Disclaims: I don't own these characters. They all belong to Stephanie Meyer, which is good because I could possible come up with good characters on my own.

Warnings: Spoilers of Breaking Dawn.

Pairings: Edward x Bella & other cannon couples.

Summary: Edward tells the events of Breaking Dawn from his point of view, starting from Bella's death as a human and Renesmee's birth.

Waning Crescent

By Kalia Devereaux


They say silence is bliss, I beg to differ. Silence is not bliss when the one you love and swore to protect in the past is lying on a table in front of you covered in blood without a single breath in her body. Still I continue to CPR without administration the air. I was not going to let her die, and the only way I knew how not to let that happen was to continue to push the venom through her veins, all the while my mind was being hit by the thoughts of those downstairs though I took no notice of them. My mind screaming to her 'you wanted this. You're the one who fought to be a vampire despite my pleads'

Only a few minutes passed though it seemed like centuries or at least longer than any time I had known but Bella's heartbeat picked up. It began to race faster than any normal beat that a human heart could sustain. I had managed to save her. I knew this because I had seen Carlisle do it countless times. Well not exactly countless but for almost all of the family's members. Lowering my head to kiss her dry discoloured lips before resting my head to her breast listening closer to the rapid beat. Hoping that she would experience as little pain as possible during the transformation.

Chapter 1 – Waiting

I lay with Bella for who knows how long. It didn't seem that long once I closed my eyes. I was tired. I don't think there had been a moment since knowing of Renesmee's potential existence where I had not felt tired. Renesmee...my daughter. The reason for my Bella near early expiration. Yet I could not hate the little bit. Was it because of Bella's adoration for her, because of her thoughts I'd seen before the mess that now lay like an unmoved animated corps in front of me or because she was half my own flesh and undead blood. I could hear her little heartbeat downstairs and something that resembled an argument but I couldn't make out, probably due to my tiredness. Quietly I drift into blankness; I guess it's what one would call a vampire's sleep.

I was 'woken' sometime later by Alice as her hand touched my shoulder lightly causing me to uncharacteristically jump a little from the chair I had been sitting on.

"Hey there. Didn't hear me coming?"

Alice's voice was quiet which was unnecessary but her face showed that she was trying to hide her annoyance but it was not directed at me. I gave her a look of my own annoyance and instead of her usual bright smile she gave me a faint one.

"Mind if I clean up Sleeping Beauty?" Her voice still quiet held a questioning tone.

In her hands, which I had just noticed was an ice-blue dress and a pair of stilettos. Behind her was Jasper with a large bowl of warm water and a couple of sponges.

I nodded lightly and stood, not noticing that I had been holding her hand while I rested. Placing the bowl on one of the chairs in the room, Jasper placed a kiss on Alice's cheek before leaving and he gave me a curt nod.

I looked down at Bella and noticed that Alice had been right; she was a Sleeping Beauty, even when covered in blood from the birth of our daughter...our daughter. It seemed foreign but right at the same time.

Reluctantly I released Bella's hand as Alice hung the dress off of one of the library's shelves from the coat hanger. Carefully I removed Bella's clothes, carefully ripping them off her body. Alice was already back to our side and washed the dried blood and the mess from Bella's legs while I started off with her face and moving to her body. We worked in silence until Alice thought of argument I had paid no attention to earlier.

"What!? He did what!?" I knew my eyes were wide in horror, the sponge feel from my hand back into the bowl.

The wolf, Jacob...he imprinted on Renesmee. It is apparently something the wolves do. It's meant to be rare but Jac...

I cut her off with a growl, "I know what imprinting is Alice."

I picked the sponge up again and went back to helping Alice clean Bella. I must of unconsciously growled and worse then what I must of when Bella's life was in danger on several accounts because I saw Alice flinch out of the corner of my eye but in her mind I could hear her reciting lines from MacBeth.

Not long later we had Bella's body was clean and all that was left was hair. And as if cued, Jasper walked into the room with two more bowls of steaming hot water and Bella's toiletries bag. I was sure that Alice could handle the rest alone for a few minutes while I went to have a word with Jacob.