. He just sat behind his desk and nodded all throughout out Harry's slightly edited story, because he figured not even Dumbledore needed enough information to change the future, as much as he wanted to.

"Well young Harry," He'd said after hearing the frantic boy out. "It seems we are in quite a pickle. I think it would be best to have you go about life here as if your were James Potter's cousin until we can figure out how to get you back."

"That's it?" Harry asked as he'd taken the folded piece of paper the older man had held out to him.

"So it would seem." Dumbledore replied, a slightly vacant smile on his face as he held out a candy dish. "Lemon Drop before you go?"

"No thank you." Harry declined politely, he knew better than to take anything from the Headmaster, you never knew what he'd done to it.

So that his how Harry found himself still in 1977, still trying to figure out a way to get home, and still doing homework he'd done back in fourth year.

"This is crazy!" He huffed, dropping his quill onto the parchment in frustration.

"What is?" Narsissa asked as she looked up from her homework as well, causing Lucius to pause and take notice of the conversation as well.

"This," Harry replied motioning to the open books before them. "This is so simple, why are we doing it in sixth year?"

Both blondes looked at one another, then back at their new friend.

"Actually, Hogwarts is one of the most progressive schools in all of Europe." Lucius replied, watching the boy scowl at his homework darkly.

"What? Seriously?" Harry asked, his eyes going wide at the revelation.

Both blondes nodded and watched as their dark hair friend looked back at the scroll in front of him and just stared.

"So…you aren't just reviewing?" He asked. "You really don't know how to summon a Patronus?"

Both blonde once more shook their heads.

"No Harry. We won't learn to summon them until next semester. Right now we are only studying the theory behind them."

"Wow…I feel like a genius…" Harry murmured to himself, a comment that the two blondes ignored as they all went back to their homework.

It was some time later, when homework was finished and they were all sitting around the fire place, Lucius actually teaching Harry how to play chess while Narsissa read quietly, both boys were pretty sure that it was a romance novel, but she adamantly deigned it and refused to talk to either boy for the rest of the night, when a pair of strong arms slid around Harry's shoulders and pulled him back into a equally strong chest.

"Mmm, I was just beginning to worry about you…" Harry murmured, leaning up to accept the kiss he knew was coming.

Severus didn't disappoint as he kissed the beautiful boy beneath him.

"You know Slughorn," He sighed with a degusted roll of his eyes. "Make one correction to his directions and he punishes you for ever. I swear, I never ever want to clean another cauldron in my life!"

"What are you going to do to get out of that little fact of life?" Lucius asked as he shifted a piece on the board.

A decidedly evil smirk settled over Severus's lips as he reached out and moved one of the white pieces Harry was playing with.

"I'll just become a teacher and make my students do it…"

Harry couldn't help the burst of laughter that was so loud it echoed off the stone walls around them.

"I'll admit it was funny, but not that funny…" Severus said, his eyebrows risen in a way that reminded Harry of the mans older self.

"No no, I…I just had that mental image," He laughed again, once more picturing his beautiful Severus stalking around the potions class room, growling at first years and taking points away from Gryffindor. Actually the more he thought about it, the less funny it became.

Severus kissed the top of the suddenly silent boy's head as he moved another chess piece.

To say their romance was a shock was an understatement. After the first night neither boy wanted to look at the other. Severus was even ruder to Harry than he had been at first, as if his goal in life were to make the other boy miserable and Harry would go out of his way to avoid him, much like he did with his older version.

It was a week or two after Harry had arrived that he saw a large group of students laughing as an unidentified student was levitated and flipped upside down, their books and other school supplies crashing to the ground.

Not giving it a second thought, Harry dropped his book bag and pushed his way though the crowd until he reached the center where he found a dark haired boy laughing as he flicked his wand and the person in the air dropped slightly before being levitated again just inched away from the ground.

"God you are sick!" Harry shouted angrily. "Don't you have anything better to be doing other than demonstrating your amazing grasp of a first year spell?"

The dark haired boy looked over sharply, but his harsh words died on his tongue when he found the business end of the other boy's wand right between his eyes.

"I'd put him down, nicely, before I make you regret ever having uttered the words 'Wingardium Leviosa'." Harry growled, a small whisper of satisfaction curling in his stomach as the boys muddy brown eyes widened and he flipped the poor student over and set him down, it was by no means gentle, but at least he was down and relatively unharmed.

"Hey are you- Severus?" Harry gasped, his eyes quickly scanning the other boy again to make sure he wasn't hurt.

Severus's pale skin flushed red as he quickly tried to gather his scattered things. By this time the other students had wondered off now that the main event was over, but there were a few that stuck around to tempt fate and see the out come.

"What do you want?" Snape growled at them, his glare alone scaring the rest of the on lookers off as he reached for his scattered quills and inks.

"Here, let me help!" Harry said quickly, turning his back on the dark haired boy and the three other boys that hadn't left.

"I got it," Snape snapped, snatching an ink stained scroll out of the green eyed boy's hands.

"Please-" Harry tried again only to be snapped at again.

"I said no! Go away!"

"Severus!" Harry cried, grabbing the other boy's lightly shaking hand when he saw the suppressed tears gathering at the corners of the boy's eyes.

Severus actually stopped and looked up at the pleading boy who only gripped his hand tighter and gave him a small smile.

"Please?" He tried again, that soft pleading tone finally cutting through the taller boy's anger and embarrassment as he let the other boy help him to his feet once his belongings were collected.

"Can't fight your own battles Snivillus?" A well tanned boy taunted as he slung an arm around the brown eyes boy, knocking his glasses slightly off center.

"Shut up Black!" Severus snapped back, glowering darkly at the still smirking boy.

Bells, alarms, klaxons, and whistles started going off as the fight progressed, each boy getting closer and closer, until Harry was worried one of the two would end up laid out flat.

"Alright boys!" He shouted, gathering both men's attention. "Look stop trying to see who can pee the farthest and put them away for now. Come on Severus, we have class."

Severus didn't leave right away, but when he realized Harry was indeed leaving him he glared once last time at the gathered boys before he rushed to catch up with the shorter boy.

The were both silent as they entered the castle and Harry started to make his way up to his Divination class, Severus walking with him because it was a free period for him.

"You didn't have to." Severus said softly as they walked down the hallways and approached the ladder that would take lead up to the Divinations class room.

"I know." Harry replied and that was that.

Severus stopped making Harry's life a living hell and Harry stopped avoiding him at every turn. They'd even spent the first Hogsmead weekend together, each with a light blush when they held hands through out the day.

Now it was like neither had ever spent one day apart. They kissed regularly, held hands in between classes and when it turned out that both seemed to have caught a touch of the stomach flu, Harry had held Severus's hair while the pale boy was sick.

"You two are so cute." Narsissa giggled, watching the two boys from over the top of her book.

Both dark haired boys blushed, Harry content to lean back into his stronger lover as the taller of the two continued to trounce Lucius in a chess match the blonde had been firmly winning before hand.


"I can't believe you took so long to come see me!" The blonde medi-witch lectured as both Harry and Severus, pale faced and slightly green, sat on side-by-side beds and tried to calm their revolting stomachs.

Everything had been fine that morning, or at least it had been for Harry as he'd gotten dressed and all the way to the breakfast with no issues, but once the smell of so many different breakfast choices had assaulted his senses he promptly turned away and run for the closest bathroom, Severus only getting alittle further than him to actually sit down before his body had protested.

"Honestly! The stomach flu doesn't last for two weeks boys, it is a three day bug a least and there are potions to get rid of it all together." She huffed and puffed and eventually handed the boy's anti-nausea potions.

"I'm going to run a test or two to make sure the both of you are ok before I let you go to class." She informed them as she tapped each on their arms with her wand and a drop of blood appeared, gathered, and began to float after her.

"I'm sure it's nothing." Harry said with a sigh as he gave the pale boy a smile and laid back of the bed that he was pretty sure had a different mattress in his time.

"Yeah…but I still hate this place, any hospital really…" Severus answered.

"Don't worry, I promise that when you drop dead from whatever we have that I'll morn you properly before

I go off and seek comfort from Lucius, I'm sure Narsi won't mind sharing." He teased, trying to lighten the mood.

"Funny," Snape growled darkly, allowing a small smirk to quirk his lips at Harry's 'I thought so' comment.

He was about to say more when Madam Pomfrey rushed back in and stared at both boys, causing Harry to sit up at the look of shock on her face.

"You ok?" Harry asked, watching as her mouth open and close with no sound before she went back into her office.

Both boys were silent as they stared at the half closed door , Harry being the first to break the tension that had settled over the room.

"My god," He breathed, his eyes wide as he turned to look over at his lover. "I think you really might be dieing."

"Oh shut up!" Severus snapped, throwing the pillow from his bed at the now laughing boy's head.

Harry kept on giggling, much to his darker lovers ire, even as the Headmaster came in, looked at the two of them, then moved into the Medi-witches office, shutting the door behind him.

"Makes you wonder what he does all day…" Harry mused out loud, tossing the pillow back to the other bed.

"What do you mean?" Severus asked, looking over at the dark haired boy just as Harry was pushing his glasses back to center, looking very much like James in that moment.

"Well, think about it," Harry replied, rubbing his nose slightly as he thought. "I mean…sure he goes away sometimes, but more often than not he's just sitting around. Really. Every time someone get hurt or something weird goes on, he is there. Either when they wake up or just after, He is almost always in his office when you get there, so I have to wonder…what does he really do?"

Snape had to nod at that, it was true, he couldn't actually tell the other boy what Dumbledore did from day to day.

Before Harry could start to ramble again about another random subject, both Dumbledore and Pomfrey stepped out of the office, Pomfrey much calmer than she had been before, and approached the beds.

"Boys." Dumbledore greeted, his eyes missing their usual sparkle. "Do you have anything you'd like to tell us before we continue?"

Snape shook his head and Harry had to bite his lower lip to avoid letting that little sarcastic voice have its say.

"Alright then. We have something to tell both of you and I guess it's good that you're both sitting down." Dumbledore chuckled, a forced mechanical sound, even to his own ears.

Harry reached out and took his boyfriend's hand when he looked as if he'd get sick for the second time that morning.

"It would seem the both of you are pregnant."

If Dumbledore had expecting fainting or hysterics both boys disappointed him. Severus seemed to be in slight shock, he just stared up at the older man, seemingly waiting for the punch line to the cruel joke. Harry on the other hand just smiled and shook his head at the news.

"You don't seem to surprised, Mister Potter." Madam Pomfrey spoke up, drawing the Headmaster's attention to the smiling boy.

"You know," Harry paused and chuckled softly. "I'm really not. I should be... but I'm not."

Severus looked over at his lover and stared at him.

"You're serious aren't you?" He asked, pulling his hand out of Harry's grip and held it close to his body as if burned. "You really aren't surprised that you-we are pregnant…"

'Ahhh there are those hysterics that old coot was waiting for.' Harry thought as he saw Dumbledore move close and lay a consoling hand on the long haired boy's shoulder.

"Answer me!" Severus shouted, startling Harry out of his mental sarcasm.

Harry nodded with a sigh.

"Yes, I'm serious. I am very hard to shock any more." After a pause Harry held up a finger as if to make a point. "But if it helps this is on the top of my list. Right up there with finding out I was a wizard and being chosen as the fourth contestant in the Tri-Wizard Tournament."

"Yeah, that's what I said." Harry replied in response to the befuddled looks he received for that little piece of information.

"Mister Potter you do know that it takes a very powerful wizard to create life…" Dumbledore offered, watching the boy very closely.

"Yeah, I'm sure only like…four other men in the past eight hundred years or so have been knocked up right?" Harry sighed and stood from the bed.


"Ah!" Harry cut him off. "Look, we'll keep this quite and be careful. But just let us go back to our dorms please."

When the headmaster looked as if he were going to protest Harry turned his wide innocent green eyes towards the blonde the medi-witch, a maneuver he'd used plenty of times in his time.

"Headmaster, I'm sure they are tired and let's face it, these mattresses are the best for the back." Pomfrey offered, as if the boys were four months along and not barely four weeks.

After another breathless moment Dumbledore nodded and let the boys leave, watching as while Harry held out his hand take Severus's, said boy took a slight step away, his look still far off, thoughts trapped in their own world as the worlds of before began to settle in.

"What are we going to do sir?" Pomfrey asked, watching the boys leave as well, her heart breaking slightly as she watched Harry's face fall at the taller boy's actions.

"There isn't anything we can do my dear," Dumbledore answered, a heavy sigh seeming to age him by ten years.

"Male pregnancy is just like female pregnancy. Just as simple, the 'father's' magic is called on to sustain the magical pocket that was created during the course of their coupling while the child grows. But as it is just as simple, it is also very dangerous as well, as with any pregnancy."

Pomfrey simply nodded and sat down on the bed beside the elderly headmaster, each lost in their own thoughts about life, love, and youth.


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